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    Starting Warhammer

    I'm planning to start WHFB and I need to know the basic rules, Also what are the differences(game and rule wise) compared to 40K?

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    Well, we cant really cut & paste the rules for you or anything like that.. but i can give you a rough break-down of the game flow if you are trying to decide whether to play it or not.. i wouldnt expect anyone to have to buy an AU$70 book just to make that decision..
    Same as i dont want to buy the new eldar codex when it comes out just to decide if i even want them or not..

    here or some of the differences between 40k:

    the unit selection table is divided into:
    lords, heroes (including mages) (characters)

    instead of HQ, troops, fast, heavy. as in 40k
    you can have a certain number of characters (HQ) depending on the points level.. along with a minimm number of core units (troops)
    Then specials are limited to a certain amount, say 3 choices in a 2000pt battle for example.
    then rare is even more limited. with only 1 choice for anything under 2000.

    The phases:
    you start the turn by declaring any charges into Close combat that you wish to make..and move them into combat if they are within distance (but they dont fight yet).
    Then you begin the main part of the movement phase.. which is similar to 40k but with afew differences. you have alot less freedom with turning in fantasy battle, in 40k you can pivot your troops a full 180 degrees & still move thier full 6". Where-as in fantasy battle you lose some of your movement distance when you make turns. If a unit with say 4" movement makes a full right angle turn, it loses about 1" of its movement for turning, and can then move 3" forward in whichever direction they are now facing.

    The magic phase is obviously the biggest difference between 40k.. i cant give you too many details, but basically you have a certain number of powerdice used for trying to cast spells, and your opponent has dispel dice for trying to cancel them.
    Example: i have 2 mages & 6 power dice. your opponent has 1 mage & 4 dispell dice.. i declare a particular spell that requires say a 6+ to cast.. so i use 3 of my power dice.. i get a total of 11, the spell is cast at a power of 11.. my opponent decides he will use all 4 dispel dice to cancel it, and scores 15 (higher than 11). the spell is dispelled. but now i have 3 more power dice and he has nothing left so i can cast another spell uncontested.. it succeeds (obviously), and the spells effect is played out.. and lots of death and mayhem follows :yes:
    i find magic to be one of the most fun parts of fantasy battle.

    next up is the shooting phase. pretty similar to 40k, your BS determines what you need to hit something.. then the weapons S vs the targets T. then saves
    shooting is less effective in fantasy, which is obvious since we are talking about bows & catapults etc, not lascannons & starcannons

    lastly is the close combat phase. pretty similar to 40k in the sence that WS vs WS determines what you need to hit. followed by S vs T to wound. then saves
    there are afew differences though. charging doesnt give you an extra attack like in 40k, but it does make you hit first.
    and some weapons, like lances & spears, can gain extra strenght when hitting something on the charge.. this represents the extra force generated by cavalry slamming into a unit at high speed, and hence hitting harder.

    One BIG difference is armour save modifiers..
    in 40k, either you DO get a save, or you DONT.
    in fantasy you can get a save at full capacity. or a save with penalties due to the weapons strenght. or no save at all if the weapon is strong enough.

    for example: in 40k a space marine has a 3+ save.. you shoot him with a bolter (AP4).. he gets his full 3+ save.. you shoot him with a plasma cannon (AP2). he doesnt get any save.
    In fantasy, lets pretend a dwarf warrior has say, a 4+ save.. if i hit him with something of a low strength (S3), the he will get his save at the full 4+.. but if i hit him with an attacks from a monster with S5.. he will suffer -2 to his armour save. leaving him with a 6+ save for that particular attack..

    there is also no instant death. however a strong enough weapon, like a cannon etc, will have enough strenght to cause so many armour penalties that you wont get a save anyway..

    hence you will find armour isnt as effective as it is in 40k, but i find the modifiers to be alot more realistic and it means alot more things die.. which is more fun!...if you arent on the receiving end..

    there are numerous other differences but have covered the biggest ones in enough detail to give you a decent idea of the game-flow.

    Hope it helps
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    Basically fantasy rules make for a more fun game, the reason i stopped playing 40k was because the new rules are so rediculous (no screening? wtf!)



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    Great Post DA_recruit.

    Something that i noticed which is very different with fantasy is how combat resolution is worked out. In 40K only wounds count, but in fantasy, you get resolution in your favour for such things as outnumbering, extra ranks, and the such. This means that an Uber character of doom or elite unit cant just charge anyone and know that they will always win. Makes the game much more fun.

    Also if you fail your armor save you can then try to pass you ward save (invulnerable), if you have one, also more fun!
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