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    ythc Fiction Returns!

    Dear All Concerned,

    Well, some of you may be glad to see my calling card at the beginning of my lastest post, since its been a while, while some of you may be saying, "ohno, here we go again....."

    But its been a while, and I thought I would post some things:

    This is a free verse poem I had to do for english, I choose to do it one this guy, because no one in th school community or staff seems to like him...


    I was born purposeless,
    Without form or title, like clay
    Without a potter.
    Born of a wild generation
    Of love and joy, pain and war. As
    Diverse as a snowfall, each flake
    Oscillating and dancing to its own song
    In its own direction. Along
    With the sweet and stinging percussion of
    The world passing us by we

    I became this generation,
    Rock and Roll,
    And Old Hatreds
    And Prejudices.
    I became one with
    Myself, the world
    And others.

    I stood for peace and freedom,
    But supported the wars
    I lived through.
    With this unity came




    And Healing.

    With this unity I became alone,
    A grain of sand on a beach;

    Something I was warned of
    Called “Reality” came
    In the form of a
    Brisk Smack to the face after
    I began my life.

    It was not long before I conformed to
    Society’s “Normal.”

    My life continued on, swirving
    Much like a car on an icy road.
    Soon I would find
    Myself in the place
    I wanted, doing
    What I love.

    I am fallen walls and revolutions.
    I am happiness and sadness.
    I am courage and fear.
    I am free, yet caged.
    I am wild, yet tamed.
    I am


    This one won an award on another sight...

    1. moodle is a system online used to look at posted homework from teachers, grades in callses, etc. The joke comes from one of the teachres at my school saying "Do you wanna moodle" to a girl is a great hookup line!
    2. jug is "judgement under god", basically a detention
    3. Field House = Gym
    4. Chiefs Place = Snack Bar

    Doing the Moodle

    Fur Elise filled the air as my phone went off, vibrating and ringing its way around my pocket. The text was short and simple, received five minutes after I had finished swim practice: “You, Dance, Tonight?” The faint illumination that was emitted from the screen of my cell phone filled the room and my eyes. My fingers moved slowly, the result of being a novice texter. My response was also short and simple: “see yah there.”
    After a quick shower, change of clothes and twenty-minute drive, I had arrived. A check appeared next to my name as Dr. Barbera flicked his pencil over the ticket list. I considered my options, and moved quickly to the dining hall. I grabbed a Coke from Chief’s Place and nursed it while I talked with a few of my buddies. I thought about my English Class from that morning and remembered Mr. O’Brien’s instructions. I had followed them exactly so far. I had gotten a Coke, talked with my friends, and now I had to head towards the dance floor to watch the teenage ritual known as a mixer.
    I was not prepared for what I saw as I entered the Field House. It was disgusting. A gathering of scum and trash with a purpose. A terrible smell emanated from it, almost like a mixture of bad cologne poured over my Mom’s six-month old road-kill casserole. But that’s enough about the trashcan. The Field House was crowded, but not full, allowing me to move around a bit. I spotted one of my friends, and moved to say hello. Before I took one step, I lost control of my body as I was yanked into the middle of the dance pit.
    It was then that I saw her. Our eyes met, and no words ever said by man could describe how we felt, but I’ll try anyway. It was as if we had known each other our whole lives, yet were complete strangers. We moved towards each other and soon were dancing. It was as if everyone in the room disappeared and we were alone. Her name was Jessica, and that became the most beautiful sound in the world. Jessica. Jessica. My lips formed the words slowly, and I spoke in a soft and gentle tone; “So, do you wanna moodle?”
    Minutes later we were in a darkened room, only the lackluster glow from the many computers illuminating our actions. The webpages burned with a fiery passion that only a computer could hold. 794011, and I was in. Latin, Math, English, Spanish, it was all there, and so were we: together. A few clicks and we were deep into moodle, only stopping to catch our breath from the excitement. Joy filled her eyes as we went further, almost to PowerSchool. But it was not to be.
    The doors burst open, flooding the room with light. It was Jessica’s boyfriend, Michael. Michael, the middle linebacker on the varsity team. Michael, with an IQ only exceeded by his chest circumference. Our eyes met, and no words ever said by man could describe how I felt, but I’ll try anyway. It was as though someone had removed my bowels, executed several knots that an Eagle Scout could be proud of, and then replaced them. He saw me. He saw her. He saw moodle. The tension was excruciating. In an instant Michael was moving towards me. I jumped to the side and sprinted up the library stairs to the second floor. The pounding of his feet behind me matched my heartbeat in a fast paced race. I pushed through the “Teachers Only” door on the second floor of the library and spun around the corner. I entered a darkened room, only the lackluster glow from the many computers illuminating my actions. The webpages burned with a fiery passion that only a computer could hold. I saw the teachers. They saw me. No words every said by man could describe how I felt, but I’ll try anyway. They were… moodling.
    I knew they would be about as much help as a blind crossing guard in a busy intersection.
    I flew out of the room and down the second floor hall, bursting through the stairway doors and jumping the first five steps. Behind me, the earth shook under Michael’s steps, only filling me with more terror. I reached the bottom floor and ran towards the dance floor, knowing that the crowds might be my only escape. A hand griped my shoulder, and no words every said by man could describe how I felt, but I’ll try anyway: again. My gut did more circles than Jimmie Johnson in his last Nextel Chase race. It was a Pepto Bismal Moment: nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Well, everything except the diarrhea.
    I turned slowly and Michael’s visage filled my gaze. There was a bloodlust in his eyes. I prepared myself to soon resemble fresh hamburger meat. But then the voice of The Savior filled the air. Assistant Dean Coffey, jug slips in hand approached us. He looked at me. He looked at Michael. He looked at the tight grip on my shoulder and the raised fist. He accessed the situation. He wrote out a fresh jug and handed it to Michael. “Your top button is unbuttoned.” I took the opportunity to quietly slip into the crowd on the dance floor and begun a dance of jubilation, life and excitement, I call it… the moodle.


