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    Siege of Draconis Prime

    As i didn't want to upset any mods, admins or any members of the forums, i thought it best to post some fluff here, as it's a little longer than whats suggested by forum rules for the fluff section. Though it's most likely not as long as some of the stuff on here :s anyway for those reading this either from looking on the fiction section or those sent here by a link i'll be putting up soon on the fluff section, i hope you enjoy the read, and if you have any criticisms then i'd like to hear them, just make them constructive please :p

    A homeworld is of great importance to a Chapter. To loose it would be a blow most severe and such, it is up to the resident Chapter to guard it against threats from where ever they may come, however not all threats can be repeled, even by the might of the Adeptus Astartes.

    The world of Draconis Prime, home to the Twighlight Dragons, a Death World by all accounts, yet chosen as a Homeworld due to the potential of the populace, and it's tactical positioning within the Caldanus Sector. The populace were tribesmen as would be found on a Feral World, yet signs had indicated that the people had come into contact with, or had been at one point a part of the imperium. Despite this, the people had grown to be survivours in all respect, and thus it was that recruits for the Twighlight Dragons would come from these people.

    With settlements located all over the world of Draconis Prime, where all the people are constantly struggling for survival against teh creatures of the forest, there was no shortage of would be recruits. Though some recruits were destined for another path, other than that of a Battle Brother, some were destined to become apart of the Librarium. At first, few of the recruits examined for signs of taint showed the promise of being able to control, yet alone harness their pyschic powers, however as time passed the numbers of potential psykers increased, especialy when the people amongst the population called the "Children of the Dragon" started to be screened.

    After a time, then number of Psykers within the Twighlight Dragons Chapter, and those commisioned to work upon the fleets of the Twighlight Dragons increased dramatialy. At first this increase in Pyskers was considered a boon the their ranks, it soon became obvious that this world would soon become the target of an unstopable power.
    The day came that the Traitors would descend upon Draconis Prime alongside hordes of demons.

    "Get those transports in the air." Shouted Drizkan as the last of the civilians boarded the Eagle transport ships. "Sergeant Sacri, what's the situation at the East District?"

    "Not good Sergeant Incarus, the Traitors have just broken through our second defense line. At this rate we will be overun in another hour or so."

    The sound of explosions could be heard from the East and North Districts where the enemy forces had seemed to gather. The second and fourth companies had been deployed to those Districts to hold back the enemy advances, yet something at the back of Drizkans mind nagged at him. Sure the enemies numbers at those loactions outnumber the Twighlight Dragons forces in those areas, yet the numbers reported from those Districts didn't match the numbers recorded in the reports of enemy numbers upon their arrival upon the planet surface.

    "Fall back to the Second Checkpoint Sergeant Sacri, I'll meet you there."

    With that Drizkan shouted orders to his squad and the nearby veteran and terminator squads of the first company and began moving to support the defense at the eastern end of the city. He knew something was wrong, even with the jungles of Draconis Prime being an extremely hostile environment, there is no way that ten enemy squadrons could have been killed of by the indigenous creatures of the jungle.

    Upon reaching the Third Checpoint in the East District, the answer to his unasked question was suddenly and painfuly obvious. Hearing shouts coming from Doltans Veteran squad behind them, Drizkan turned to find Kalen Doltans squad taking cover from heavy bolter fire. The Traitors had used their main force as a diversion to allow a strike team to enter the city from the South District where the fighting was less intense.

    Shouting for Sergeant Alakor and Eroths Terminator squads along with Prothus' Veteran Squad to move ahead to reinforce the second company, Drizkan ran to the building on the opposite corner of the street to where Doltan had been pinned down. Giving orders to his squad, he readied himself to open fire on the enemy position in an attempt to divert their fire long enough to give Doltan an opening to reach a more easily defendable position.

    Arranged on several floors of the structure, as one, Drizkans squad opened fire on the enemy position with bolter, melta gun and multi-melta. The opening created by the sudden confusion from the enemies ranks, gave Doltans squad the opening needed to regroup into a nearby structure with a view of the street which the enemy forces had gathered. Together Drizkan and Doltan along with their squads opened fire at the Traitors, forcing them to retreat long enough for for the two veteran squads to regroup and find a better position to hold while reinforcments were called for to deal with the threat of the enemy strike force.

