If you still dont want to read my book that ive posted labeled Canis Log of a Space Wolf after reading this, I dont think you ever will. Enjoy,

I had arrived in the engine hold and searched around for a little bit. The air reeked of rust, terribly. I was sweating heavily from the steam. Something seemed wrong. I opened the door to get a fresh breath of cooler air, not contaminated with oil and sweat. As I began to bring my head back into the steamy room I saw a shot sizzle and burn the wall right next to me. I ducked into the engine hold and slammed the door. I picked up the Bolter and chainsword I had dropped while trying the destruction mechanism. Whoever it is, he's waiting for me, I have to be quick. For Russ! I kicked the door open and did a side-roll out, seeking for my target. I saw a shadow just retreat behind the corridor. I raced forth, ceramite feet breaking the floor beneath me. Bolter and chainsword in hand, I turned the corridor. I saw standing in front of me, Alpha Wolf Dravel?

"Arkisil! Get over here and let me kirl ryoum, ryrour struprid prig!" His word faded into an inhuman slurring. Alpha Wolf Dravel became Commandor Asgarothis in a grotesque array of horrific mutations. He staggered towards me saying "Arkshil! We are combatting an Eldar threat of great proportions, I order you to stray whrere ryrou arr..." once again he began to change figure, all the while slowly advancing to me. I was horrified, I froze with fear, not moving but standing there in utter terror. "We must destroy the Chaos forces!" the shapeshifter said as he finished his mutation to Uthandil, the Eldar Farseer. "I need your alliance! I mrust sracrifrice ryrou tro Trzreerntch!" the shapeshifter yelled. So thats what was behind this daemonic magic, Tzeench, the Chaos God. Slowly the acolyte of the daemon took his true form.

He was tall, 9 feet possibly. His skin was pale he was bald. His lips were white like paper. He had no coloration in his eyes, no pupils, just white with red nerves. Wearing a long red robe inscribed with daemonic writing and symbols, you could see muscles bulging out. His hands were wrinkled and his fingers ended in long black talon-like nails. "You worship the False Emperor! You seek destroy the followers of Horus, greatest of all Primarchs! I am one of his followers, High Priest of the Black Legion! Destroy me fool!

He charged forth, immediately his right hand became a long dagger, glowing with a blue flame engulfing it. His left became a large black shield, made of something looking like ceramite. I broke out of my state of stasis horror. Aiming Bolter high, I squeezed the trigger. Shot after shot poured against his inhuman left arm. "Try as you will weak Son of Russ!" He thrust his dagger arm forward. I raised my chainsword down and cut it in two. "Not my arm! Not my arm!" He cried as he flailed around miserably. Not such a worthy foe as made out to be I thought. Then he looked at me and his paper white lips curled into a sinister smile as he stopped thrashing. His arm regrew. "Fool!" he yelled as he ran forward again. He took a horizontal stroke at me. I jumped up as his awkward attack missed. I aimed my Bolter at his head and shot. Faster than the bullet could connect his head split into two smaller heads and he cried in unison "You'll have to do better than that dog!". He slammed me against the wall with his shield arm and his left hand turned into a giant mallet. "Have you ever been crushed Wolf?" he said raising his hammer high. I struggled. And lifted my chainsword again and sliced the hammer off. It began to grow back.

I freed myself from the shapeshifters grasp and turned tail and fled. "You won't escape me Wolf!" he bellowed as I made my way to the engine room. If the self-destruct mechanism was initiated, I could distract him for a moment before getting into an escape pod, leaving him to die on the Eldar ship that would blow. I heard no more footsteps behind me. I turned my head around and saw a giant bat darting at me. "Still think yourself fast dog?" he said in a cracking, slimy voice. He was gaining on me fast. I crouched down and rolled backwards. The bat darted by above me. As he began to turn around I got up and ran at him. I aimed the Bolter and squeezed the trigger. Shots poured into the bats skull. He fell to the floor and began to mutate back to his true form as I lopped his head off with my whirring chainsword. I then cut his arms and legs off. He began to mutate back, but it would take him at least 15 seconds, which would give me enough time to make it back into the engine hold and initiate the self-destruct. I entered the room and closed the door. Finding the button I pressed it and set the timer to 5 minutes.