    And last but not least....

    This a copy of my post on another forum:

    Ok, so for a while, I have been thinking of making a fanfic, and I know you might be angry and be thinking "god ythc, get to writing some warhammer stuff", but all in good time my friends.

    So, I happen to like the show Naruto, you may not, but I would like to keep this thread to constructive criticism only (comments allowed as long as they are G rated)...

    So, if you haven't seen/heard of the show, I definatly suggest watching the episodes here:

    It might block you the first time, but if you keep trying you should reach it....

    Here yah go


    Chapter One

    Many thanks goes out to Scott Gruenburg, for getting me into the thought of writing, schooling me in Naruto and helping to produce some of the greatest and most epic ideas.

    “When you gaze into someone’s eyes and see the morning sun, life and hurt, past and future; love, you can proclaim you have truly lived.”
    -Scott Dennis, Author

    Soft steps echoed silently as the mist settled on the morning sun. The small insignificant droplets of water reflected Naruto’s movements as gazing eyes collecting the outside world. The sun peeked over one of the further hills, hitting the droplets and, for a moment, sending a rainbow swooping over the misty valley like a hawk on the hunt. Naruto’s ears twitched with each disturbance of the silence, but he barely noticed, as it had become a sixth sense to him. The sunrise reminded him of his past:
    And the others. It had been so long, it had been too long.
    Nearby, dew covered grass bent under a step, and the sound of the droplets pounding to the ground put Naruto on further guard then usual. Naruto’s eyes closed and he balanced his chakra as he continued on, hoping that his opponent was dim witted enough to not realize his actions.
    It happened quickly, to quick for Naruto to measure. From the trees came kunai, thick chains dangling from their ends. They landed in various areas around Naruto holding him tight. Three Nin were around him within the instant, the sharp edges of blades pressed lightly around his neck, and with the flick of a wrist he could be disposed of.
    “The Village Hidden in the Leaves has upped its talent I see,” Naruto thought to himself.
    Ibiki spoke first, as the other two were a rank below him in ANBU, “This is Leaf Village territory and you do not have a sanctioned travel go, we will escort you to ANBU headquarters for questioning. Cooperate and you may live.” The two lower ANBU operatives moved to cover Naruto’s head. Naruto shifted to reach his kunai and Ibiki struck, slicing through flesh and:
    “Water?” Ibiki asked himself. In an instant the three ANBU flew away from the target. The two lower turned to run, only to find their way blocked by their target, four of their target to be correct. The Nautos all stretched out their arms and balanced their chakra. Four small orbs of spinning chakra formed, one in each of the shadow clones’ hands. The clones’ eyes looked up, and they all whispered, “Rasengan.” The ANBU members eyes widened as the clones moved with such speed. They pulled out their swords in unison, and sliced outward. Two small puffs of smoke appeared where two of the clones had been, and small logs fell to the ground. The ANBU turned, both forming hand signals and releasing small bursts of fire. Again, the clones disappeared and were replaced with logs. From the trees came the four clones, moving quickly with their palms outward. The four spinning orbs of chakra didn’t touch the ANBU, but rather, were broken as they were an inch from the soldiers. The explosion of chakra sent the ANBU members flying, landing a short distance away unconscious.
    Ibiki flew back from the target and readied his next kunai, this guys was good, whoever he was. He had replaced himself with a water clone so fast, and they hadn’t even noticed! He tapped his headset and sent a whisper through the com. link to the village. “Attention, target lost, Name: Unknown, Age: About 22, Hair Color Orange, Eye Color Blue, Prepare for a possible S-Class Nin. Hello? Hello?”
