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    Vampire Counts 7ed tactics V1.0

    By fallowing DavidVC04 advice on writing tcts together with community i decided to share with you this work in progress.
    This is version 1.0, also my fist tactical article, and i'm gonna need a lot of help with spelling/check (english is not my first language) and adding comments about units i haven't used in 7ed...
    Also would like to get comments about stuff i wrote-if i made some mistakes or forgot to ad something-as general tacticks/(dis)advantage for example.
    Please help...

    Vampire Count 7ed Tactica for n00bs and intermediate players

    I'll start this article by thanking to warhammer communities (especialy to - Only the best links ... & Librarium Online - Warhammer and Warhammer 40k online community. Discuss Warhammer and Warhammer 40k with others) for great 6th ed tactics/advices for Vampire Counts that really helped me (not kidding) :lol:


    Immune to Psychology

    All your units dont take panic, fear and/or terror tests and cannot be auto-broken if defeated and outnumbered by a Fear-causing enemy.
    However, biggest minus that units Immune to psychology have is not being able to flee as a charge reaction-wanted or not, you MUST take that charge standing.
    Having that in mind-be VERY, VERY, VERY carefull where (in range of whose charge) are you leaving your units at the end of their movement-think in advance for the good of your units.

    Break test
    Undead can not be broken, but suffer one wound for every point they lose combat. No armour saves allowed.
    This rule became better in 7ed-now regen saves (Vargulf/Drakenhoff banner) or ward saves can be taken against break test, however this is really going to make you the most headaches-longer you stay in combat more and more of your units is going to die (again), in cases you lose multiple combat...well,lets hope that's not going to happen.
    Avoid combat that you know you can not win-except if you want to keep enemy engaged for whatever cunning reason you have.

    All your units cause fear
    Well, this is a really nice, i mean,not just that 1/6 of your enemies (those that are not immune to psychology) will either run in fear of your troops or hit them on 6's in CC, but you also have the auto-break if you outnumber your enemy (now-this is the real advantage of fear).

    Undead cannot march if not within 12' of general, are character, or are within 6' from a model with Vampire special rule.
    This is not really so much of a trouble now because most of Rare choices (Blood Knights, Black Coach, Varghulf) have Vampire rule.

    Tough guy, however, if he is killed (happenes often in smaller games) practically every unit of zombies, skelies, ghouls, bats, wolves etc. will die with him. Guard him well. In smaller games (less than 2k) keep him deep buried in infantry, in bigger bury him deep in enemies he is often better protecten in fight than on open.

    Battle standard (bsb)
    1 less wound from Crumbling/Combat resolution, also adds +1CR on your side-normal VC banner is worth 8-20pts (depending of unit), so, if you take bsb for about 15pts more than you woud pay standard bearer you have to save 1GG or 2 skelies/ghouls to return points-its quite cheap really.


    Here we got two choices-a Vampire (A.K.A.Thrall) and Vampire Lord (A.K.A.Count).
    Vampire-Considering that the 6ed Thrall got some magic experiance and became lvl 1 mage for reasonable price-he is good (in some cases i still like Wight more) hero choice. Also-having a pretty good basic stats, and being able to select 50pts of artefacts, AND 50pts of bloodline powers creates a lot of options for customizing your army list just by changing your hero choices. He is much better choice than necromanser for raising your units, and can be more destructive than a wight king, he is usual hero choice. Always include at least 2 of them in your army.

    Vampire lord-6ed Count with higher Ld, 100pts for items and 100pts of bloodline powers, pricey, but can be a CC monster like Chaos Lord or Extreme Mage like HE Archmage depending of what do you need.
    Posibilities are great with this guy. I mean-he can have 6PD and still be a great CC fighter. He is tough, he is strong, he is fast, has a good Ld, and combining bloodline/items he can get practically every usefull rule in the book. Just take one and imagine what you want (don't exagerate please) and thats what you'll get. However, be carefull, he can still be killed in combat (beware of killing blow), he can miscast, shot by warmachine, or beaten by CR...
    Also, if you can take 200pts of blood/items for Count, doesn't mean that you should.

