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    Flank and Rear charges

    "It says in the rulebook that to gain the flank/rear bonus (and to negate ranks) "the unit must be US5 or more". Technically, it says the unit, as in singular, but that's taking the wording of rules to the limit really! It doesn't specifically state as such (that I can see anyway) that it must be a single unit with a US of 5+ to gain the bonus, so I can't see why you couldn't use multiple units attacking the same flank or rear in order to gain the bonuses. If you think about it, five models with US1 each is the same weight of bodies as one unit with a US5!

    So, as long as the total US of your models attacking an enemy flank/rear is 5 or more, you can gain the bonuses and (assuming none of them are skirmishers) negate the ranks."

    This is a qoute from Tzeentch Lord on a thread that is to old to post too, so I started a new.

    My question. I had a High Elf Lord and a unit of two Silver Helms charge into the flank of a unit already in combat, could this have negated their ranks? We played it that it could not (with a dice roll), but if it could it would have made a big difference in the game. Just asking for future games.

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    As I understand the rule, a single unit does need to be 5+ to gain the bonus. Two units, for example 2 ghouls and three fell bats, wouldn't do the trick, even though they combine to give 5 unit size.

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