    Ibiki felt a small breath of warm air down his neck as the words filled the air. “Looking for this?” called the voice. In front of him landed a small mess of wires and plastic, his radio power cell. Ibiki turned kunai slashing back into a tree, but saw no one. He dropped to a crouched defense position and started to form hand signs. From the trees came ten needles, moving quickly for different points in Ibiki’s body. The voice filled the air again, “I do not wish to kill you, your partners are just unconscious, I am heading to the leaf village on my own business, and it is no concern of yours. I mean no one harm unless harm is brought upon me. Good enough?”
    “Where are you?” Ibiki screamed into the forest.
    “Here!” came the whispered response. Ibiki did not have time to react as a hand grabbed his foot from underground, “Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu!”
    Ibiki found himself pulled downward into solid ground up to his neck. “Shadow Clone Jutsu!” called Naruto. Two clones appeared and Naruto offered an explanation.
    “My clones will stay with you till I fell I am far enough ahead. They will then disappear. Ok?”
    Naruto turned and jumped off into the forest, heading towards his goal. “The leaf village needed him more then they let on,” he thought to himself. Sending one Jonin, even one so powerful as Ibiki, and only two ANBU to take on an unknown, unmeasured and unstudied Nin. Foolish mistake.
    Lee’s hands moved slowly, trying to concentrate on his movements. He had to balance. He had been at it for four hours, balancing on the thinnest top of the tallest tree.
    “If I cannot balance myself for four more hours, it is six hundred laps around the village on my hands,” he called out to himself. His promise reminded him of his old Squad Leader, Guy Sensei. Lee could still barely believe how after the operation Guy had offered to adopt him as his own son.
    The tap of ninja sandals upon the tree branches filled his ears. He pushed off the perch with his hands and landed. The sandals; something was different about them. The only party sent from the village today was Ibiki’s to investigate a lone Nin. But these, these were different then the Leaf Village regulation sandals. He set off, hopping from branch to branch, hoping he wasn’t missing something.
    Naruto landed on the top of the Leaf Village’s Wall, hoping to be unnoticed by the people below. He set a pace for the outskirts of the city, setting his sights on the Hokage’s Residence. He moved over the rooftops silently, a black-cloaked figure moving amongst the light, yet invisible he was to the people below, only because of his training in stealth. A tall, skinny figure landed in front of him, and set himself into a Taijutsu stance.
    “The reports just came back that our ANBU team was defeated, and we were alerted to watch out for any suspicious behavior. My name is Rock Lee, Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and-“ Lees words fell silent as the figure slipped off his cloak, to reveal a tall, built figure with orange hair and blue eyes. The man was dressed in a black jacket, outlined in orange, unzipped in the front with a black set of body armor underneath. He had bandages running up half his neck, but Lee knew hey covered the top half of his body.
    Lee stood in silence and gazed at the changed boy before him. It had been seven years, but Lee would never forget the face of the boy who gave him will and courage. The boy who had brought Lady Tsunade to the Hokage position and once played pranks on the village. The boy who had dreamed of being Hokage. The boy; named Naruto Uzumaki.
    “We never did get that fight,” Naruto called out to his old “friend” as he readied himself.
    “Naruto? Naruto Uzumakl?” called Lee from down the roof.
    “A lot has changed since you left Naruto, oh were to begin,” Lee laughed to himself. Naruto listened as the two walked casually towards the Hokage’s Residence over the rooftops. Naruto listened to how Sasuke had gone in search of Orochimaru two years ago, he had not been heard from since. Many believed that he had defeated Orochimaru, but Lee just hoped Sasuke was lucky enough to be alive. He heard of how Sakura had finally realized how much Lee cared for her, and how they were in love, soon to be married. He heard of Kakashi, still being his old self, and how Jiraya had come out with three new books and two movies.
