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    DOW/ROR Best/Worse Buys Guide

    I'm the first to post in this forum!
    So that my tacticas don't fill up space in the relevant forums, I'm moving them here.

    The DOW choices in general range from useful to extremely useful. Much of the straight DOW list is of good quality, but I'll only mention the types of units that stand out as excellent buys.

    Please note, if you're not a DOW general, all DOW units count as Rare choices.

    One of two of the best DOW units, this fast cavalry is a bargain at 11pts and will greatly boost most armies, especially those that can’t take light cavalry (for example Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Skaven etc). Light cavalry can have command, hand weapon and shield, spear and shield, bow and shield, bow and spear or all of these – though this is probably not worth the pts. Decide what you want to do with them then equip them with the appropriate equipment. A unit with spears can get extra strength, bows are expensive but you can cause a lot of grief to your enemy as you are fast cavalry and a shield is a must unless you are using a bow. If your opponent shoots them down quite early, this is often good because the rest of your force will be safe and they’re only cheap!

    Uses: Envelop flanks, go after war machines, draw out charges, harassing the enemy
    Rating: 9/10
    How to represent them: Al Muktar’s Desert Dogs

    Again these are excellent troops, an absolute must which are core skirmishers. They can take lots of upgrades like light cavalry and they get WS4 – all for a 5pts basement (though you should equip them with something)! Taking the minimal 8 with extra hand weapons is only 56pts. Taking duelists with pistols at 9 points will make them even more effective in the first round of combat and they may also stand and shoot. Armed this way and given a champion and musician, they outclass all other skirmishers in the game with the very notable exception of Wardancers.

    Uses: Protect flanks of bigger units, take table corners, draw out enemy, protect war machines
    Rating: 10/10
    How to represent them: Vespero’s Vendetta or Empire Militia

    Defending in four ranks, charging with three, a large unit of these (about 30 models with frontage of 7/ is an excellent if somewhat costly choice for a general interested in directing the fighting toward or away from a point on the battlefield. Generals who fear what pikes might do would simply rather not attack them, and so they stay away – but this can help you out to force the fight away from somewhere in particular. Though at 10/11pts (with +1 AS, worth it IMO) each model, they aren’t cheap and if charged by heavy-hitting units (Chaos Knights etc) they will quickly crumble away with their mediocre strength. Also, protect pike unit’s flanks since in that way their bonuses are lost (duelists are good for this). Musician and Standard are necessary, but a Champion is not worth it since you can have another pikeman at the same cost with the same extra attack and 1 more model.

    Uses: Directing the fighting toward or away from a point on the battlefield, smashing weak enemy units
    Rating: 8/10
    How to represent them: Any of the ROR pikemen units, Leopards are my favorite way of doing this

    At seven points each for WS4 frenzied troops, these are very, very, under priced for their potential effectiveness. However, remember that the attributes of frenzy cut both ways! Take them in small-sized groups of 10-16 models and protect them from missile fire if you have to (though it is sometimes good to be shot at, since they’ll never panic from shooting!). You can increase their save to 5+ by giving them shields for a slight, added measure of protection, though I wouldn’t recommend this. Of the weapon choices available – extra hand weapon will increase their attacks to three each, but only at S3, so go for the S5-enabling great weapon at 2 points. Great weapon and frenzy make Norse a nasty weapon, for 9pts each!
    Uses: Drawing missile fire, close combat fighting
    Rating: 9/10
    How to represent them: Empire Flagellants, Beorg’s Bearmen

    A great buy at 35 points each. Fear-causing, T4 troops with three wounds and three attacks each. Give them a great weapon (S6), take a champion upgrade (4 s6 attacks), a standard if you need it, and cheap light armour if you need to protect them – and let them lose on the enemy's flank – The End of enemy. Just don't take units that are too large! Because they are fire and magic magnets, using them in multiple smaller units will increase their chances of making it into combat.

    Uses: Beating the enemy, making low LD troops run away
    Rating: 8/10 if you can use them the right way
    How to represent them: Golgfag’s Ogres

    It's the classical cannon – 48-inch guess range, S10, D3 wounds per wounding hit. For only 85 points - a best buy – almost any army that doesn't usually get cannon now does. For DOW generals, cannons in your rare slots can take out a lot… if they don't misfire .

