Is it me, or does it seem like every single 40k Battle Report White Dwarf does lately discounts the "Entangled" rule?

US 332 Chaos Marines versus Imperial Guard - A Rhino carrying a Khorne Lord with Berserkers is destroyed on the first turn by an Imperial Lascannon Team. A pair are lost in the explosion, but the rest of the squad immediately breaks through the ruined Rhino and charges towards the Imperial Guard line, until being waylayed into a doomed unit of Storm Troopers. The fire required to down the too-close Khorne Lord could well have been used to fire at the Possessed Chaos Space Marines (who turned out to be the game-winner for the Chaos), denying the traitors any chance to avoid another turn of blazing Imperial gunfire.

US 335 Apocalypse battle - Mephiston crawls out of the burning wreckage of his ruined Land Raider and proceeds to immediately engage the Tau in close combat, winning him the "MVP" status of the match, for the Imperial Side. Could the game have gone differently had he not sprung flawlessly from a fireball of twisted metal?

I feel like it's blaringly obvious. Am I misinterpreting the Entangled rules, or are these "fudges" causing one side to win, when perhaps they should not have..?

Comments: (since I never posted on 332.. )
US 332 - Chaos should have played against a close-combat oriented army, instead of the Imperial Guard, to showcase their new impressive close combat strength. Tyranids would have been a very worthy enemy.

US 335 - I was actually very pleased with this report. Lots of casualties on both sides (the Blood Angels got mauled!) but overall the game could have gone either way. Good job White Dwarf! (except Mephiston! )