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    Sons of the Asur - The NEW High Elves Tactica

    Herro all,

    I thought that in my infinite (read little) wisdom, that I would start a new High Elf tactica. Having played with the Asur for a few years now, I think I can bring a rough battle plan together for our new book, as well as explaining how we can combat our enemies and their modified tactics to combat us.

    So without further adu, here we go:

    1) Army Specific Rules
    2) Characters
    3) Special Characters
    4) Core
    5) Special
    6) Rare
    7) Magic Items
    8 ) Magic
    9) Example character combos

    10 ) How will our enemies react?
    a) Dwarves
    b) Chaos
    i) Mortals
    ii) Beasts
    iii) Daemons
    c) Bretts
    d) Dark Elves
    e) O&G
    f) Wood Elves
    g) Vampire Counts
    h) Tomb Kings
    i) Skaven
    j) Ogres
    k) Lizzies
    l) Empire

    1) Army specific rules:

    Speed of Asuryan: A lot of complaints were raised about this rule before the book was released. Will it work all the time? Will it break an essential game mechanic? Will it make the High Elves invincible in combat?

    The answers to all of these questions are quite simple. Like all always strike first (ASF) rules, the High elves (not mounts or creatures) always strike first, after all movement based attacks are dealt with, i.e. Bull Charges and Impact hits. If an enemy has the same ability, then it is resolved on initiative order, and if those stats are equal it is down to the good 'old fashioned' dice role.

    Will it break the game? I don't think it does. I have now played 3 games with the new rules, (vs Chaos, VC and Dwarves), and I can't say that the ASF rule has won me any of these games. Sure, it is very nice to have it on your side, and if it causes one casualty, then yes it is an advantage, but if your enemy is dumb enough to charge into 7 WS5 STR6 attacks head on, then they deserve to lose combat. Your enemy will only make this mistake once, and you must be prepared to protect your flanks much more than you used to, as they will benefit from those charges more than the front. We are also more expensive now, making our casualties much more painful.

    Will it make the High Elves invincible in combat? No. It will certainly make it more difficult for some armies to comabt us, such as Dark Elves, Empire, Wood elves, Skaven and maybe Brets, but they can still have success in other areas of the field. The DE, WE, Empire and Skaven can all outshoot us, and the Brets have very thick armour and a ward save to boot. Yes, 16 WS4 Str3 attacks when you have charged is not pleasant, but again, flank charges will limit damage, and heavy armour will be the bane of our existance.

    Still not convinced? Shoot us. Our armour is paper thin for the most part, we are toughness 3, and we have no screens to speak of, bar terrain. A high elf general will feel the loss of one unit more than pretty much any other army out there.

    Valour of Ages: Now this is more like it against our dark cousins. Rerolling all psychology tests is a real bonus. Although they don't cause fear very often, this will help against cold one knights and chariots, as well as against panic, as we are no longer immune to that. Its a nice rule, but unless you play Dark Elves all the time, you won't really notice.

    Army list selection: To represent the 'elite' nature of the High elf army, our army limitations are altered. We have to have 1 less core, and can take +2 Special and +1 rare compared to other armies at any other points value. This will help us take the same amount of Bolt throwers and less of our 'useless' core troops.

    +1 to Dispel: Yes, if you have a mage on the field, (not a dragon mage, sorry!!), we still get this lovely power. We also have an extra spell, but more on that in the Magic section later on.

    2) Characters:


    Prince: More expensive than he used to be, but you can understand why really!! With ASF, he has now become an applicable combat character. His Statline is identicle to the previous book, but now his magical items are a little more focused. The only character with access to the mighty Star Dragon, he can be purely a combat monster, or using the bows and rings he can support the army. He can also be mounted in a chariot, and on the Griffon and Eagle as in previous versions. All in all, he might be worth his weight in gold in combat now, but don't expect him to compete with a Chaos Lord, or Vampire, (unless he has the dragon!!). He is there to support, not win the battle on his own.

    Archmage: 5 Points price increase for the one ASF attack. Apart from that, not a lot has changed with our magic lord, apart from the access to dragons as mounts. This potentially turns our archmage into a combat character, which he is not. He should be there in the background, using his magics to disrupt the enemies plans, and slowly turning one or two units to dust, not flying in on a cannon magnet!!


    Noble: Our standard hero has again, got a bit of a beef up with the ASF rules, but his statline is the same. Again, the ASF will make him a much better BSB, when combined with certain magic items (which I will explain later). Supporting combat, not winning it, will be his aim.