    IMHO best way to combine number/pts of heroes with number/pts of troops is to keep in mind 2 facts:
    1-You should always have at least 3 times more units than heroes-A.K.A. 1,2,3/3,6,9 rule
    So-if you have 1 hero choice, you should take at least 3 units of any kind/size....
    2-Number of point for your heroes shouldn't outweigh 1/3 of your available pts.

    Haven't use them

    Excelent bsb, high toughness and extra wound comparing with Thrall gives him much more survivability, and possibility of taking skeletal/insubstantial steed makes him great leader of BK unit.
    Had really good use combined with accursed armour and helm of commandment on supporting vampire.


    Whats more to say,imagine braindead fear-causing goblins, that is unit of zombies.
    Imune to psychology rule makes even your weak zombies very reliable (very reliable tarpit, but again-very reliable), just bring enough units and "let the opponent hitting you, and when he gets tired push him." (The Simpsons).
    Even your Zombies will bravely take a charge by Grail Knights/Chaos-Chosen/Any-other-killing-machine no matter the consequences, and bind them in place long enough for you to make a flank-charge.
    BTW, i don't remmember ever actually bying unit of them-they can be easily risen in magic phase by Raise Dead spell.

    The most often troop choice, comes in 2 version-Spears or Hw+Shield. Good and reliable for keping your wizards alive.
    Always give them standard bearer, but champion is nesessary (this also considers Ghoul units) only if you put your hero inside and dont want him to take a chalange-will give you more CR and be more usefull by killing normal unimts in most of the cases. Musician is not really necessary because your units can not be broken, but tie result can (and will) happen sometimes.
    Because of a dispute obout which one is better i'll contribute Mathhammer created by MisterDutch from Librarium Online - Warhammer and Warhammer 40k online community. Discuss Warhammer and Warhammer 40k with others

    "Skeletons with Hand Weapons & Shield getting charged by WS4 S3 enemies with 6 attacks

    Enemies strike:
    6 / 6 x 4 = 4 hits!
    Enemies wound:
    4 / 6 x 3 = 2 wounds!
    We get a 4+ save:
    2 / 6 x 3 = 1 skeleton dies!

    Skeletons strike back with 6 - 1 = 5 attacks:
    5 / 6 x 3 = 2.5 hits!
    Skeletons wound:
    2.5 / 6 x 3 = 1.25 wounds!
    Enemies save on a 4+:
    1.25 / 6 x 3 = 0.625 kills!
    Skeltons kill 0.625 enemies

    Combat results:
    Enemies 1 kill Skeletons 0.625 kills, assuming ranks and banner are the same the skeletons only win if they get outnumbering, for which they'll need to start the combat with a bigger unit than the enemy one...!

    Skeletons with Hand Weapons & Shield getting charged by WS4 S5 enemies with 6 attacks and a 2+ save

    Enemies strike:
    6 / 6 x 4 = 4 hits!
    Enemies wound:
    4 / 6 x 5 = 3.33 wounds!
    We get a 6+ save:
    3.33 / 6 x 5 = 2.77 skeletons die!

    Skeletons strike back with 6 - 2.77 = 3.23 attacks:
    3.23 / 6 x 3 = 1.61 hits!
    Skeletons wound:
    1.61 / 6 x 3 = 0.8 wounds!
    Enemies get a 2+ save:
    0.8 / 6 x 1 = 0.13 kills!

    Combat results:
    Enemies kill 2.77, skeletons kill 0.13. Enemy unit likely will have got 1-2 extra points for ranks and banner, skeletons will have got 5 extra points for ranks, banner and ountnumbering so the skeletons win!!!

    Skeletons with Spears & Shield getting charged by WS4 S3 enemies with 6 attacks

    Enemies strike:
    6 / 6 x 4 = 4 hits!
    Enemies wound:
    4 / 6 x 3 = 2 wounds!
    We get a 5+ save:
    2 / 6 x 3 = 1.33 skeleton dies!

    Skeletons strike back with 11 - 1.33 = 9.67 attacks:
    9.67 / 6 x 3 = 4.8 hits!
    Skeletons wound:
    4.8 / 6 x 3 = 2.4 wounds!
    Enemies get a 4+ save:
    2.4 / 6 x 3 = 1.2 kills!
    Skeltons kill 1.2 enemies

    Combat results:
    Enemies get 1.33 kills Skeletons 1.2 kills, assuming ranks and banner are the same the skeletons only win if they manage to outnumber the enemy!