    Uses: Don’t say you don’t know
    Rating: 8/10
    How to represent them: Bronzino’s Galloper Gun

    There are not so many good ROR units but I’ll list the few…

    Exactly like the Ogres above except with a leader with 6 S5 attacks, Skaff (5A) and the rest have 4 each. Not too expensive, and can beat most enemy units. Due to this, your enemy will probably be shooting them like hell so watch out. Though if you’d prefer vanilla Ogres with two hand weapons instead of the heroes, it could be a better choice. Though if you want the mega nasty unit, take this one.

    Uses: Beating the enemy, making low LD troops run away
    Rating: 8/10 if you can use them the right way

    While Heavy Cavalry are OK, these are 3pts more for a +1 strength increase. Voland is actually a good hero with 3 WS5 attacks. He can help an army with little mobility such as Dwarfs, though just watch out – these come very expensive. They have a high AS though so they should be able to handle themselves and cause your opponent a threat.

    Uses: Beating infantry and staying alive with high AS
    Rating: 8/10

    See Norse Marauders, with the following additions: Beorg is a frenzied lord-level character with a 4+ ward save, S5, T5, and 5 attacks, and then there's a standard bearer with 3 attacks and the rest of the unit with 2 attacks each – all with a 4+ save in combat – and only 8 points each. Norse Marauders could be a better choice, but I see exactly why you’d want these. Highly Recommended, just be careful – they cause a heck of a lot of pts.

    Uses: Close combat winning once again
    Rating: 9/10
    Solid. Anyone who plays them loves them until they end up winning too many games. Will keep on fighting, high LD etc etc. Armed with Great Weapons they can cause an awful lot of damage and keep on fighting. Put a Paymaster in a big unit of Dwarfs and he’ll be safe. Watch out though for the low I and stumpy legs – not getting into combat is annoying. Crossbows are OK if you’re thinking about having to go into combat, otherwise human bowmen are better.

    Uses: Tough troops for most uses
    Rating: 8/10

    Here are all of the units that I would not even think about including in my army. Here are the terrible buys and suggestions for better DOW troops that can be substituted for less cost. Here are the losers – no offence to people who already include these in their army.

    Many people use this unit and think that it does a lot of good, but you’ve got to remember that a unit of vanilla crossbowmen the same price almost makes double the kills. Shoot at an enemy infantry unit in heavy armour at long range with the Marksmen and see what happens. 9 of the Marksmen plus hero kill 2.2 troopers on average. 22 regular crossbowmen kill 4.2 enemies on average – basically twice as good. To match the effectiveness of the 22 regular DOW crossbows, your unit of Marksmen needs to be increased in size to 20 – for a total cost of 290 points. For that cost, I can now field 35 regular crossbows who, now killing about 6.2 troopers per turn, are again more effective than their higher-priced counterparts. If you want to spend almost 300 points to kill 4 troopers per turn, go ahead.

    Why they’re no good: DOW crossbowmen do the job much much better
    Rating: 2/10

    So many use this too, and I have to admit that I thought that it was good once. 50pts for a S3 mortar so that it doesn’t kill anyone. If you just averted your gaze slightly you’d see a 48-inch guess range, S10, D3 wounds per wounding hit DOW cannon for only 85 points. Though I can see why you’d take this little device.

    Why they’re no good: Cannons are 35pts more and are many times as better
    Rating: 3/10

    Why call them such a rude name? Why ever think about them in the first place? Lumpin Croop, his L9 and his shot at BS5 costs 40 points (big whoop). His halfling friends are now downgraded by one point in several important categories - BS4, S2, T2. Plus – they skirmish, not that bad, but they can't scout. DOW already has excellent skirmishers – our duelists – and with their downgraded stats, there's no reason to take them at 7pts. They may get a few turns of shooting but after that all the pts you spend on them will be lost in CC. And all of your food will be lost in the Halfling’s stomachs.

    Why they’re no good: What can they do to make up for their pts? I know some of you will disagree.
    Rating: 3/10

    The Birdmen cost 25pts each which you can have 1 Venator Heavy Knight for cheaper. They can’t shoot and just wouldn’t win any combat. Not even against a Dwarf war machine crew. Light cavalry can do the same job, heavy cavalry for extra power. The models are cool but there’s nothing else I can think of you’d use them for :cry:.

