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    Monster Mounts and Challenges

    Okay, so I can't locate a satisfactory answer for this. Suppose my WE highborn is riding a dragon and issues a challenge to whomever, let's say an Oldblood in a unit of 20 Saurus.

    They initiate the challenge. Now what about the dragon? First, can it direct its attacks against the Oldblood, and in turn, be attacked by the Oldblood? Second, can (or must) the dragon direct its attacks against the unit, and in turn, be attacked by the unit?

    I ask this because I saw someone play a challenge out this way, and it was a GW staffer. But you know what that means. He might or might not be right. To be fair, he admitted his knowledge of 40K rules is much sharper than fantasy, but on this challenge point, he was adamant that he was correct.

    Any ideas out there? Am I overlooking an obvious answer? It seems to me that the mount would be involved in the challenge. To imagine its rider duking it out with a challenger while it attacks elsewhere makes no sense to me.

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    Mounts fight in the challenge alongside the rider. They may not attack or be attacked by the unit.

    See the last paragraph of "Fighting a Challenge" pg 99. As they are fighting in the challenge, by definition they are a part of it
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