    Mage: Again, a 5pt increase, but essentially the same animal. This character will probably spend his time at the front of a small unit (archers perhaps), weaving spells that will annoy the enemy no end.

    Dragon Mage: I will say it, as you are all thinking it. About time!!!!! At last a character that depicts the High Elves perfectly. He is a bit pricey, but it does give you the chance to have a dragon at less than 2000pts!! His rules are wonderful, although his statline isn't that impressive. The Reckless special rule makes him akin to a 2nd Gen Slaan, in as much as he gets a 'free' dice every time he casts a fire spell, and the ability to choose the flaming sword of rhuin spell can make him a combat king at lower points costs.

    Although all this power comes at a cost. He will be a fire magnet, but that might be to your advantage too. Taking the Skeinsliver should mean that he will be in combat by turn 2, but it is never guaranteed. In the end, he is a risk, but if calculated, he may well be worth it.

    3) Special Characters:

    Tyrion: One of the Brothers of Fate, and second in command to the High Elf armies, Tyrion is one hard bugger. 4 ASF, strength 7 attacks is nothing to be sniffed at, and although his reposte and re-roll attacks in the first round rules are now gone, he is slightly cheaper, and now has a decent magic res and regeneration. Combine this with strong armour and a very good ward save, you have a great head of your cavalry. He will see occasional play from me now.

    Teclis: He's just got frailer folks. He is so weak a gobbo can wound him on a 3+. However, he does make up for this by adding D3 dice to every magic phase, and has the abilities of the Book of Hoeth for free!! Combine this with the complete knowledge of all 8 lores and High magic, and you have a mage that is perfect for any occasion. I use him with the lore of life personally, watching him shut down all enemy shooting in 2-3 turns.

    Alith Anar: Not sure I would ever use him again, but he could be fun in a themed army. His Bow and items lend him to a first strike roll, really making him a gamble, as a strong charge could end him easily. A gamble, but might be worthwhile.

    Eltharion the Grim: Why didn't you keep the blind version GW? WHY???!!!!! Although this turkey rider is ok, as his Griffon actually gets a save, he is expensive for what he can do. I would restrict him to theme games only.

    Korhil: Great Archmage bodyguard. In a unit of 16 White lions with FC, and the Archmage, Korhil is a must. Not very much in this world can withstand 3 WS 6, STR 6 attacks. And his improved armour is quite a bonus too. A very good Hero choice.

    Caradryan: A challenge god. He might kill them, and if he doesn't, and they kill him, he could still kill them. Again, a great bodyguard for your lord characters, and adds a huge magic resistance bonus to any unit. I will continually use him to protect Teclis.

    4) Core:

    Spearmen: 2 points cheaper and still capable of obtaining a magical banner, (one unit anyway), High Elf spearmen seem to be the core unit of choice for me. Units inbetween 15 and 28 can be fielded effectively depending on playing styles and points limits. Personally I would suggest that against horde armies, these are your main defence. Massed Str 3 attacks at high weapon skill will get rid of a lot of bothers if they are low armoured and toughness 3.

    Don't be thinking that they are the solution to every problem though. Against higher toughness and armoured foes, even all your str 3 attacks will fail to make an impact. This is your best defensive core unit. Use them like it. Accept the charge, or even better where possible, charge heavily armoured foes, and then combine your str 3 attacks with a more powerful flanking unit, such as a chariot, so that you have both the ranks, and the kills to guarantee victory.

    Archers: 1 Point cheaper in this version, but still pretty useless, these archers should be taken as bunkers for your mages or to fill up that 1 obligatory core spot below 2000pts. Yes, they can be effective when combined with the Curse of Arrow Attraction spell and a couple of bolt throwers, (more on that later), but they are unlikely to make their points back. Use them to pick off fast cavalry or to accept a charge so they break and your enemy is left in no mans land. You never know when one stand and shoot wound could be vital.

    Lothern Seaguard: 3 Points cheaper with a shield than they were before, the award for the most improved unit is given too..... not quite this one. They are now a viable choice though as an alternative to spearmen. You can deploy them in a 2 rank of 10 defensive structure on a hill, get off 20 shots a turn for a couple of turns, reform into a spearmen unit and then fire once more before receiving the charge and with a stand an shoot charge reaction, followed by spear attacks fend off many a foe. This unit is now cheap enough to field in smaller battles too, as a small unit of 15 will serve you well as both the spears and the archers. I think the age of this unit has arrived.

