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The news struck Sgt. Major Nikoly Semos hard, it was something he didn’t want to hear. The woman of his dreams had been wounded, and while he was unable to reach her, he knew his duty was to his objectives. “Thank you, Private. Please…. Keep me informed as the situation differs. “Yes, Sir. I shall do so.” were the solemn words that came to him through the mic-bead hidden by his helmet, well all that could drift on his mind now were surviving this battle, and getting back to his girlfriend. Although the sudden explosion and screams within ear-reach began to make it seem as though the deck was stacked against him.

“Damn it, somebody help me here!” whoever shouted those words didn’t get the help they needed before a shell took their head, and some of their upper body with it, spraying the trooper next to him in blood. At least that’s what the trooper said before she also suffered the same fate, followed by a number of others before the owner of the death spitting weapon was silenced from a powerful blast located inside a hidden area of the city. A smile on the shooter’s face as he began the hunt for another good target, before settling on a target who was cheering others on. He never got to fire as he came under attack from a number of little, sickly green, and rotting creatures who began to tear him apart. Only until he pulled his pistol and ended his life so they wouldn’t claim his soul. It was this area that the Sgt. Major arrived with reinforcements, a platoon who had already lost over half a squad and was stuck with only a fire team in their stead. “Well, time to do what we do best.” he responded with a sarcastic voice as he aimed his lasgun and began to lay down covering fire for a couple of troopers who got into position and start to cover the breech within their location of the city. Except for the fire team, they were the victims of a flanking maneuver that was cut down too late resulting in only one person surviving, a young kid who’d only recently joined.

Now the battle began in earnest as the troopers attempted to hold back the enemy who charge after charge began to wear away at the platoon until less than two squads were alive. “Sacred Emperor, please protect us.” pleaded a trooper who had taken on the duty of plasma gunner, as the others had either been shot, or burned alive by the backwash of their weapons. One unlucky one was still alive but still letting out screams of pain when she moved wrong, yet they still had given her a pistol. It wasn’t long before the last fight that her screams finally ended… The shot was the last thing a unlucky trooper heard before he was blown apart by a rocket that sent both bits of his body and rubble into the air and onto the survivors. “Men, we’re trained to fight the enemy of the Imperium, so let’s give them hell!” Nikoly bellowed before hitting the ground and cutting loose the lasgun on full auto, sending a few grunts of pain from the enemy as they continued their charge. However the report of the enemy’s weapons proved that they meant business and took a few of his troopers with it, including his last radio operator as well as the last radio.

Yet before they began their second charge, numerous explosions rocked the area, sending a great number of the enemy to meet their gods. “Come on, I think we can take ‘em!” a trooper packing a flamer yelled before charging down their, leading 13 of the Sgt. Major’s last 17 troops down, only to see most of them cut down by enemy fire, the trooper who’d started the charge remain standing and burn alive as he turned around to run but was hit by a heavy stubber’s round. “Begin to pull back, they own this area now!” the Sgt. Major ordered as he got up and began to run, the other troopers still alive began to run as best they could, the platoon medic helping the youngest soldier limp out. They didn’t make it as they were both hit by plasma rounds, neither felt anything as the blasts had taken their upper bodies completely. Another trooper was slowly ripped to shreds by the same kind of creatures as before, leaving the last surviving member other than the commander to trip. She was unfortunate as some of the enemy rushed over to her, she didn’t last long after they raped her. A quick stab to the stomach and a couple slashes later, they were starting to prepare sacrificing her to their gods now. Nikoly saw all of this, in a kind of slow motion, before he saw himself falling and no longer feeling a leg that should be there. He attempted to make it away, only to feel immense pain as a heavy boot press down on him, followed by being flipped over, and seeing only a disturbing grin upon the enemy’s face. His mouth opened as he felt a dagger stab into his body and begin to move around much more like a prod than anything else. He gasped again as he saw his inners begin to pour out from the jagged blade that had just be within him. Forcing him to reach for a pistol he hoped his foe didn’t notice, and with luck on his side. Blasted the man’s head off before dropping it and attempting to still crawl away with one hand and using the other to keep his guts in. However, it was another being that came up behind him the second time. His last sight being the rusted, fractured, and horribly kept scythe go across his neck and then nothing.