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    War Machines Fire Arc + Line of Sight

    Ok just got White Dwarf #330 and on page 39 there are two pictures showing a Cannon with a fire arc as well as the Thunderers.

    Now within our group we have never played Fire Arcs for any war machines as the rules for them state that you can freely pivot and then shoot at your chosen target:

    Reading p85 "War Machines" under the "Shooting" section, paragraph one "..a player may freely pivot a war machine to face any direction he likes before shooting."

    BUT reading p8 "Facing & Arc of Sight" shows that all models have a 90 degree arc and can only shoot something that lies within that.

    So which is correct?

    1. The machine has a 90 degree Fire Arc and can pivot within that to shoot at the target that can be seen. It cannot therefore, pivot 180 degrees to shoot at something behind itself that it doesn't really know is there or

    2. The machine is free to pivot in any direction and can then shoot anything.

    All subject to normal targetting rules of course.

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    Or you could look at a combo of the two. You can pivot all you like in the movement phase then have the fire arc in the shooting phase. Its how I’ve always done it after all
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    Dear GW, please read your rulebook...

    War machines are pivoted before they fire, so the 90 degree fire arc is always irrelevant. I suppose you could say it's true, but since they can always pivot without affecting their ability to fire, it need not apply.

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