    5) Special:

    Silver Helms: Same cost as before, but now moved away from core, which eliminates our all cavalry army, these are the standard cavalry of the High Elf army. 7 points cheaper than their fire proof bretherin with the same armour save and movement, these cavalry are perfect to flank an enemy with a few str 5 attacks on the charge. They shouldn't be charged in the front of any enemy, unless supported by a hefty flank charge, as they are only standard elves on horseback, so will most likely be hitting on a 4+.

    Dragon Princes: Low and behold a real heavy cavalry unit!!! Although they are a bit more expensive, and have lost their legendary Ithilmir Barding, these 2 attack charge monsters are now up there with the best cavalry units in the game. Still capable of taking a magic banner, and moving faster than most heavy cavalry. I suggest a unit of 6, with the banner of Ellyrion (see magic items), is now a real flank charge answer.

    Ellyrian Reavers: Ok, so they haven't changed that much, but the option to swap the spears for a bow at a low cost has really upped this units effectiveness. They can now move around the flank and shoot at the vulnerable war machine crews and lone mages that now festoon the battlefield. Sure, they can be shot at, but if they are shooting at them, they aren't at something else.

    Shadow Warriors: Hmm. I think these guys have actually got worse. Now more expensive and no double hand weapons have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Sure the Hatred rules are useful, but only in close combat, and who uses their scouts for that? Use them to take out warmachine crews and lone mages though and they will come into their own. They could even be used on light cavalry units, as they can stand and shoot.

    Swordmasters: Two words, HELL YEAH!!!! 2 points increase for what is an extra attack. I think we can all deal with that. Yes ASF is nice on them, but you are all used to charging with them anyway, so it is less of an issue. Yeah their armour is still paper thin, but if you are dishing out the strength 5 hurt, then that is just fine. These are definately a flanking unit to be proud of. They can take charges from heavier foes, but I would worry about their armour if there are any people striking back. Units of 12-18 will be taken as serious contenders.

    White Lions: Again, much improved, not just by asf, but by the inclusion of heavy armour. Now more resistant to shooting, these fighting woodsmen can rally be used to devistate a flank, and really take a heavy armoured charge head on. Str 6 and WS 5 has seen to that. This unit didn't see much use due to always being in the rare section, but now I think a lot more people will be using them.

    Pheonix Guard: Say hello to the most improved unit. A 4+ ward save for the entire unit, on top of an ok armour save has made this unit easily capable of taking a charge head on against light to medium armour/toughness foes. Again, I expect to be seeing units of 15 being used to absorb shooting from other, softer targets, and then smashing into the flank. To be honest, when the models are this pretty, you couldn't leave them languishing unused in the rare section. On top of which they cause fear, which is never to be underestimated.

    Tiranoc Chariot: This is pretty much the same animal. ASF doesn't really help as any head on charges will be against the horses, which don't benefit. Use them to blitz the flanks of enemies you are charging with other units.

    Lion Chariot: This is a gorgeous model, a lovely piece of fluff and just a nasty combat unit. 6 WS5 str 5 attacks, after D6 str 5 impact hits, makes this a flank destroyer by trade. Yes it can take the front, especially against low ld enemies, due to it's fear causing nature, but I think this hitting the side with a combined spearmen/white lion front charge will be my tactic of choice where avaliable.

    6) Rare:

    Repeater Bolt Thrower: Same points, same animal, only the crew is now ASF, which is nice when you are defending it. Still great in combination with Curse of Arrow Attraction, so keep using them.

    Great Eagle: Again, exactly the same as the old rules, but still useful to distract shooting, or take out warmachines/lone mages. I expect to see them as much as ever, possibly even more in dragon mage armies.

    7) Magic Items:

    I won't give out points here, or even combos, (as those will come later). This will be descriptions of items and my opinions of their usefulness to the new High Elves.


    Blade of Leaping Gold - It's the same as the old book, so +3 attacks. This weapon has gone down in my estimation now, as the Armour of the Gods is no longer included, and I don't think it’s legal anymore. Sure, 7 Ws7 attacks are great, but against higher-toughness/higher-armoured opponents, you will struggle. Horde killing is a specialty.

    Bow of the Seafarer - Bolt Thrower. Pure and simple. Really good in combination with an Eagle mount or the Shadow Armour. Perfect for side attacks on heavily armoured targets.

    Sword of Hoeth - Really good against those with high toughness and little armour, say Ogres. It won't help you against Dwarves or Chaos Lords as much, but auto-wounding is always nice. A little pricey for what it does.