    He also heard of how everyone had mourned his leaving, only back two months before leaving again all those years ago. He learned of how bad Sakura and the others had taken it, and how even Sasuke had missed the push and determination Naruto had given him. He heard of how the village was in shadow for many a month. He learned of how when he left, he had taken the laughter and pranks, adventures and expectations with him. Lee told Naruto of how Hinata had stopped talking, and Ino hadn’t laughed since. All of his good friends had been destroyed a bit the day he left, and it hadn’t gotten any better.
    When the pair reached the residence, Lee bid him goodbye and set off, and Naruto entered the building before him.
    Tsunade felt a disturbance as she awoke; the quiet closing of her living chambers door turned her dreams to wisps of their former selves. She rose to her feet and the cold feeling of the floor sent a small chill up her spine. She prepared herself, knowing that an attack could come out of any corner at any time. From the shadows came a small group of kunai in a six-point formation, hunting for the kill like wolves in a pack. She jumped to the side as the kunai were about six feet in front of her and heard a whisper, also from the shadows, “Kunai Shadow Clone Jutsu!” The half of the room in front of Tsunade filled with kunai and she balanced her chakra and said “Wind Style: Lion’s Roar Jutsu!” Tsunade ‘s forefingers and thumbs formed a diamond in front of her chin. Her lips opened and she let out a deep breath into the diamond, blasting out the other side as a load roar and burst of air. The kunai shook and fell towards the ground, many dissipating in small puffs of smoke as the six original clacked onto the ground.
    “Wind Style, very exclusive. There are only three people in the Land of Fire who could have taught you that. Good thing I know one of them too. You seem to be very skilled, but do you know this one?” The voice from the corner grew a bit louder and said, “Wind Style: Tornado Cyclone Jutsu!” A horizontal cyclone erupted from the corner shooting straight at Tsunade’s position. Tsunade knew that at the rate the cyclone was traveling she would have no time to dodge, and readied herself for the hit. The cyclone flew past Tsunade and disappeared before reaching the wall. Laughter filled the corner. From the shadows walked Naruto Uzumaki, almost falling over from loss of breath. It took a moment for Tsunade to register what had happened before she started to laugh as well.
    “Naruto, you are always filled with surprises no matter how much you grow or change. So I understand you got my message, sent no response, defeated my ANBU team and came without welcome?”
    “Pretty much,” said Naruto in-between laughs, “but your ANBU team was a bit unprepared and humiliating. Ibiki and only two ANBU? You hurt my feelings,” laughed Naruto. “It seems that you need me more than you let on. But at least it was a good excuse to visit.”
    “ I called you here to offer you the position of top ANBU and Ninja Trainer, with a bit of training for the job standards. I know you don’t like to brag, but you are one of the best, and your skills could benefit the next generation of Leaf Village Ninja.”
    “I knew this would be some kind of job offer, and I actually already made up my mind…”
    Tsunade looked into Naruto’s eyes hoping that they would give some clue as to what his decision was. His deep blue ocean eyes stared back at her, and Tsunade saw more than she had expected. She watched as within Naruto’s eyes, a dance of emotions began. She saw the hatred that was behind his happy disposition as he tried to hide his life from others. She saw his actions, both those honored among others and those that had destroyed him. She saw Naruto torn over what he truly was, his actions or his feelings. Unsure how well Naruto really felt, unsure how he had continued on all these years.
    And she realized something; she hadn’t really known him at all.

