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    goblin spider riders help

    while im fully aware the orc and goblin rulebook is still yet to come out (and i cant wait to see its green goodness) i was looking on GW site and they posted the rules for spider riders on there. my question is about their first special rule:

    wall crawlers.
    it states that they ignore the penalties for difficult and very difficult terrain and "other obstacles"

    its that last part that confused me, does this mean impassable terrain like the yetis?
    or does it mean not quite impassable terrain but other things that would block it?
    im going to sound stupid but... would this include walls i know the name is wall crawler and im asuming they did the same with this as they did with the salamanders "spout flame" special rule, just asume people would make the connection between the name and the special rules for it.

    EDIT: maybe i should just stop trying to look at the new units until the new book comes out and hope they will be explained in there.
    and im sorry but straight after i posted this i realised maybe it should be in the O&G section.

    lets agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours are

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    Well, if you look closer, it says (I've emphasized the important bit):

    They are not slowed by difficult or very difficult terrain or obstacles.
    so, not other obstacles, but the terrain feature classification obstacles, which includes fences, hedges and the like.

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