    Star Lance - Imrik reborn. This thing is nasty, although the +3 strength does kind of rule out the need for it to ignore armour saves, but still a nice functional lance.

    Reaver Bow - A personal favourite of mine. Combine with a Noble on an Eagle with the Enchanted Shield and a lance for full effect. The ultimate sniper.

    The White Sword - Swordmaster Honour by another name. Biggest advantage here is that you can get the +2 strength while combining it with armour. Could also be the new must for a BSB, striking first at strength 6 is a big thing for that character’s defence. This will see a lot of usage, at least from me, that is if the FAQ does what I expect it to do: remove the great weapon from the BSB entry.

    Blade of Sea Gold - Always nice to ignore armour, but our low strength limits its usage. There are better weapons.

    Foe Bane - Another multi-wound target beater. This is a personal favourite against Ogres. Trust me it works.


    Armour of Protection – If you must have that 4+ ward, and can't get it any other way, then this is useful, but to be honest it isn't a great item.

    Golden Shield – Not bad. Against our superior weapon skill on Nobles and Princes, WS3 troops would be hitting on a 6, but I still think there are better items for the cost.

    Armour of the Stars – Useful if you are likely to suffer wounds, but not a great armour unless it is for fluff purposes.

    Armour of Heroes – Great against low-leadership enemies. Challenge that Ogre/Skaven/Goblin and watch them fail their leadership and be unable to hit you.

    Temakador’s Gauntlets - Brilliant against most armies, especially when you have a high armour save. Always to be considered on a mounted leader.

    Shadow Armour - A character who is able to scout. Give him either the Reaver Bow or the Bow of the Seafarer and there you have a sniper.

    Armour of Caledor – Basically the Armour of Meteoric Iron for Elves. Not to be underestimated, especially when combined with the Vambraces of Defence.

    Helm of Fortune – Great item. Better armour and the re-roll.

    Dragonscale Shield - Combination item. Personally I wouldn't bother with this.

    Mask of the Merlord – If you know the battlefield in advance, then this might see use, but points can be better spent on other items.


    Vambraces of Defence - Great. Best Talisman we have, and possibly the best one any army has. Always to be considered.

    Golden Crown of Atrazar – Good if you want a 4-wound leader, but I don't use it. There are better ways of protecting yourself.

    Loremaster Cloak – Anti-magic cloak. Saves you from magic-heavy armies, but again, there are better ways of protecting yourself for less points.

    Talisman of Saphery – No magical weapons work against you. Combination item of dreams for an Archmage coming up later.

    Sacred Incense – Great for limiting how much shooting you take. Combine with the Shadow Armour and Reaver Bow for a nasty unit.

    Guardian Phoenix – Standard 5+ ward save. Good solid item.

    Amulet of Fire – Great to give a unit magic resistance. Useful for individuals as well if mounted on dragons.

    Magic Banners

    Battle Banner - +D6 combat resolution. Place this on an important unit, and watch it win combat.

    Banner of the World Dragon – Want that special unit to ignore magic? Place this banner in it, and it sure will.

    Banner of Sorcery – +D3 power dice a turn. Yes please. Magic heavy armies will love this.

    Standard of Balance – All enemies and friends in base-to-base combat lose psychological effects. Bye bye Frenzy, Stubborn, Hatred, Fear and Terror. Hello balance!!

    Banner of Arcane Protection – Cheap magic resistance. Great.

    Lion Standard – Immunity to fear and terror. Again, really useful.

    Banner of Ellyrion – Any unit touting this treats all terrain as open ground. Hello cavalry charges from inside woods.

    Arcane Items

    Book of Hoeth – This is a nasty little item. All your spells are Irresistible Force if they contain a double when you roll the correct amount!! This is good for magic-heavy, especially considering the amount of dice you can pump to an Archmage!!

    The Vortex Shard – Critical that your troops make it to battle unimpeded by magic. End their magic phase right away. Very useful against Tomb Kings and VC's where that extra turn could mean you are in combat with their generals.

    Annulian Crystal – Boosts your defence while limiting their attack. Brilliant.

    Sigil of Asuryan – A dispel scroll with a 1/2 chance of removing that spell. Use it in low-point games to get rid of VC and TK raising.

    Starwood Staff – Good staff. Great for improving your casting chances.

    The Seerstaff of Saphery – The Seer Honour reincarnated.

    The Trickster’s Pendant – You choose the miscast. That is just nasty!!

    The Gem of Sunfire – Great for the new Dragon Mages. +2 for one turn only on Fire magic. If you just must have the Flaming Sword, this is a great way to go about it.

