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    Dwarf slayers and 'look out Sir'

    With a unit of dwarf slayers you can upgrade any and all of the mto Giant Slayers making them characters and subject to the Look out Sir ruels. So where is the line drawn?

    The rules say that there needs to be at least 5 models in the unit so...lets say I have a unit of 24 slayers and a deamon slayer has joined them. I upgrade 14 of the slayers to Giant slayers so thats 14 Giant Slayers, 1 deamon Slayer and only 9 slayers. When a cannon comes into the unit who can benefit from "look out sir".

    The rules suggest that if the cannon ball flyes throught the deamon slayer then into the 2 ranks of giant slayers and finally the back 2 ranks of regular slayers that both giant slayers and hte deamon slayer would get rolls for look out sir and if successful the wound would be tranfered onto the closest rank and file model, ie one of the regular old slayers back in ranks 4 and 5.

    I am a dwarf player, but this seems a littel odd to me. Has there been a ruling on the ratio of character to rank and file in reference to look out sir? anyone?

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    The problem with giant slayers is that they are unit champions rather than characters exactly and as such should follow the rules for them. It’s an odd situation ill admit but as far as I can tell you indeed remove the normal slayers before you remove the giant slayers. As for the character slayer you roll a look out sir save as normal then follow the normal procedure. (so you would remove a normal slayer first)

    at least this is my understanding of the rules.

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    Here are all the FAQ on Dwarf Slayers from the Direwolves FAQ. The one relating to you is in bold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Direwolves FAQ

    Q. A mixed unit of Troll Slayers and Giant Slayers is hit by a weapon
    that causes the Giant Slayers to be able to make a 'Look Out, Sir' roll.
    Does there have to be a separate Troll Slayer in the unit for each Giant
    Slayer hit for the latter to receive the 'Look Out, Sir!' benefit?

    A. Yes. Since hits are allocated before wounds, there have to be enough
    potential Troll Slayer candidates to actually accept the hits in place
    of their Giant Slayer brethren. If there are not enough Troll Slayers, then
    the remaining Giant Slayers are hit and cannot benefit from the 'Look Out,
    Sir!' rule.
    S. Rulebook page 100 / Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation


    Q. Can a Giant Slayer be upgraded to a Musician and/or Standard Bearer, thus giving
    you the possibility of having the entire front rank composed of Giant Slayers?

    A. Yes.
    S. Games Workshop's Official Dwarfs FAQ


    Q. If I upgrade a Troll Slayer to a Giant Slayer and also make him the Standard
    Bearer (or Musician) for the unit, whom can pick up the standard (or musical
    instrument) if he is killed ?

    A. If a Giant Slayer is the original Standard Bearer (or musician) then only
    another Giant Slayer may pick up the standard (or musical instrument). As Troll
    Slayers are a separate model type they are ineligible to pick up the standard (or
    musical instrument).
    S. Anthony Reynolds Warhammer Design Team (On-line Q&A answer on the Games
    Workshop Warhammer Forum in regards to Gors and Ungors in the same
    situation) / Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation


    Q. How are attacks allocated against units containing both
    Troll Slayers and multiple Giant Slayers worked out?

    A. While wounds against Champions do not carry over into the rest of the unit,
    wounds may carry over from a Champion to other Champion models if there is
    more than one Champion in the unit (as Champions are just another type of RnF
    model, albeit with slightly enhanced stats and abilities) as can be the case
    with mixed Giant Slayer / Troll Slayer regiments.

    Thus, when declaring attacks against models in base-to-base contact, it
    is only necessary to declare which attacks are being directed toward the
    Giant Slayers and which, if any, are going toward the Troll Slayers. Wounds
    taken by the Giant Slayers in excess of those in base-to-base contact will
    carry over to other Giant Slayers in the unit unless all have been killed.
    Any wounds in excess of the number of actual Giant Slayers in the unit
    at the time the wounds are inflicted will not carry over to the
    Troll Slayers and are lost.

    This works a bit differently in regards to attacks directed toward
    Troll Slayers as if enough wounds are done to kill all of the normal
    rank and file (i.e. Troll Slayers), the rules specify that any excess wounds
    do carry over onto Champions (in this case, the Giant Slayers).
    S. Warhammer Rulebook, page 109 / Warhammer Chronicles 2004 page 113 /
    Direwolf FAQ Council Interpretation.
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