The ThunderHawk Transporter drops down from the star filled deep red sky of Wu-Boq, the dull raw umber barren wasteland smelled of hot tar and gas fumes, the rocks looked like the where as heavy as a squiggoth but they were as light as grots and could crumble like a terraen biscuit.
The door of the ThunderHawk opens onto the wasteland space marines wearing battle-worn ultramarine blue armour come out of the ThunderHawk, Master Ewik come out of the ThunderHawk last with a scout squad wearing ultramarine blue scout power armour
Two childish space marine scouts start playing with the rocks by throwing them at each other shattering the rocks in a thousand pieces, one of the scouts decides to eat one of the rocks, he spits the rock out “So what did it taste like?” says Onen as he is about to laugh.
“It has the sour taste of vomit and the bitterness of eldar blood, it didn’t taste like bitterwind like the myths say!” says Xybro.

A loud thudding could be heard in the distance, it got louder and louder, the sound of drumming is heard, an army of orks wearing speakers on their chests come from above a hill “Roight ya orkies let go kills dim marinz” shouts the Warboss
“But Boss Vuhghú Frog Knocka they are too powerful” says a Mekboy
“slaanesh gave us da tek ter beet da marinz cause weez da sound skulls o' Slaanesh” replies Boss Vuhghú Frog Knocka “Roight time ter git nyoo pelts dakka!”
All the orks run down the hill leaving only dust behind them, a Sandy Taupe coloured Imperial Valkyrie comes down from the sky and makes a path of bullet holes and dead orks, an ork with a missile launcher targets the Valkyrie “Target locked” says the ork
“Fire!” shouts Boss Vuhghú Frog Knocka
The ork fires his missile launcher and hits the Valkyrie, scattering it across the battlefield.

“Charge!” shouts Master Thiolerele as the space marines and orks run into battle; the orks shoot the space marines “Quickly take out them orks shooting at us”
The snipers start shooting at the orks shooting “I’ll handle these guys” says Omuseli calmly as he shoots a fragmentation missile at the orks using his missile launcher.
“Send in da mega Bomma” shouts boss Vuhghú Frog Knocka
A massive ork mega Bomma made of scraps of rusting sheets metal comes down from the deep red sky and drops bombs on the masses of space marines standing by the ThunderHawk, the space marines jump out the way and the ThunderHawk is blown up “Arvus D3-67 come in, Arvus D3-67 come in” says Captain Ontiaeus talking into a transmitter.
“Arvus D3-67 coming in loud and clear” says the pilot of the Arvus D3-67
“Plan 262”says Captain Ontiaeus
“Yes Captain Ontiaeus” say the pilot as he take the ship down for a quick landing
Captain Ontiaeus jumps onto the ship “take me over this ship” says Captain Ontiaeus
The Arvus D3-67 goes over the ork mega Bomma and Captain Ontiaeus jumps onto the ork mega Bomma below him, he climbs into it using an access door on the top of the ork mega Bomma.
Captain Ontiaeus walks in a hallway that is guarded by an ork with a speaker on his chest like the other orks “freeze marine” Shouts the ork
“What are you going to do!” says Captain Ontiaeus
“Meeb will shoot ya an ya will die iz there a problum wif dat” shouts the ork as he fires his gun at Captain Ontiaeus, Ontiaeus catch the bullet in his fingers and throws it into the ork and injures him
“I don’t need to show a pass to go into the door do I guard? Oh I have all access well thank you” says Captain Ontiaeus as he opens the door and goes into the next hallway, Captain Ontiaeus slowly walks down the hallway going pass the sleeping squigs that looked like big red bags with legs and claws, Ontiaeus steps on an alarm trap that wakes the squigs, Ontiaeus jumps on the squigs to try to reach the next hallway, Ontiaeus get his combat knife out of its holster and stabs one on the squigs, from behind him the other squigs tries to eat Ontiaeus’ arm, he quickly turns around and throws a grenade into the squigs mouth and he runs for cover behind a wall, bloodshed was everywhere and Ontiaeus couldn’t believe what he had just done, he pulls a squig tooth out of his arm and continues to the next hallway.
Ontiaeus comes across a suit of Nob mega armour, he see a Mekboy wearing nothing but a loin cloth next to the armour with a wretch tightening a bolt on the armour, at the ed of the hallway is a camera standing on a tripod the camera turns to the left to face the wall it then turns to face Ontiaeus again, some orks rush round the corner to get ready to kill Ontiaeus, the Mekboy sees him, Ontiaeus takes the Mekboys wretch and throws it at the orks guns knocking their guns across the hallway, Ontiaeus grabs the Mekboy and throws him into the orks knocking them all out, Ontiaeus grabs his bolt gun and fires bullets into the head of the orks leaving no survivors