    Ring of Corin – Want that magical item gone? This is a neat way of doing it, especially as it is one cast only, so you can make sure your enemy has no dispel dice left first.

    Staff of Solidity – Immunity to the first miscast. Very useful if you have the points.

    Jewel of the Dusk – +1 dice to the pool. Very nice.

    Silver Wand – The bearer knows one more spell, again, very useful to ensure you have the best spell selections.

    Enchanted Items

    Null Stone – If you want to completely nullify the magic of your enemy at close range, then this is the item for you. I personally think it is a bit useless, and very expensive.

    Healing Potion – Great if you have one wound left, rubbish if you are hit by Killing Blow!! I wouldn't use it.

    Radiant Gem of Hoeth – This is ok, but with the inclusion of the Dragon Mage, I think it is no longer really needed.

    Folariath’s Robe – For giving up the right to attack, complete protection from all mundane attacks yourself. This is a mages dream. Nasty combination ahoy.

    Ring of Fury – Only bound level 3, but now never runs out. Very useful to bolster the magic phase.

    Cloak of Beards – Anti-rune item ahoy. They may hate you, but they also fear you, and that weapon they spent so many points on, no longer works. This is great.

    Pendant of Vengeance – If you know they are taking an Anvil, take this.

    Dragonhorn – Great against fear causers in the round before combat. Wouldn't take it if you are fighting Dark Elves.

    The Skeinsliver – Helps us get the first turn. You should have this in your army, simple as that!!!

    The Amulet of Light – For the points, probably the best item in the new list. I would suggest using it on a unit that will be fighting a lot.

    The Gem of Courage – One-use cold-blooded rule. Stick it in if you have the spare points on a unit champ.

    Talisman of Loec – Great for challenges. You will be striking first, so why not make sure they are dead!!

    8 ) Magic:

    This section will be based mainly around a description of the new magic lore for High Elves, and possible tactics for those spells. If they are requested, I will extend this to the main lores as well.

    High Magic:

    Well we have lost my favourite spell, Fortune is Fickle, but what we have gained in return is a set of spells to supplement our tactics. This is not a spell list to destroy your enemy with, but to disrupt their ability to fight on an even footing with us. Foiling their shooting plans, psychological advantages and magical weapons. So let’s have a look.

    Shield of Saphery: At last a spell to protect our lightly armoured infantry. This should always be cast on Swordmasters if you have any!! This will make them much better at surviving the nasty amount of shooting that they will definitely get now!! Perhaps it can also be used as an anti-cannon weapon, stopping out cavalry and heavier targets being destroyed. Again, a casting on a Dragon Mage is a definite bonus.

    Curse of Arrow Attraction: Re-roll hits from shooting. Combine your bolt throwers and archers onto one target with this spell on and watch them wither. Still the same, still great!!

    The Courage of Aenarion: Worried you might be broken on the charge? Make every unit within 12" Stubborn for the same cost as a normal 2D6 Str-4-hits spell. This should be used just before the charge is made by the mage you should have in the centre of your lines. A great addition to our nice leadership.

    Fury of Khaine: A nice bog standard damage spell. Whittle down fast cavalry with this little number!!

    Flames of the Phoenix: Worried about that large unit of toughness 3 troops? Want to wound half of them at once on average? Then this is the spell for you. As a remains-in-play spell with a high casting value, it is a difficult spell to get rid of with power dice (almost impossible for Tomb Kings!!), meaning that it will be got rid of as soon as possible. However that comes at a price. Its strength increases every turn!! Soon that large block won't be there!!!

    Vaul’s Unmaking: Ah, a wonderful beard trimming device this. Want that magical item nullified? Then this is the spell for you. Best used against the enemies most powerful items (5+ ward save banner for Dwarves anyone?), especially in combination with the Book of Hoeth or Teclis. If you are fighting a powerful magical enemy, this is a must to take out the items that can turn games.

    Drain Magic: Hasn't this changed? A nice spell if you are playing anti magic, especially if you cast it at the end of your magic phase. Remember that it stacks, so combine it with a Book-of-Hoeth mage or Teclis, and make all enemy spells +6 to cast!!! This will eliminate their magic, or make it dangerous with more dice, and with the Trickster’s Pendant, a lot of nasty things could happen!!!

    9) Example Character Combos:

    These are just my suggestions. If you have combos that have worked for you, tell people about them.