    Skeletons with Hand Weapons & Shield getting charged by WS4 S5 enemies with 6 attacks and a 2+ save

    Enemies strike:
    6 / 6 x 4 = 4 hits!
    Enemies wound:
    4 / 6 x 5 = 3.33 wounds!
    We get NO save:
    3.33 / 6 x 6 = 3.33 skeletons die!

    Skeletons strike back with 11 - 3.33 = 7.67 attacks:
    7.76 / 6 x 3 = 3.84 hits!
    Skeletons wound:
    3.84 / 6 x 3 = 1.9 wounds!
    Enemies get a 2+ save:
    1.9 / 6 x 1 = 0.32 kills!

    Combat results:
    Enemies kill 3.84, skeletons kill 0.32. Enemy unit likely will have got 1-2 extra points for ranks and banner, skeletons will have got 5 extra points for ranks, banner and ountnumbering, so it's 4.84-5.84 VS 5.32... we'll only win if they don't have a second rank!

    Am I right in concluding that spears&shields are only worth it against saves 5+ or 6+ enemies? Otherwise they're about equal or slightly worse..."

    Ghouls rally good troop choice-with 2 poison attacks and T4 are excellent.
    However, they can't take banner or musician, nor they have armour, with T4 they are much more resiliant to magic misille than skelies.
    Well, there was another dispute taking skelies or ghouls...
    This time i'll thank to abhorash_chile from

    "Strenght 3 shooting:
    Skeletons: 6 hits means 3 wounds, means 2 unsaved wounds.
    Ghouls: 6 hits means 2 unsaved wounds.
    The skeletons and ghouls are the same against St3 shooting.

    Against strength 4 shooting:
    Skeletons: 6 hits means 4 wounds, means 3.34 unsaved wounds.
    Ghouls: 6 hits means 3 unsaved wounds against ghouls.
    The gouls are slighty better than the skeletons against St4 shooting.

    And in HtH:

    Against WS3 ST3 attacks:
    Skeletons: 6 attacks means 4 hits, means 2 wounds, means 1 unsaved wound.
    Ghouls: 6 attacks means 3 hits, means 1 unsaved wound.
    Again are equals in combat

    Against WS3 ST4 attacks:
    Skeletons: 6 attacks means 4 impacts, means 2.67 wounds, means 1.78 unsaved wounds
    Ghouls: 6 attacks means 3 impacts, means 1.5 unsaved wounds
    The ghouls are a bit better than skeletons.

    Against WS4+ ST3 attacks:
    Skeletons: 6 attacks means 4 hits, means 2 wounds, means 1 unsaved wound.
    Ghouls: 6 attacks means 4 hits, means 1.34 unsaved wound.
    The skeletons are a bit better here.

    Against WS4+ ST4 attacks:
    Skeletons: 6 attacks means 4 impacts, means 2.67 wounds, means 1.78 unsaved wounds
    Ghouls: 6 attacks means 4 impacts, means 2 unsaved wounds
    Again the skeletons are a bit better here.

    Resuming: against shooting and WS3 the ghouls are a bit better than the skeletons, the skeletons are better against WS4.

    But if you analyse the hitting power of both units, the ghouls are far more better than the skeletons. They have twice the number of attacks and have poison (the same ST so this not count). A better WS means they can hit more easy the WS2 and can hit WS 5 & 6 with 4+ instead of the 5+ of the skeletons.

    The only real plus of the skeletons are they musician, standard and the magic banner they can hold."

    Haven't use it

    They are excellent flankers-with 18" charge they have potential 1st turn charge, but have in mind that they can't take anything head on-no save of any kind, WS3, S3, T3, A1 makes impossible for them to do much damage in front, but for supporting charge they are perfect. See Varghulf entry.
    In most cases there is no reason for upgrading dire wolf into doom wolf, when its cheaper to buy one more wolf (you also get 1 more wound).
    Probably best tactical use for them is sacrificing them to get enemy where you want them (for flank charge with skelies e.g.), and using them for cheap meat shield.
    I use 2-4 units of them in every game, and they are essential unit when using blood knights-frenzy can really be pain in the...

