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    Questions about charging

    Hi all I have a couple scenarios that I'm wondering about as far as legality goes.

    First goes as follows. Let's say player A has a strain line of three units and player B has a triangle like formation of two units closest to his opponents 3 units and one behind them. During the declare chargers phase Player B first declares his two front units are charging two of player As units and the third one that previously had line of sight but couldn't squeeze through the two units is then charging the three. So during the move chargers phase first Player B moves both of his front units and then his back unit.

    The second goes as follows:

    Say I know an enemy of mine is going to flee a charge and I have LoS to a unit behind said screen but it is just off to the charging the screen and it fleeing would put me to the side of the screened unit. Since I have LoS to the unit behind the screen can I declare the charge and then when my opponent chooses the charge reaction of fleeing with the dogs who get in the way keep moving forward towards the unit to the side?

    These are kind of hard to describe so sorry if the info is a little vague but for those that understand what I'm asking the help is appreciated

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    Hmmmm, interesting. Did this accually happen, or are you just trying to be difficult??

    Seriously now,

    Senario 1: I believe it would be a 'failed charge' as the central unit will have no means of entering base-base with the enemy (just like if terrain was in the way). This is a very odd one, coz no-one in their right mind would block off their own chargers. Still, thats what i think.

    Senario 2: You can charge anything that you have line of sight to, but only if you accually think you're gonna reach it. In other words, you cant charge something 30 inches away, just so you move out of the way of another charging unit etc...However, in the new rules, you may re-direct a charge to anything that lies in the path of your charge. So, if those dogs fled behind the 'target unit', then, as long as the target lies in the path of the charge, you may declare a new charge against them. This keeps happening until you choose not to charge, of you run out of units to re-direct into.

    Sorry if i haven't interpreted your post correctly, but it is kinda hard to picture. (and, no, dont draw one of those 'text' pictures out of /'s, ?'s and the like. They confuse me even more!:wacko: )

    Regards, Tim
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