    Why they’re no good: What can they do to make up for their pts? I know some of you will disagree again.
    Rating: 2/10

    The first thing that I have to say is that the Sheikh looks like an idiot. Really the unit is an idiot idea, The Desert Dogs concept relies on the hope that a unit of fast cavalry with two heroes in it will be ignored and may then be free to wreak havoc in the enemy rear. It's not a bad idea, but normal fast cavalry does the same pts for much cheaper. At least you can use the models for, apart from the Sheikh.

    Why they’re no good: This unit is dead before it’s even moved, along with the hundreds of pts. Ever heard of normal fast cavalry?
    Rating: 3/10

    [RANT]The normal warriors aren’t that bad, it’s just Vespero who we hate. A hero with four attacks who wears a scary rubber mask that causes fear. He alone causes fear. It means that sometimes he can only be hit on a six. And, because he alone will never outnumber anyone, he will never cause anyone to break based on fear. Amazing – two regular duelists will do the same thing he will do for 14 points – without the totally useless Fear Factor. Sorry if that was completely sarcastic, but Vespero is 85pts. OK, WS6 isn’t that bad but you’re paying so many pts. You can get 12 duellists for the price of him and I wander who does better? Though the models for Vendetta are great, so use ‘em as normal duelists.[/RANT]

    Why they’re no good: Vespero
    Rating: 3/10

    What’s the point? If you’re Lizardmen normal Saurus Cold Ones are fine, and you can have fast cavalry and heavy cavalry in DOW which is much better. That’s all I have to say. There is just no point.

    Why they’re no good: There is much better stuff
    Rating: 2/10

    Many people think that these are useful and unique, that they can handle themselves in combat and have crossbows along with T4. A much better buy is vanilla DOW dwarves armed with crossbows: they're cheaper, they'll hit as often as Ruglud's boys, they're also T4, they're on smaller bases so you'll get a couple more of them into combat. Crossbows dwarves are a good solid buy along with Crossbowmen if you want them
    – and are much better than the animosity-suffering greenskins. Ruglud remains primarily a choice for Orc and Goblin generals, who really want to use mercenary crossbows, but they favor 'greenness' over the more cost-effective humans.

    Why they’re no good: DOW Dwarfs do the same job except much better
    Rating: 3/10

    Everything else is marginal – there are still some very good ones that didn’t quite make Best Buys (Crossbowmen, Heavy Cavalry, Asarnil the Dragonlord etc) and others which are bad, but still have some uses (Braganza's Besiegers, the Fellowship, or the Cursed Company).

    Sorry if that was rather critical, but I meant to make it that way so your DOW/ROR army is better!

    Feedback Appreciated,


    How come I can write 2,000 words easily for Warhammer but not for essays ?

    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hex View Post
    Feedback Appreciated,

    Well better late then never.

    Yes mods, I am aware this is an old post. (6 months+) However I just noticed it a few days ago, and no feedback shows which is a shame I'm GOING to correct. I think (though I don't agree with every bit) that this was a very well written and well thought out post, and is generally a great read for anyone with a spare Rare choice in their army.

    I want to totally support the Cannon and Light Cavalry suggestions. DoW of those two types find their place in more then a few of my armies, especially Light Cav. For under 100 points I can get 6, spears, max their armor save, and give them a musician for rallying and I have an excellant multirole unit.

    I use either a Dorf Cannon or Empire Cannon to represent my DoW cannon
    (my fluff behind my dwarves... and yes I do do fluff sometimes!... is that they're extremely old senile dwarves, hence the crappy stats and leadership. they're not cowards, they're just easily confused!)

    Commander: "Stand Your Ground!"
    Old Dwarf (why he has Ld7): "What? Did you say go run around?" {runs off leaving cannon unguarded, grumbling about kids these days and how in his day, commanders orders made more sense}

    For the Light Cav I use Dark Elf Dark Rider models, though a friend is rapidly convincing me some mildly modified Wild Riders or Glade Riders could look tremendous.

    So anyone else got a favorite DoW unit? Or a favorite model to represent one?