    Haven't use them


    Relly good all-around infantry units, they have lack of attack, but have some serious hitting power-Killing Blow and can take GW. I prefer them in 7man wide HW&S ranks for better hitting, however in that way they will lose a lot of manuverability.
    Uber GG build with barrows+bsb drakenhof is a big point denial, and can be a game winner...however, they are slow, and that style of play can be really boring...
    Also, with barrows and vamire supporting thme with helm of commandment they will hit most thins on 2s.

    Grave Guard on skeletal mount. Probably the best "medium" cavalry unit in the game-they are really cheap for 2+AS, Killing blow cavalry that ignores movement penalties. Suprise the enemies by going through the woods, lake, buildings...
    And in bigger games try supporting them, or give them banner of barrows or strigos (in this way even horses get to re-roll) because of their low WS.

    Decent unit, a bit fragile with T3 no armour, but W2 and A2 fear-causing flyer is excellent bargain for the price.
    Keep them hunting wizards/warmachines, or breaking enemy march move.

    One of personal favorites, ethereal swarm-whats not to love? Excellent if taken together with Cairn Wraith+Banshee choice, use them for flanks because they suffer same problem against static CR as Dire Wolves or varghulf. Keep them away from heroes (who usually wield magic weapons) and open ground.

    Excelent unit if used properly. Tomb banshee (i liked her in 6ed, now she is lot better) upgrade is just great (well, not that much great because you lose those 3A 5ST Wraith have)-she is the only unit capable of stand & shoot charge reaction with kickass Howl that has no shooting or LoS restriction-great against other Vampire Count, Empire, Ogres, or Lizardmen because of their average/low Ld.

    Ultimate WHFB cavalry unit, keep them in fight because they will be favorite warmachine/magic target if in open ground. Mine favorite combination is when they take standard of strigos (hatred is great because mounts can reroll misses-and Nightmares have ST4), and Thrall (probably a bsb) takes blood drinker. Excelent for hammer/anvil tactics-they can take most things head on.
    BTW-try to avoid fighting large living unbreakable units (Slayer army of Karak Kadrin from SoC campaign comes in mind), i mean-you are going to win most off of the fights (probably), but you'll stay stuck for few turns to long, enough for the enemy to charge your flank/rear. Also, when they are stuck, Blood Knights wont do what they do best-fast kill/break enemy units.
    With their martial honour special rule you really have no need for upgrading Blood knight to Kastellan, however, he can be usefull (and not to expensive for 20pts), and if you want to equip him with magical weapon Balefire lance or Sword of kings are only two choices (ok, maybe Bitting blade) you should have in mind.
    Also dont forget that in 7ed frenzy affects mounts.

    Great fighting monster, great mobility, regeneration and vampire special rule makes him excelent choice. Combined with wolves makes him great for flanking/rear attack, however, always have in mind that he is US4 so he wont negate rank bonuses if he charges alone. But-he will regenerate wounds from CR. :lol:
    Also bear in mind that you shouldn't combine charges with wolves unless you are certain how much damage can be done against wolves-sometimes wolves are just free CR...

    Haven't use it


    Spectrall form
    Can be usefull...but-too expensive and restrictive choice IMO
    Can make a good machine hunter

    Would be uber great if it would be wolfkin, this just leaves your unit open for missiles. However, Count/Thrall with Lycni could make a 1st turn charge on (choose enemies wisely) enemy warmachine/lone character etc.

    Supernatural Horror
    Great power, for fear armies should be combined by bsb with Screaming banner.

    Master of black arts
    2 extra PD, cheasy-nothing more to say

    Forbidden Lore
    Now-this is probably the best and most interesting of powers from Arkayne domain. Vampire knows all spels from chosen lore. vampire lore, Beast & Metal are probably most appropriate to VC, but you can choose depending of your opponent, eg. playing against WE-take fire...

    Dark acolyte
    Extra magic lvl

    Flying Horror
    Vamp can fly-nice, hellstead is 10pts cheaper, and you get US2 his extra attack, however u loose 360 los
    In either way he cannot join any other unit

    Infinite hatred
    Re-rolls misses in every round of combat-now, this is good. Makes accursed armour good choice.

    Hunter in the dark
    Vamp is scout...can be really nasty suprise if vamp is also high lvl wizard...summon lot of zombies behind enemy and smile...

