I thought that this months would be a big sellout for chaos, but it's more of a sellout for apocalypse aka baneblade but.............

That High Elf Dragon is so unimaginably cool !!!!!! i revoke all bad things ive ever said about GW now !!! (well not really, but it is cool - and sorry if you guys have already seen it)

ah, so we here in aus get standard bearer one month later than everyone (it's the apocalypse one with the sponsor-less Russ - which has been cropped out i may add). I ask, why are wqe getting stuff later? are we that unimportant? and why do they (WD) keep changing format

+, why are Austrlian Apocalypse prices not that good(marines super set is still 800, while the 10 russes are 450)? with the exchange rate, as it is, we should be getting things the cheapest , it's better to order from the US, as usual. sigh