    Chapter 2

    Many thanks goes out to Scott Gruenburg, for getting me into the thought of writing, schooling me in Naruto and helping to produce some of the greatest and most epic ideas.

    “When life disappears from your hands, you believe it was yours to begin with. You search frantically, but to no avail. What you do not realize is, you never had life; life had you. And it can return in the most surprising and unexpected ways and times.”
    -Author, Scott Dennis

    It was an unexpected response, given its source, and Tsunade’s eyes closed with an unknown emotion. She was unsure of whether it was a good or bad thing, but she hoped he would reconsider. Although many others were up to the task, she realized that Naruto was the best, and hoped she would be able to bring him back to what he once was. A village Ninja, a dreamer, a friend, and
    “Naruto,” sighed Tsunade, “I know the village has given you a rough time throughout your life, but-“
    “Its not any of that. You view me as a great ninja, but it is a great heart that I am lacking. I have done things I am not proud of, you have even seen many of these, and there is no way I can change it. I cannot accept this, I am sorry.”
    An strange silence fell over the room as Tsunade’s stomach tightened. She had thought that Naruto would not take the job, but had hoped that she had thought wrong. A small tap on the door broke the silence like a stone thrown into a still pond. The door opened and Ibiki, covered in dirt, walked in with his ANBU team. Upon realizing that Naruto was in the room, Ibiki looked to Tsunade for guidance on what to do. Tsunade gave him a small nod, telling him things were ok.
    Naruto took the few steps to Ibiki and put out his hand in peace. “I just wanted to apologize about earlier,” said Naruto. “My name is Naruto Uzumaki.”
    Ibiki’s face tightened. Naruto. Could this be that same one? The Naruto that had played pranks and stolen a sacred scroll. The Naruto that had fought well in all the exams and defeated Garra of the Sand. The Naruto that had left the village and returned a man, only to disappear again. Could it be? Ibiki extended his hand, and Naruto’s hard grip formed around it.
    Naruto turned to Tsunade, his eyes meeting hers for a brief instant. Tsunade felt odd, the return of her friend after all those years had changed her. She began to wonder how Naruto had grown so fast. “Well Grandma Tsunade, if that is all, I shall be on my way.”
    “Wait!” came the fast and urgent reply. Tsunade calmed herself and steadied her voice, determined to make Naruto stay a bit longer so she could reconnect with him. It was true what the villagers said. The village had darkened the day Naruto left. “I may have a mission or two for you, if you don’t mind sticking around.”
    Naruto nodded and sped off, the only trace of his existence a thin wisp of dust left lingering in the air from his movements.
    Shikamaru, Ino and Choji sat at their usual small booth in the corner, and the lifelong friends spoke of their most recent missions. Shikamaru, dressed in his usual Jonin uniform bore a five-o’clock shadow across his face, looking much like his father had at his age. His eyes conveyed his laziness and calm look upon life. He bore a scar down the right side of his face and straight through the middle of his eyelid, a mark of his Shadow Possession Jutsu gone terribly wrong all those years ago.
    Ino sat back a bit for once; glad to be relaxing from her missions. She had developed well and had become a respectable young woman. Although she never admitted it two him, ever since Sasuke left, Ino had been annoyed that Shikamaru had not noticed her more often. She tried to hide it as much as possible, but cared deeply for him, more than a teammate relationship. She had begun to wear her hair short, much like her good friend Sakura, for better mission maneuverability. Because of her hidden Tomboyish attitude, Ino had become one of the best female Jonin in the village, and had begun to study the Gentle Fist form of Taijutsu. After becoming Tsunade’s apprentice all those years ago, she had become know as the “Female Kakashi” because of her flexibility in the many fields of the many Jutsu types.
    Choji glanced up at his teammates, and thought back when he had first met the two. The three of them had been inseparable after Naruto had left, as they had turned to each other for comfort. Ino still wasn’t laughing, and that had always upset Choji. Ever since he had reached fifteen, Choji had started to take training seriously. Losing a lot of weight, Choji was now at an average weight, while still maintaining his two family traits: body expansion and manipulation Jutsu and his love to eat.
    The three of them fell into silence as they waited for their orders to arrive. Suddenly, Choji spoke, his memory jolting him into action, “Oh! I forgot to tell you guys, that ANBU team that was sent out today, I heard it was defeated without effort, we must be talking fifteen ANBU and Ibiki and four other Jonin here! Isn’t that nuts?”