    Red fury
    Great power, a must with CC Count, consider it as limited (your enemy will thank God for this) version of TK Bone Giant Unstoppable Assault. It can not be combined with GW, but lance is ok. Makes your vampire really potential if combinet with Infinite hatred, and frostblade an excellent dragon killer weapon-you get an extra attack for every wound...

    Avatar of death/Dread knight
    Well this is only real trouble with bloodline powers...
    You practically must take one of them because there is no other way of taking GW with a vampire.
    I would almost always take Dread Knight power because it gives you 2+AS and mount for 5 pts more-it worths every point, however, single character on foot do not suffer movement penalties, and have 360LOS.
    Also, in case anyone forgot, mounted characters can join infantry, and bigger the mount is, more US you get.

    Aura of dark majesty
    Expensive, good all-around, especially if combined with supernaturall horror.

    Walking death
    Good price, combined with bsb and War banner gives you enough static to win without sheer killing power.
    Really important for alone heavy hitter lords.

    Can be good for character killing, but, most of characters have high Ld, can be excellent against daemons.

    Lord of the dead/Summon creatures of the night/Summon ghouls
    Well, one of these is A MUST in every army, A COULD for every spellcaster! Take ghouls or skelies (never together in same army list because of posible conflict of these powers), roll 3+ and watch how your units grow.


    With Avatar/Dread knight powers common items became much more valuable so i'll list them too.

    Sword of striking
    Well, its nice to hit with 2s, but there are better choices.

    Sword of battle
    I find +1A much more usefull than +1 to hit.

    Sword of might
    My favorite common weapon, good when combined with Flyed hauberk and Talisman of licny.

    Bitting blade
    you can take if you got spare points.

    Enchanted shield
    Quite expensive for 5+AS, i would always take cadaverous cuirass instead, but shield will give you 1+AS with Dread Knight power.

    Talisman of protection
    Ward save of 6+.

    Staff of sorcery
    +1 to dispell.

    Dispell scroll
    no comment

    Power stone
    Nasty suprise, use it wisely.
    In most cases combine it with forbiden lore.

    War banner
    Always a good choice-if you dont have better choice.

    Magic weapons

    Excellent weapon, a bit expensive.
    Best used against Giants/Dragons.
    If combined with Beguile, Infinite hatred and red fury can really devastate somebodys day, but it leaves your lord naked and unprotected,use it carefully.

    I find this really usefull only if combined with Accursed armour, in other cases...i mean, only Count can take this weapon and he is WS7, Better take infinite hatred...

    Black axe of krell
    Good, but expensive.
    If vampire lord could wear it...well, game is already bit disbalanced... :-)

    Blood Drinker
    Very usefull, use it in expensive units. See Blood Dragon entry.

    Good for all terror-army.

    Sword of kings
    I find sword much better for Wight than axe. He's got really good chance of killing alomost any hero, except ogre.
    Combined with gem of blood makes great bsb/char hunter.

    Tomb blade
    Interesting for themed armies, you would bring maybe 1-2 skelies per round back. Better buy Dark acolyte.

    Balefire spike
    Cheap magical flaming attack, if you have extra pts, or know that you will be playing against WE-a must.
    Also nice choice for Blood Knight Kastellan-if you decide to take him.

    Magic armour

    Walach's bloody hauberk
    With avatar its terminator armour from WH40k, with dread knight its even better. Always a good decision for general to take it.

    Accursed armour
    Heavy armour that gives you +1T, but also -3 WS & I. Actually preatty good choice, with many uses-WS is not that much usefull, and vamp can always take infinite hatred. One of its interesting uses is Wight with AA backed up by vampire with Helm of Commandment, also if wight is in unit with barrows.

    Armour of night
    Excellent if combined with hunter in the dark power.

    Good for CC Count fighting HE.

    Cadaverous Cuirass
    Immunity to KB/poison is always excelent, also this armour really cheap. Should be taken by general when fighting armies that have any unit with KB (VC/TK/WE e.g.).

    Enchanted Items

    Hand of dust
    Lots of points...enough for 2 extra PD...or forbidden lore and summon...

    Rod of flaming death
    Good against low T/Ld opponent, forcing panic is great...

    Helm of commandment
    This was a great combo item, official FAQ made him even better.
    Nasty suprise for anyone-especially those that hit flank/rear of the unit in which is the vamp with a helm.