    Mage Prince: 289pts
    Heavy Armour, Shield and Lance
    Radiant Gem of Hoeth
    Seerstaff of Saphery
    Guardian Phoenix
    Barded Steed

    Made popular in the last edition, give this guy the Flaming Sword of Rhuin, and he is a character killer. Probably made even more destructive by the Always Strike First rule, he can kill most lords outright in one turn. Depends on the magic, so use against low-magic armies.

    Cheap and Dangerous Prince: 242pts
    Armour of Caledor
    Vambraces of Defence
    Great Weapon

    A good standard. He will dish out the hurt, and is difficult to kill. Simple really.

    Flying Prince: 315pts (or more depending on mount)
    Heavy Armour, Shield and Lance
    Bow of the Seafarer
    Tremakador’s Gauntlets
    Talisman of Loec
    Mounted on Great Eagle

    This guy is a utility lord. Can take out heavy cav threats to your flanks, or if on a dragon, can kill pretty much anything.


    Why Can't I Stop Him Archmage: 360pts
    Book of Hoeth

    Give this guy a lore to suit you, and watch him destroy the opposing army with spells they can't stop. Great against people with high dispel counts, or when you can't use Teclis!!!

    Dispel Archmage: 360pts
    Lvl 4
    Staff of Sorcery
    3 Dispel Scrolls

    This one is a must against TK or Tzeentch. +2 to all dispels is lovely, added to the fact he could have Drain Magic as well, effectively gives you +5 to dispel..... just lovely. Can be Lvl 3 if you are low on points.

    Indestructible Mage: 360pts
    Folariath’s Robe
    Talisman of Saphery
    Dispel Scroll

    Can't hurt him, except with spell and magical shooting...nice way to keep your general hidden.


    Oi, That Power Dice is Mine Mage: 175pts
    Annulian Crystal

    Very simple, giving you +1 to dispel and 1 more dispel well at Lvl 1 as well

    Dispel Mage: 175pts
    Lvl 2
    Staff of Sorcery

    Again, a cheaper version of the Archmage above. Cheaper at Lvl 1 as well.

    I Want That Spell and That Spell Please Mage: 185pts
    Lvl 2
    Seerstaff of Saphery
    Dispel Scroll

    Nice mage to make sure you get the spells you need.


    BSB Noble: 168pts
    Armour of Caledor
    Guardian Phoenix
    Great Weapon

    This guy is useful without the Battle Standard, but with it, he is indispensable...

    Flying Annoyance Noble: 193pts
    Heavy Armour and Lance
    Reaver Bow
    Enchanted Shield
    Mounted on Great Eagle

    This is a great oldie. Seen a lot of use as a flank attacker and a pick-off shooter. Use carefully, and he is great.

    Dragon Mages:

    More Power!!! DM: 435pts
    Lvl 2
    Silver Wand
    Ring of Fury

    In a magic-heavy army, he is just wrong. Gives you up to 3 extra 'free' dice and a bound spell. Keep him floating around till combat, then flank smash!!

    Protection and aid DM: 435pts
    Lvl 2
    Guardian Phoenix

    Good to have the first turn, and to make sure he has some sort of save. A bit cautious for me, but I think he has his place in a HE army.

    10 ) How will our enemies react?

    a) Dwarves: Well the Stunties are probably the least affected army by these changes. Their armour is thick, and they have almost always struck after us anyway. In addition they have enough guns to rip us to shreds from a distance, so they won't have to change much to beat us. The difference is now that we have the Dragon Mage that can generate extra dice we can move through their dispel dice quicker. This is a risk of course, as they can shoot it.

    b) Chaos

    i) Mortals: Since their changes in White Dwarf, they have become a little more numerous, but their marks provide us with fewer issues. ASF has also made them a little less to worry about. Combine this with their lack of real shooting, and they are now not as dangerous as an opponent. But don't throw caution to the wind. Your Spearmen are still not going to be chaos warriors in combat. Choose the correct battles though, and you will be fine.

    ii) Beasts: The biggest tip I can give against these pests is this. PROTECT YOUR FLANKS!!! A good ambush can really ruin our day, and flanks being our biggest weakness this will not be fun. I would also recommend only 5 wide in ranks against them. This will limit their skirmishing units to 4 wide with the Raiders rule, not allowing them ranks, giving us a real combat resolution advantage.

    iii) Daemons: A new foe.... These creatures can be a real pain, especially the Daemonettes. The way they will play against us for the most part is fast, but remember that they are glass cannons. They hit hard, but most troops are Toughness 3, meaning they fall to bow fire as easily as we do. Charge Flamers with Dragon Princes, and use Star Dragons vs. Greater Daemons and you should be fine.

    c) Bretts: Their charge will still hurt, but they aren't going to like charging Swordmasters or White Lions anymore. Keep your flanks protected, march block as well as you can, and then hit them as you used to. Again, very little will change.

    d) Dark Elves: Our Dark Kindred have undergone a powerful upgrade recently, and now pose much more of a threat in both combat, and at range.

