Just a story from my Craftworld. It covers the most important of the Characters and is about how two Autarchs lead an army to recover some plans for a Chaos invasion, involving Warp Technology. Howeverm it's in a city with a garrison of Ultramarines and a Tau settlement as allies. The Tau cannot be allowed to research the Warp Technology, so this battle is the final chance they have of saving Biel-Tan from a full scale invasion. Enjoy.

The council Chamber was quiet. Too quiet. It was quiet for the Seers and Autarchs of Isheldulth had a big decision to make. Recently, an agent had discovered plans for a Chaos invasion. These plans, however, had been captured by an Imperial Company, and taken to a Hive City. The supreme Autarch, Asyursha, had laid siege to the city, and recovered the plans. Amidst the chaos, the warrior carrying these plans was slain as they attempted to withdraw. Asyursha knew that it would be futile to try and recapture them, so he fell back, simultaneously with the Imperials. The situation had gotten worse when a garrison of Ultramarines and a Tau Settlement had joined forces, occupying the city to find the plans and prevent further attack.

So now, the great Kharouth Isheldmorreia held a meeting of the Isheldulth Seers and Autarchs. The council was wise beyond compare, and many beings from around the galaxy came to hear what they had to say. As such, only the best held position here, either by accomplishing some brave battlefield deed, leading an army successfully, by proving their wisdom somehow, or by being chosen by the Infinity Circuit itself.

It was Eldayan, a warlock of Kharouths’ guard, who broke the silence saying, “Morfessa, their city is too well fortified, and it would cost many lives to take. Even if we find it, we will have to bring it out of the city safely. We cannot afford such a risk, our forces will be unable to defend out frontiers. It is better to destroy the city with our super-lasers, then seek our objective with a small scout group.”

Kharouth replied “Eldayan, what you say is true. However, our super-lasers require much energy, and not the whole city will be destroyed by the blast. It will be harder to fins it amongst rubble, and we will not have cover to do so, and the scout group will be easy to destroy with nowhere to take cover. Then the lives lost will be a bigger waste as an objective will be left unfulfilled.

It was Ygnera Falochu, the newest member of the council, who spoke next, challenging “We are the Eldar or Isheldulth. Have we not the most feared army in the galaxy? Are we not the fiercest warriors ever to draw breath? Let us crush this weak mon-keigh city! Entire planets have fallen beneath the might of our legions. Surely this city will not be too difficult for us to overrun? Let us take this information by force!”One could feel the energy and passion in his words.

“Interesting notion, young Autarch” replied Kharouth. “Asyursha, do you feel that we can accomplish this?”

The old Autarch paused a while, as if in thought. “It will take lots of manpower, but yes, we can do it with the right general.”

“How long do you think it will take?” asked Kharouth.

“The walls will have been rebuilt. Some of the buildings too will have been re-erected, to provide shelter for the soldiers. However, if we can get an assault on two fronts going, we can easily trap them in the city.”

"Well," Kharouth addressed the rest of the council. "You have heard his case, do think we should advance on the city?"

The council cast their opinions. Of the 21 members, 17 decided that Asyursha should attack the city, and only 4 disagreed.

"Very well Asyursha", Kharouth was satisfied that the council had finally reached a conclusion. "What resources will you require?"

"Give me 3 Starships loaded to the brim wth Aspect Warriors. I also want Ygnera to come along. This will be excellent experence for him. Give me access to all Sectors of the Air Fleet that can be spared. I will also require Wave Serpents and Falcons. Give me the best Cityfighters that we have to offer, and we'll be wanting Engineers en masse," clearly Asyursha intent on crushing any resistance that he may encounter. "And..." he added with a sly grin, "Give me Weapon 362."

"Granted. Go now with Khaine's mighty wrath," Kharouth was quick to show his approval and confidence in his new Supreme Autarch.

This battle would be too easy. The best chance the mon-keigh and their insipid allies would have would be to surrender early, and hope that Asyursha would show them mercy.

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