    Come on folks this was a really good thread that somehow never took off, lets give it a kick or two :w00t:
    Making Sisters of Battle into Women of Battle
    Give a Rep Star if you like what someone said. Especially Me. I'm an unabashed Star whore. Blame my 2nd grade teacher and those stupid good behavior stickers. I'm just conditioned. I'm the Pavlov's Dog of stars.
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    Well, I played with a DoW army in the Euro GT in Baden last month (1998 points).
    Won 2 , drew 1, lost 2. So not terrible.
    Here's the list and my comments of how well each unit performed:

    General - Captain on pegasus with heavy armour, shield, lance and pistol.
    Really useful, but tended to die quickly! More use as a threat than in actual
    combat. He never made his points back but I'd definitely take him again.
    I used a Brettonian Pegasus knight for this guy. 8/10

    Level 2 wizard. Dispel scroll. Only got a couple of spells off - in 2K I'd take
    another one! But we were all in the same boat - most lists had pretty minimal
    magic. I used an empire mage for him. 6/10

    Paymaster, on a barded horse with lance, heavy armour and shield. Joined
    the unit of heavy cav. Only died once (!) but I tried to make sure I was doing the
    charging. I used an empire knight champion for the paymaster but I'll be using
    the new empire hero in future. 5/10

    2 blocks of 25 pikes with Standard bearer (couldn't afford a musician). These
    guys were abit hit and miss. People tended to avoid them, or shoot them to pieces
    (which is what they're there for), but when they did get into combat they either won
    big (against T3 or low save troops) or lost big (against T4 or high save troops).
    Unfortunately they tended to end up fighting one-on-one with enemy units, and
    that's just not sensible! I like them - and 2 units is just enough. I used the alcatani
    fellowship for 1 unit and Republican guard for the other. 6/10

    2 units of 10 xbows. Not sure about these. In order to do enough damage to force a
    panic test, they have to be deployed together. Without a hill, this takes up too
    much room in the deployment area. But I like to be able to do something in
    every phase, so I took them. They killed a few odd figures, but weren't really worth
    it. I used empire militia for these guys. 4/10

    2 units of 8 duellists with pistols. Definitely worth it. I hid the wizard in one. Really
    useful - both shooting AND combat (flank attacks etc). Empire milita again. 8/10

    2 units of 5 light cav with spear and shield. Didn't have the points for musicians!
    Again, really useful for march blocking, drawing fire, that sort of thing. Definitely
    worth it. I used brettonian squires for these guys. 8/10

    1 unit of 5 heavy cav with standard bearer & barding. The paymaster sat with
    these guys. I tended to hold these back, and use them in conjunction with another
    unit to flank the target and remove ranks. Empire knights. 7/10

    1 unit of 6 heavy cav with standard bearer (no barding). The lack of "maximum"
    saving throw wasn't really an issue, and the extra 2" charge range was very
    handy at times. I used Voland's Venators (!) for these, but I'm painting up
    some more empire with unbarded horses for future fights. 7/10


    1 unit of 4 ogres with great weapons and Champion. Very handy. Fear,
    S6 attacks and enough other units to avoid them falling to missile fire/spells
    meant that they got into combat a lot. And they were good when they got there!
    I used the new Ogre Kingdoms Ogres for this unit. 9/10

    1 unit of 20 Norse with great weapons, standard bearer and champion.
    These guys were good, I could screen them with a unit of duellists until
    the last moment, but I only really need to get the front rank into combat (and
    get the 1st attack!). They did pretty well. If they got 1st attack they usually won, if
    not they tended to lose! I used chaos marauders on 20x20mm bases for
    this unit. 7/10


    1 cannon. My best "bang for the buck" unit. I'm usually really unlucky with misfires
    et al, but this time it really seemed to make its points back in every game (even the
    ones I lost). The cannon was a galloper gun (plus an empire militiaman for the third
    crew member) 9/10

    I'm intending to play some more games at 2K points, and try to incorporate some
    RoRs. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    321 (x8)

    Agree with a lot of what's been said here, but one thing I do have to disagree with is the condemning of Ruglud's armoured orcs (yes, I am a greeny, but they are still good anyway).

    There are 2 reasons why this unit is better than dwarves:
    1. ruglud
    2. choppas

    Shootingwise the 2 units are basically the same.However, the orcs are that little bit better in combat as they can be strength 4 (albeit on the charge unless your oppo is v nice and lets you use the rules for choppas as they are in the O+G A. Also ruglud is that little bit better in combat than your average dwarf champ. This means the unit can make your opponent think twice about sending just small units of FC or similar to deal with missile troops.

    I made my RAO regiment from the orc warriors box with a black orc conversion for ruglud, a spare gobbo for maggot and the bow bit from the xbows on the thunderer sprues- glue it on to a chopped down spear or choppa and voila! I also used some xbows from the militia sprue with the arms filed off on all but one! gory! YUM!

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