    Their magic may seem capable of massive feats of destruction, but always remember with more dice, come more miscasts. The Trickster’s Pendant is now always a must against them. I would also recommend a Noble next to any Archmage, capable of challenging those appearing Assassins.

    Finally, their armour is no better than ours, so shoot them where you can, then hit them hard. Bear in mind, if their weapon skill is equal to yours, they will hit you 75% of the time, so make sure you kill them before they can.

    e) O&G: Orcs are not going to like striking after us on the charge, but their Toughness will save them from our weaker troops. Their shooting isn't that numerous normally, but they might increase it against us now, as lots of Gobbo bolt throwers would be a pain. You are also going to be outnumbered. In the end, I would suggest keeping the flanks protected, absorbing the charge, then flank charging them in response. A BSB is a must!!

    f) Wood Elves: Their mobility and shooting make the Elves a very dangerous opponent. That comes at a price, no static combat res. Again, protecting your flanks is a must. They will now be looking to take you out with shooting. Return the favour with the Amulet of Light in an archer unit, (put it on a mage), and they should be able to whittle the Dryads down. You could also use it in a close combat unit to get rid of their saves.

    g) Vampire Counts: These guys became a lot more deadly with their update. The best way of dealing with them is by neutralizing their magic. They will try to beat you by combat res alone. Again, flank protection and removing the raising spells will aid you. Any bigger beasties and Vamps should be taken out early as it will save your ass come the end game.

    h) Tomb Kings: This army is the least effected by the update, as for them things got better. Drain Magic no longer effects them and they still strike last. The will be trying exactly the same tactics against you, so respond in kind. Priest hunt and take them out in close combat. Again, a BSB is a must, as well as a good magic defence. Staff of Sorcery and Annulian Crystal are great against them.

    i) Skaven: Another army that has been hugely effected by ASF. These Ratmen will not enjoy the charge anymore. I would think that they will be using a lot more shooting and larger units to supplement losses to ASF. Watch out for more Rat Ogres and magic in your dealings with the Ratmen. They will also probably include more Plague Priests and Frenzied Nutters.

    j) Ogres: Don't let ASF fool you, their Bull Charges still come first. In essence, keep your tactics the same. You need to make sure you get the charge, or if not, make sure they don't get the impact hits. Without the Bull Charge, Ogres will be a lot easier to kill. Keep their magic in check, and victory is yours. Again, as they cause fear, a BSB is very handy.

    k) Lizzies: Not a lot has changed for these masters of the Old World. Their Saurus still strike after us, and their Skinks still outmaneuver us. Take out the Salamanders early and then you should be golden. Also, remember that 3rd gen Slaan or above still have the old Drain Magic, so expect to see a lot more of that being cast on your Archmages.

    l) Empire: Their response will be simple. GUNLINE. They will just shoot us as their troops can't beat ours in combat. Shield of Saphery and the Howlers Wind will make sure you make it across. If you meet a reasonable Empire player, then flank protection from detachments is a good idea. Dragons screw them up royally.

    I hope this tactica has been useful to you all, and above all, Happy Hunting.

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    1480 (x8)

    Nice tactica- may i make some additional suggestions?

    For ASF- asf is going to change the face of one other thing within our armies: mounted great weapons. A character with a great weapon is now quite capable, as he is still going to get that first hit, and +1 strength at all times.

    DragonMage- this guy is SO cool, i rarely leave home without one. If you take a Lvl2 version with the Silver Wand, he becomes an excellent addition to a magic heavy army. Capbable of casting 3 damaging spells per turn, using 3 extra generated dice, he 'burns' through enemy dispell pools quicker than dragonbreath through gobbos.

    Seagaurd- I love the Seagaurd as much as I like the dragonmage. If you intend for them to stand in as archers in low points games, consider a unit of 21. It's an akward number I know, but it gives a frontage of 7 (wide enough that they will all get their attacks- corner to corner on the ends) and 3 ranks deep. That comes out to 7 shots per turn, and a 'stand and shoot' will yield 28 S3 attacks before blows are struck. If you need combat resolution, you can always reform to 5x4 +1.