    “Actually, I heard it was only two ANBU and Ibiki, because the village wasn’t expecting a possible S-Class ninja.” Stated Shikarmaru in his normal mundane tone.
    “S-Class? Wouldn’t we be on alert,” asked Ino in a moderately worried tone. She had also heard these rumors, but since security teams were sent out almost daily, it was not a big deal to her earlier.
    “That’s the thing,” said Shikamaru, “I mean, shouldn’t we be mobilizing, searching the village, bumping up security. I do feel a little weird about the whole thing.”
    The inhabitants of the table looked at each other as silence took control of the conversation again. They all were a little spooked, all hoping it was nothing. A small breeze blew into the restaurant and, like the ocean, receded out, taking much with it, including the worries. The food arrived and they all dug in, Choji finishing within seconds while the others savored their meals.
    Lee rushed off from training about an hour after leaving Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki! It had been so long. He sped towards his home, a quaint apartment that he shared with Sakura. His mind raced to all the memories he had of Naruto, and soon found himself home, losing track of time while lost in his past. He slid the door open and ran inside, only to find Sakura away. He sat down, trying to piece together what had happened today, and hoping Sakura would return so he could tell her of it.
    Sakura’s sandals clicked softly along the alley as she made her way back to apartment. No doubt Lee was still out training. Her shoulder felt stiff from her last mission, and her pink hair flowed at shoulder length, her usual style. She thought of Lee, her soon to be husband. How foolish she had been all those years ago, those years before Sasuke left, before Naruto left. She lost herself in her mind, thinking of the raven-haired boy she had once fawned over, the blue-eyed boy who had once adored her. She missed them more then she let anyone know, and wished she had more than a few pictures to capture their faces, their love and their friendship. Sakura’s foot landed on a small can on the next step, throwing her off balance and sending the groceries towards the ground. She thought of how foolish she looked and how ruined the food would be. A wisp of dust flew past her and she closed her eyes to ready for impact.
    A quick hand landed on Sakura’s stomach, pushing her upwards into a standing position and another reached out to snatch the bag of groceries, which were soon returned to her grip. Sakura opened her eyes to see a ghost, a phantom, and a memory. Her surprise was only surpassed by her happiness that he had returned. She looked down into his blue eyes as he lay on the ground and was almost lost in their deep color. She noted his hair had changed, and it seemed Naruto had finally grown up.
    Lee stood as he heard footsteps approaching the door. He ran over and opened the it, flooding the apartment with light, to find Sakura and Naruto laughing with each other. Lee, confused, welcomed them both in, and each shared their story. They turned to Naruto, who, seemed to be trying to be as little of a burden as possible. Sakura explained that Naruto would be in for a few days, and Lee offered for him to stay with them. Naruto had never liked to mooch off of people, or take advantage of people’s kindness. But as Lee persisted, Naruto agreed to stay with them.
    The small boy, almost five years old, stood in the darkened corner of the room as his eyes widened in terror. His bed, furniture and belongings were strewn about the room, and a small fire had been set near the door, blocking escape. The both shifted his gaze to the figure across the room. The figure, tall and pale skinned, shifted his hand and released six kunai around the boy. Each kunai was attached to a small cord, and soon the child could not move. The figure placed his hands together and shouts could be heard from other parts of the house. The boy’s power would soon be his, the figure thought. Orochimaru’s neck extended and his face moved behind the small child’s restrained neck. His mouth opened, and sharpened teeth penetrated youthful flesh. A small mark appeared on the back of the child’s neck, and his scream filled the air. Orochimaru’s necked retracted, and the door burst open. Orochimaru disappeared in a puff of smoke, and the Third Hokage, along with other ANBU members, ran towards the boy. Quickly undoing the twine around the boy, the Hokage lifted him and was off. The ANBU in search of Orochimaru. In the medical ward, the Third and the four best medical nin stood over the boy, all forming hand signals as quickly as possible. Each laid hands upon the curse mark at the same time. Around them, small symbols on the ground began to rise up onto the boy’s skin, and form a small circular symbol ring around the boy’s curse mark. The boy’s screams filled the night air, disturbing the peace and shaking the moon’s ominous glow.
    Naruto awoke sweating, the only sound the small pattering of the rain outside. His hand slid to the back of his neck, which burned with a purging pain.

