With the breach of the Cadian gate, the Inquisitors of the Ordo Mallus were put in to immediate panic. As could be expected, Chaos corruption spread at an increased rate from the Eye of Terror after the 13th Crusade. The already considerable power of the Daemonhunters was increased as the Lords of Terra said it was by the Emperors divine will that Inquisitors be obeyed and that they use any measures, ideas, and powers at their disposal to quell the hordes of the warp and their allies, the chaos legions.

A young inquisitor, Lord Dunamis was still in his first century when the Eye of terror took place. Dunamis had been a child reared in the halls of the Mallus, with no knowledge of his origin. However, by his large size and superior intelligence some claimed that by some chance he had the blood of space marines in him.
Dunamis was named after the Virtures, the angels of blessing. During the conflict of the 13th Crusade, as an acolyte Dunamis accompanied an Inquisitor named Tocomada to Cadia itself. Tocomada had greatly influenced the young acolyte. Tocomada abhorred chaos, but he shared some of his secret views with Dunamis that some would consider heretical. Tocomada believed that the civilized forces of the galaxy needed to combine under one banner in order to defeat their enemies. He feared that the many threats to the imperium were too much. As is such he delved into secrets of other races, and the dark age of technology. In one action years earlier Dunamis had seen Tocomada assist a squad of Eldar dire avengers against some plague marines, and after the battle allowing the battered Eldar to tend their wounded in peace and leave when it had been within the elder Inquisitors power to rid the galaxy of the avengers.

During the eye of terror, Tocomada and his acolyte journeyed to Cadia to take part in the great battle of our time. They accompanied a retinue of Grey Knights into scouting a part of no man’s land that had been fought over many times but was now a ghost land. One of the Grey knights in power armor was scouting at the edge of a ravine, and suddenly the claw imbedded in his chest made it apparent that an attack was on. From the ravine poured a Bloodthirster, accompanied by a horde of bloodletters and berserkers. The Grey knights fought valiantly but were pushed back. The bloodthirster was unstoppable that day. It clawed its horrendous form directly to Tocomada. Tocomada raised his daemonhammer to strike, but missed and the filthy creature half slit his throat. Dunamis screamed in grief as his mentor fell. Never having harnessed its power, he picked up the fallen Daemonhammer. The Bloodthirster seemed to almost laugh at this untrained boy challenging him, and lunged at the acolyte. The Grey knights lost sight of what was happening as the dust kicked up, but when it was over the bloodthirster lay vanquished and Dunamis raised the hammer in victory. Shouting the besieged Grey knights on, and intoning a sacred chant of the Emperor, he charged into the hordes of khorne. With renewed inspiration, the Grey knights followed him into battle. Victory was theirs that day. Only one berserker returned from that battle, and the chaos lord killed him for his cowardice. But before that berserker died he was asked who changed the battle, and replied with one word “Dunamis.? The Chaos Lord vowed that he would wear this impudent wretch’s head on his armor.

After the battle the mortally wounded Tocomada was being tended to by one of his sages, but there was nothing that could be done. Taking the young acolyte by the hand he beseeched all his followers to follow the new Inquisitor, Inquisitor Dunamis. Secretly he whispered in Dunamis’ ear “follow my path, for it may be our only hope?

The Grand Master of the Grey Knights detachment came up to the forlorn Dunamis after the battle: “You have proven yourself to us today, from this day forth, this company of Grey knights will follow your shining example, lead us to the light of the Emperor.? The Grand Master, Camael (named after the leader of the Powers, the angels given the task of guarding heaven from daemons) pledged himself to Dunamis. The detachment renamed it self the Potentiates detachment, named for the Powers. The squads were named for the different powers, angels of Punishment, Destruction, Vengance and Death. Belenus, named after the Celtic God of fire, was the name of the purigation squad.

And so began Dunamis’ career. Soon after he was called back to the halls of the Ordo Mallus and officially labled him an inquisitor. Dunamis follows in his masters tradition, lending and accepting aid to all. However he does not yet know that a Chaos lord seeks him in the night.

Probably needs revision. I changed the name from Dunamis to Mintonius, thought it sounded better. I'm not completely familiar to the fluff so inform me if i messed anything up.