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    Djedra`s Incantation of summoning

    Hi All!

    Hope someone can help me out!!

    Reading the summoning incantation in the tomb kings army list, it says that if succesfully cast it will bring back D3 wounds or D3 worth of models (D6 for tomb guard).
    This is fine. Now comes the confusion. It says that skeletons are easier to raise and thus you may roll 2D6 and pick the highest. My questions therefore, are;

    1) do they actually mean 2D3, or do all skellies regain D6 models and only multipul wound models get D3?

    2) Are tomb guard actually skeletons? They certainly look like skellies!! if so do they benefit from the 2D6, pick the highest roll?

    3) What exactly is a skeleton model? Does it include skeleton cavelry too? Coz they look suspeciously like skeletons, What with being called "skeleton" horsemen!! and so once again do they get 2D6 or 2D3 or just 1D3??!!??

    Confused yet??

    Can anyone help me out PLEEEEASE!!!!

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    1. If you resurrect Skeleton Warriors (With bows, with shields, with spears, no matter), you roll 2D6 and choose the higher roll

    2. Tomb Guard are Skeletons, yes, but they are not Skeleton Warriors. When you raise Tomb Guard you roll a D6 and that will be the number of Tomb Guard raised.

    3. Only Skeleton Warriors on foot. Skeletal Cavalry units would regain D3 wounds worth of models. (ie. roll a three, you get three riders back)
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