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    Orc Book, Character Equipment Choices

    I notice on alot of the Orc and Goblin Heroes and Lord sections in the army book, both the name of a specific hero/lord type and the name of the general catagory of hero/lord is the exact same.

    Example: Goblin Shaman covers Goblin and Night Goblin Shamans, Orc Big Boss covers 3 types of Big Bosses, one of which is called Orc Big Boss.

    What does that mean about who can take what equipment? I understand if something refers to a specific type of the heroes it only goes to that type, but when an equipment option is listed under the same name as the overall entry type does that mean all the possible variants can use it, or just the variant with the exact same name as the overall entry?

    So for example when it says a Goblin Shaman may ride a Wolf
    Is it speaking of Goblin Shaman in the entry sense, so both Night Goblins AND Goblin shamans may take the Wolf option?
    Just in the specific entry sense? So only Goblin shamans could, and Night goblin shamans couldn't ride a wolf.

    I've checked the FAQ on the GW site and it gave no answer, and I see nothing in the army book or the main rules book that clarifies it.

    It would also apply to things like can Savage Orc Big Bosses taking Light Armor, and Night Goblin Great Shamans riding Chariots.

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    The options in any given entry only apply to the entry they are under. Options under a different heading (i.e. under 'night goblin big boss' rather than 'goblin big boss') are not interchangeable.

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    The rule book is quite specific, for example under the goblin/night goblin warboss entry it states:

    A goblin warboss can ride a wolf or be mounted on a chariot, a night goblin warboss can ride a giant cave squig.

    As such a night goblin shaman or big boss can't ride wolves or chariots.
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