    Cursed book
    Reduces only WS for them when attacking you...not when you counter-attack...however-good price...excellent for monster mounted vampires...

    Talisman of the lycni
    Cheapest and one of the best enchanted item. M9 means 3d6 for overrun. Also good for march blocking.


    Carstein ring
    In 5 of 6 cases it will revive your lord. Can save your game in cases of 1st turn lucky cannon shot-it happens.
    Worth the points

    Crown of the damned
    Good Ward save, but also stupidity. Should not be a problem for a Count, Thrall just is not smart enough for the crown.

    Wristband of black gold
    Would be excelent if it could be combined with Spectral form, however it cant, so, this way it should only be good for hero on flying mount.

    Gem of blood
    Good price, excellent item, great with wight lord...

    Arcane items

    Skull stuff
    Expensive, but when combined with summoning power, scepre de noirot & corpse cart-name is legion, cause we are many.

    Staff of damnation

    Book of Arkhan
    Probably the most read book in VC circles. Don't leave home without it.
    Nicely priced.
    VDM is probably the best spell in the game.

    Scepre de noirot

    Crimson gem of lahmia
    Good, but expensive suprise (and i dont mean in pts). But extra PD in Crucial moment knows to be a game winner.

    Black periapt
    Good. Was better in 6ed, buy it always when U have spare point.

    Magic standard

    Drakenhof banner
    Regeneration is great, but this is priced as 10 Grave Guards.

    Flag of the blood keep
    4+ ward ws missilles-now this is nice because Blood Knights die easy when they are not on open, could be very usefull.

    Banner of barows
    Excellent item, your special units (GG and BK) are WS3, 1A, so this really helps them kill...

    Screaming banner
    Good for fear/terror armies, however can leave you in open during a charge.
    Interesting when combined with bsb with terror and fly...

    Standard of Strigos
    Hatred is always good. See blood knights entry.

    Icon of vengeance

    Banner of dead legion
    If you are not sure how many units is needed to outnumber take this.
    Excellent when combined with BG, other units should not have a problem with outnumbering.

    Cursed pendant of Mousillon
    This banner is a nice joke because units having it is going to use it only if completely wiped out. Cheapest unit that can take the banner is unit of 5 GG, so, price of the unit+standard+pendant of mousillon=its almost priced as much as drakenhof banner!

    Banner of endless nightmare
    Good for skelies-i dont espect for them to win combat trough killing something

    Standard of hellish vigour
    Nice if used with unit of BK guarding extended flank.

    Standard of everlasting death
    Doesn't wort points if in Skeleton/Zombies, while GG, BK and Blood Knights usually take other banners.

    Banner of hellfire
    Really nice and cheap, A MUST versus WE/TK and etherall units. IMHO very good for skelies in meta-torney balanced build.


    Spell 0
    Invocation of Nehek-4+
    Necromancy spell
    Beautifull spell, has a 18" range-unit regains D6 of wound while non-infantry, ethereal and Vampires regain only 1 wound. With one of the "Master" bloodline power spell can be used to increase unit size and will be cast on 3+. Best of all is that because its a necromancy spell (just like Raise dead and VDM) you can cast it again and again untill you are out of dices.
    BTW-fell bats and bat swarm count as infantry...also dire wolves, but i'm not so sure about them...

    Spell 1
    Raise dead-5+
    Necromancy spell
    Raises D3+4 zombies in 12" range. Great for rear/flank suprise charge bonus if combined with VDM spell.
    After this spell use Invocation on zombies because of Newly dead special rule-Invocation raises D6+4 of zombies istead of normal D6.

    Spell 2
    Vanhel's Danse Macabre-7+
    Necromancy spell
    This is an incredibly handy multiple use spell with 12" range.
    If cast on unit not in CC, it can immediately move up to 8", combine with raise dead and you can create unit and charge something up to 20" away-yup, a first turn charge if enemy dont have enough dispell dices/scrolls.
    If cast on unit in CC, in the next CC phase all models in unit benefit from ASF and may reroll failed to hit.
    Well, i dont really need to tell you how good ASF and "Hatred Alike" really are. Great against units that won combat and charge you while overruning.

