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    Charging Skirmishers with Rank Rule

    I want to try to clarify the rule as i'm pretty sure the people in my store are playing this like 6th edition, and i've only read the 7th edition.

    In the skirmisher section in the picture of a rank and file unit charging the skirmisher unit, the rank and file unit doesn't maximize with the skirmisher unit. It just goes straight forward until it hits the closest skirmisher and then the skirmishers automatically maximize along the R&F units front.

    I believe in playing it this way as skirmishers automatically "maximize" as soon as you hit the closest skirmisher. The charging rules state that you are only allowed to wheel if you are required to in order to bring the maximum amount of models into combat. As this is almost always the case people assume you can also wheel for R&F charging skirmishers, but i believe you can't. My interpretation is if you can already hit the closest skirmisher if you went straight, you go straight without wheeling. But if you can't go straight and hit the closest skirmisher you wheel until you can hit that closest skirmisher and then you stop wheeling.

    The rules that support my interpretation i believe are these
    "must endeavour to bring the maximum number of models from both sides into combat"
    "Once the unit has completed any required wheels, it moves straight forward"
    "If the skirmishers are charged, the enemy is brought into base contact with the closest skirmisher as per a normal charge"
    "The skirmishers form up along the enemy's front"

    The people in my store play it as being able to wheel until the unit is facing the majority of the skirmish unit which i can't seem to find the logic behind that when i look at the rulebook. This also allows people to do "Strategic wheeling" where they wheel to make the skirmishers face a certain direction.

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    Moved to rules questions.

    Yes...this is still one of those "Damn it, GW!" issues. The current rationale for GW charges seems to revolve around the centre points of each unit to bring them into line. For skirmishers this is difficult (and highly abusable if the skirmishers string themselves out).

    At most I think someone could claim this:

    I've added the circle to create a rough idea of where the "centre" of the skirmishers would be - and the line is from the centre of the ranked unit (before any moves) to the "centre" of the skirmishers.

    A wheel like that should be the maximum you are able to perform - in theory it will maximise the red unit's models in contact with a single skirmisher (three, once the skirmisher is aligned) without wheeling more than is necessary.

    The two units are aligned along their common centres. No more wheeling is necessary because of this.

    The wheel you should make is probably less, the red unit shouldn't have to wheel too much to charge the closest skirmisher.

    Of course, this is just trying to be logical and fair (spirit of the rules!). The rules are vague on this, so you just have to muddle on. "The Most Important Rule" on pg3, BRB might hopefully persuade them not to act like fools when it comes to this sort of thing.

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    New 7th ed faq released answers this question... basically saying that they can, and called it "tactical wheeling".

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