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    Poison (vs High Toughness)


    I was recently playing my Skaven against a new Wood Elf army. I tied up my opponent's Treeman with my Rat Swarms, only to realize after the fact that I was Strength 2 and he was Toughness 6... thus making it impossible for me to wound him.

    My question is, if they had been poisoned swarms, would poison attacks still wound the treeman (despite them being at Strength 2)? Someone else watching the game said no, because they can't wound regardless since they are so weak. However, looking at the rule book it seems to only say that a Strength 2 weapon cannot roll to wound on a Toughness 6 creature. It doesn't say it can't wound him at all. Since poison automatically wounds (without a to-wound roll), I would assume that the wounds would count.

    Anyhow, I was just looking for some extra opinions on this matter.

    - Walkere

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    Poison has nothing to do with strength, so unless anything specific is mentioned in the special ruies for poison, then it shouldn't matter. Tell them to find where it says poison cares about strength, because I've never seen it.

    Even if that is the case, just sit globadiers (sp?) behind the swarms and drop those into the combat. That way he gets absolutely no saves, and you wound on 4's. And so what if you hit a swarm, you've go plenty of wounds in there. I'd say use that on the treeman anyways, and just dance around him so he stays out of combat, but one strangleroot might get them running off the board, not to mention terror.
    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even if it's wrong.

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