Conflagaration of Doom - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Conflagaration of Doom

    hey all i was wondering about the 5th spell on the lore of fire. This spell recently came up in a game of mine. When my slann cast it on his unit of doom guard, he set them on fire. However the rule states that a roll off is necessary to see if the unit keeps burning or not. could someone please explain the roll off and how the spell is worked out? the way my opponent and i played is that we kept rolling until the unit died or stopped burning all at once. For example when i cast it i got an inital 2 on the d6 roll, killed 2 of his doom guard, then we rolled off to see if they kept burning,i rolled a 5 and my opponent rolled a 4, so i added 5 to the initial 2 hits to bring me to 7 hits, which i wounded4 more doom guard. then we rolled off again, i rolled a 1 and my opponent rolled a 4 so the unti was no longer on fire. This was all in the same magic phase BTW. so i was wondering if i played this right or not. please help


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    You played it right. Conflagration of Doom is effectively a special magic missile - its damage only applies in the phase it is cast.

    The roll off continues until your opponent equals or beats your score on the dice. Once that happens the spell has ended.

    Most people keep do the roll off before applying any damage (so in this case you'd have rolled the 7 dice at the same time after he beat your dice score), but your way is just as valid.

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