    "What happened to the squads of the fifth company assigned to the South District?" Doltan whispered to Drizkan through the vox.

    "No idea, i havn't recieved any reports from them since the second companies first defence line was broken through."

    Drizkan didn't have to try contact the fifth company squads to know that they were dead. Ever since the Astropaths reported that a warp storm had been forming around Draconis Prime, the vox systems had become chaotic, messages coming through full of static, and sometimes being completely cut off all together.

    Looking up at the sky towards where the fleet of the Twighlight Dragons would be fighting the Traitor ships, not only for their life, but also to provide an exit for those on the planets surface.

    Rounding a corner coming up to the Second Checkpoint, Drizkan and Doltan came upon the remains of women blown apart and bloodied by bolter fire, mixed with the unmistakable bodies of four of Sergeant Etroths terminators.

    "Demons! Damn them, as if it wasn't bad enough with Traitors." Growled Doltan as he rose up after inspecting the corpses. "And it seems that Brother-Sergeant Etroth is still alive, one of the men is from Alakors squad."

    Snarling beneath his breath with disgust Drizkan moved around the corpses, averting his eyes from the creatures assailed his vision with horrible yet beautiful forms.

    "If they were held up here, even for a short time, then it's likely they have reached the Second Checkpoint. We best keep moving in case any more of these creatures appear."

    Heading towards the street leading to the Second Checkpoint, Drizkan heard on of his men shouting from the corner they had just rounded, turning to see what the commotion was about he suddenly heard bolter fire from where the Marines voice had come from, as soon as he laid eyes upon the Marine beasts the size of a man yet resembling hounds leapt around the corner teeth and claws ripping through Brother Solus' power armour, cleaving his arms and legs through to the bone.

    With the inhuman speed and reactions of the best that the first company had to offer, Drizkan and Doltans veterans opened fire on the demonic hounds felling two with the initial burst of fire, another three were felled before the beasts fell upon the veterans, tightning his grip on his bolter Drizkan released the lock on his lightning claw allowing the energies to crackle around its blades and with a mighty cry leapt forth to join his brothers in battle against the foul warp spawn that had felled one of his dearest friends.

    Linking up with the forces of the second company that had regrouped at the Second Checkpoint, Drizkan was about to start issuing commands when a familiar voice crackled over his vox.

    "Sergeant Incarus, are you there, if you can here me, you are to gather all available forces and return to the landing zone. Thunderhawks are on the way to evac all remaining squads in Pyroth. We are falling back to the fleet. I repeat gather all available forces to the landing zone for evac, we are falling back to the fleet."

    Drizkan had recognised the voice of his Chapter Master, even through the static that was playing hell with his vox. Without a second thought he started issuing orders to the gathered squads of the first and second company, giving responsability over to Sergeant Sacri to inform the rest of second company, Drizkan started relaying orders to the remaining forces of the first company that had been posted to Pyroth repeating the message given to him by Koridin Maganus.

    It seemed to Drizkan at that point, that for Maganus to issue a full scale retreat to the fleet, the Master of the Chapter must have felt that Draconis Prime was truely lost. Pushing all thoughts of this loss aside, he set of back towards the landing zone hoping that one day he may repay the Traitors who had forced him to retreat. One day he hoped, he would get the chance to repay them in blood.

    Edited due to the point raised by Dominatus, didn't take into account their emotions upon discovering demons amongst their foes, hope it looks a little better now.

    As a note to those who have read my previous stuff, i know that this posted before i started work on my converted commander, however i was a little bored this morning before i could go get some of the bits for him, so i thought i'd get a start on it :p

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    Siege of Draconis Prime

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    Looks good. Fine, in fact. One note... the sergeant seemed somewhat nonchalant at the appearance of Daemons. Despite their training, I always envisioned SM to be at least, you know, "those whores are using daemons!" and getting ticked. He's fairly unemotional at that point.

    Of course, I did kinda skim it, but it seemed like that was the first time in that conflict that they came across daemons, and it seemed kind of out of character for him to be so... indifferent.

    That's it though, everything else is great. Post more.8Y

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