    Spell 3
    Gaze of Nagash-8+
    Magic missile
    The only magic missile and the only spell that requires LoS. Great for killing lightly armoured units (ork/gob). With 2D6 ST4 hits you have good chance of getting nice number of wounds, and with ST4 you also get -1AS. It has a good range of 24" and lvl 2 wizards shouldn't have problem casting it on three or even two dice. Best used to take out missile troops early in the game, or weaken CC units, or even to force panic test.

    Spell 4
    Curse of Years-8+
    R.I.P. spell
    Great an resonably priced (finaly), large unit destroyer spell stat can be cast on any enemy unit within 18", even those in CC. When cast roll a dice for each model in the unit and on every 6s unit takes a wound. If it is not dispelled in next maagic phase it wounds on a 5+ in your next magic phase and so on to a maximum of 2+. No AS allowed. This is a great spell not only for killing heavily armoured units, however, in most cases it will be dispelled during the next phase, so simple statistics say that it is practically uselles on low US units.

    Spell 5
    Wind of Undeath-12+
    Roll a D6 for every enemy unit on table (even in CC), on 4+ unit suffers a wound (no AS allowed) and new Spirit Host is created in 12" from Vampire. Should be called "Raise Spirit hosts" instead of WoU.
    Now this spell is excellent for teamplay. Imagine battle 3vs3, average number of units is 6-9 per player, so you roll 18-27 dices, and get 9-13 wounds-thats a lot of spirit hosts. :lol:

    Spell 6
    Summon Undead Horde-12+
    Big, bad, more usefull and more expensive brother of Raise dead spell.
    Used in 2 ways...
    1-Uber Raise dead spell that raises 5D6 zombies. Range 12".
    2-Replenishes 3d6 wounds (still doesn't work well on Vampire, Ethereal and non-infantry) anywhere across the battlefield.

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    Hi, let me be the first to say that you have taken on a very big task with this. There is a lot of text there and I must admit that I haven't read all of it - but I have read enough to comment.
    First off - I admire the idea to get feed back from the community - DavidVC really knows what he is on about - to that end I would suggest hitting teh VC forum here with a few different threads or even just to ask people for help with different units. Keeping it an open and changeable production means that in the end more bases will be covered and a better result achieved.
    Now, on to the criticism:
    First off, I am a bit of a stick in the mud with tacticas. They should be written semi-professionally at least. I mean that they should be more like an essay or report on something other than having it written as you would speak. I know that english isn't your native language (and I do commend you on a very good grasp of it!) but I would like to point out a few things.
    1. Lose the web-speak. IM chat really, really takes away from an article. I know there are a few people out there who like it, but a lot more think in a similar vane to myself and think that it degrades from the finished product. Personally I find it really off-putting when an otherwise intelligent thread is 'dumbed-down' with netspeak. It makes it a lot easier to read. If you would like help in drafting it or anything else, just send me a personal message.
    2. As funny as they are, please try and leave references to pop culture out of the tactica section (this is mroe of a personal thing though, it kind of ties in with the above point.)
    Now, as to the actual content:
    You have a very good base, but I feel that you have missed the mark with a tactica. A tactica isn't simply a case of highlighting what you should take unit x against. It delves into the varying uses and situations in which a unit has strengths or weaknesses. It isn't enough to say: "This item is expensive and not very good." or "Don't take this unit" or "waste of points" etc. You have to explain yourself. Why isn't that item good? Is it the item that is inneffective or the use to which you have tried it? Can it be used effectively? Have other people tried it and what did they find?
    Finally, I would like to say that tacticas really aren't a definitive guide to using an army. The system as a whole offers too much variation to develop a definitive guide to anything. Therefore, tacticas should be seen more as a general guide. Something that generates ideas and opens up possibilities that haven't been considered.
    Still, an in all a good start for a tactica. If you want any help just let me know.
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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    Thnx for criticism...
    Tried to fix some errors...
    Will pm you for help...

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    By all means, I am still more than happy to help in any way
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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    Also suggest that you look at the layout of the High Elves new tactica skeleton, as this is probably the type of layout you are aiming at. A detailed description around casting was provided, which in my opinion is one of the best articles out here.

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    excellent post really enjoyed it, it brought some clarification to my army list i was compiling.

    if you plan on writing anymore on this please keep me informed. excellent thread

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