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    Charging and one wheel only

    Let's say a unit is looking directly south, where there is an impassable water feature, and an enemy unit across it. It can see the enemy and could run around the water to charge, but would have to wheel twice (once to go around the water, and again to turn back towards the target) to do so. Can the unit charge?
    What about if the charging unit is a monster, chariot, skirmisher, character on foot, or some other thing that doesn't wheel? For example, on p.103 of the Big Red Book, it says "Monsters... do not have to turn or wheel to change direction, but can pivot about on the spot without penalty". Could they run around the impassable feature and make the charge?

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    With the 'only one wheel permitted' rule in mind, I don't think a normal unit could make it if it had to make more than one wheel.

    Monsters, chariots, skirmishers and individual models on foot on the other hand, probably could make it, since as the rules say, none of them have to wheel to turn so the 'one wheel' rule can't possible apply to them. The only two things that must be valid for the monster to charge is 1: it has enough movement to get to the enemy and 2: it can see it's target at the start of it's turn, just like any other unit (not forgetting that even monsters still have a 09-degree arc of sight to their front).
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