    Fluff Master

    You are not your avatar. You are not your knowledge of the rules or your last article. You are not your post count. You are not your rep. You are not your title. You are not your blog. You are not your painting or modeling skills. You are not your location, rating, profile comments, friends or armies. You are not your signature.

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    45 (x1)

    Dear All Concerned,

    Lots of views, no replies, but he pushes on!

    The Amateur Houdini

    A Bar, a File, a Key,
    Three words, three
    Objects, all solitary
    And combined in their
    Own ways.

    The bar stands
    Tall and true,
    Its sleek, black silhouette
    Plaguing the mind
    With thoughts of
    Torture and confinement,
    Happiness and Sadness,
    Joy and sorrow,

    Its stands as
    A barrier from
    The joy and happiness, freedom
    Of the outside world.
    Yet protects
    From the misuse of freedom and love,
    The misuse of life and death,
    The misuse of being.
    It looks out upon the world and back
    Into the cell of a confined
    Man, and a caged soul.
    The Bar’s
    Thoughts linger to sadness and sympathy
    As it remembers the day it met this man and this
    Monster in one
    Shape and form,
    A killer
    A brother
    A friend
    To many
    In some way
    This caged men was.

    The file is hot,
    Heated within an oven wondering
    Its metal shape
    Was grabbed from a drawer
    Only recently
    And thrown
    Into a mixture
    It longs for the
    Smell of the
    Pine within
    The drawer it once
    Resided in. Soon
    Though, it is
    Released from this
    Heated prison
    Within a
    Mixture of
    It was moving now, traveling to
    Some unknown

    The Key danced
    And jingled as the
    Guard walked,
    Shaking and rattling to
    The many inmates as they glanced at
    Their tool to freedom.
    The key was
    Proud of what it had done,
    Striving as a guard,
    A protector of freedom,
    A jailor to evil,
    A worker of justice.
    Its shape held the escape to many

    I am the Bar,
    Struck true and through
    By the file, opening my doors to the
    Sunshine and
    Now releasing
    A monster,
    A man,
    A human,
    A brother,
    A killer,
    A son,
    And his many titles.

    I am the File, found
    In the recipe
    Of the unsuspected
    Concealed within
    A cake
    Baked within like
    Egg and flour
    Was I.

    I am the key, taken by force,
    Opening the cuffs of
    Some unknown evil,

    A Bar, a File, a Key,
    All holding some
    Each one
    Different and
    Yet together
    In the
    And escape.

    This is the end, but I added the below on the paper because my teacher has a sense of humour!

    Comical Ending for those who fell blue:

    The student’s feet pounded
    As they
    Slammed to the ground behind
    St. Joe’s Prep.
    He kicked up and started to run,
    Flying in
    Small clouds much
    Like those in the sky.
    His heart beat matched the
    Speed of his revolving feet as he
    Jumped on his bus
    Just as
    The doors
    He had done
    It, and his
    Name would go
    On forever in
    Prep legends.
    He had been the first student to ever

    Always for your enjoyment,

    Fluff Master

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