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I'm looking at building a Vampire Coast (Pirates) army and was having a discussion with a friend about the usefulness of some of the units. To try and get a better understanding I'm doing some Excel math and thought I would share a few of the formulas I wrote along the way.


This calculates the probability of turning a hit in to a wound, given the attacking strength and enemy toughness. WARNING: This code clamps at 2+ to wound and 6+ to wound, it does not deal with the null parts of the to wound table so it can't be used when the attacker has a much lower strength than the enemy toughness. For my limited needs this was fine, but you could achieve that with an IF() statement easily.

Where ATTACKER_STRENGTH would be the attacking strength (1-10), and ENEMY_TOUGHNESS would be the enemy toughness (1-10).

Armor saves

This calculates the probability of a wound turning in to a successful wound given the enemy armor save and attacking strength. Note that it is the probability of wounding, in other words the probability of your opponent failing the armor save.

Where ENEMY_SAVE would be a number greater then 1 (no armor save would be a number 7 or higher), and ATTACKER_STRENGTH would be the attacking strength (1-10). In Excel you would replace those variables with cell names (like A1).