    Eagles- I doubt we will see many of these actually, since they lost their 2 for 1 ability (something you should mention about chariots, and also the shifts in our 0-1 units). Even though they may be good for stopping warmachines, I don't really use them, and have never suffered greatly for it.

    StarLance- this is RADICALLY overpriced. The S7 hit makes armor-saves useless anyways, and it only grants +1 strength over a normal lance, and only on the charge. Stick to mundane lances, or magic swords instead...

    As for the reactions you want to add- i've played against a few of the armies in question:

    a) dwarves: dwarves truly are the nemesis to Elves now. They are slow, but constantly move 6inches due to their unique march rules. Unfortunately, they are our High Toughness, High Armor foes. S3 shooting and stabbing does very little to these drunkards. Their cannons can destroy our chariots and dragons (who also fall prey to Slayers) and their excessive shooting can eliminate our army before our lines even close. Luckily we have several magical items tailored to make dwarvev-life difficult against our army.
    The best way to combat the dwarves is to take fast, hard hitting units like our DPs and SilverHelms, or our greatweapon units. This way we stand some chance of causing casualties, and we can slip flanks to get a nice CR bonus. It is very difficult to make these guys run though, so we need extremely good combat results...

    e) Orcs and Goblins: Orcs offer us the high toughness foes we hate, and can slam alot of attacks into us. They lack armor, but it doesn't matter if you can't wound them. Fortunately, they lack the shooting available to dwarves, so they have to move to us. We can outmagic them, and we can outshoot them (though archers don't kill many). When it comes to combat, we need to fight them like we fight the dwarves- cavalry, and great weapons. Chariots are a nice addition here too.
    One thing to note about orcs and gobbos are the gobbos. They offer a foe with equal strength and toughness to our own troops, lower WS, and abyssal Ld values. To make it worse, elves cause fear in goblins. Golbin armies are doomed if they meet us, only the most cunning goblin general will manage a victory. Of course Eltharion is a great addition to the antiO/G army.

    i) empire: Imperial armies are similar to goblins. They have low toughness, low strength, low WS soldiers. Nonetheless however we need to be wary of the imperial troops.
    Empire armies can bring a great deal of shooting to bear, just like the dwarves. Our dragons and chariots are once again threatened by Artillery, and their bows and rifles can eliminate our infatry.
    The empire also offers the detachment system. Against their core troops, it's unlikely that we will have a rank bonus, which is a dire problem for our troops. However, I would combat this by actually using bowmen to kill the small detachments, and taking a wide frontage so that the supporting charges have more difficulty wrapping around to the flanks of our troops.
    Furthermore- the empire offers core cavalry and has access to fast cavalry. Their cavalry is the heaviest armored in the game, and has excellent toughness. Once again, our best chance is to use greatweapons, magic, and RBTs to thin down their expensive knights. Of course, if we use our own heavy cavalry to hit them first, we can eliminate the threat of them, or atleast bog them down for much of the game (everyone knows that heavy cav v. heavy cav stalemates in the second round of combat).

    well, there you have it, my changes and additions. use them as you will- and thanks for writing the basis for all of this Gingerninja. *rep* to you- HE players will be greatful.
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    Excellent! Thanks for posting the ideas. I still don't have the blasted army book but will get it Tuesday. THis will give me some good reading until then.
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    125 (x4)

    Great tactica!

    As always, your writing is a joy to read.
    Just want to add a combo I really like if it's okay with you?

    BSB Noble

    Armour of Caledor
    Dragon Horn

    Great against fear-causers and a really anchor in the thick of battle.

    Can't wait for the rest.

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    14 (x1)

    great tactica rep for you, as a player about to start high elves it will surel help me.

    CaptainSarathai one thing i would mention is that the star lance can kill chariots in one hit ( this would help me as i play alot of games against tomb kings )
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    Hey Gingerninja, are you going to keep this updated?

    You can quickly replace the last 2/3 of the tactica with all the proofing that was done for the Warzone mag. Plus you wrote that new paragraph about playing against DE. Why not put that in?

    Aside from keeping it updated, have you considered keeping it a work in progress so that we as the general community can help it grow in content and quality?

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    262 (x7)

    I was thinking of keeping it open to update it, and for people to add comments about it, and then I will update it again.

    Can you link me to the remaining 2/3rds via PM so that i can update it.

    ninja out
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    Dr Gingerninjas therapy room for kids with a poor grasp of both english and Warhammer, please take a ticket from nurse deciever

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