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Thread: Evermore

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    "Honey, time for dinner!" my mom called from the bottom of the stairs. I sighed, and, tucking a lock of red-blonde hair behind my ear, shut off my computer with a click. I skipped down the stairs and took a turn into the dining room, where my mom, dad, and an out of this world little brother sat waiting for me.

    "What took you so long?" whined Dexter, my brother. "The food's getting cold!" At age six, he was an advanced genius, and already in high school.

    "Aw, have a seat next to me," said my mom. She patted the cushioned seat and smiled her "oh-you're-so-cute" smile. "We're having macoroni and cheese tonight!"

    Basically, I hated my family. I hate to put it that way, but it's true. My mom's too much with babying me, my dad is a strict and always out of town figure, and Dexter? Well, he's just....Dexter.

    I rolled my eyes and sat down. There sat a full plate of steaming macoroni and cheese, the noodles designed as alphabet letters. "Mom," I groaned, "I'm way past the stage of alphabet letters!"

    "But look, honey, you can spell your name!" she exclaimed, smiling.

    I rushed through dinner, ignoring their basic dinner questions, such as "how was school" and "making any new friends?". The minute I ate the last "L" I tossed my dish in the kitchen sink and hurried upstairs without a word. As I ran up the red carpet stairs, I silently wished that I had better parents, like Ann's, who is my best friend.

    I opened the door to my bedroom and flopped down onto my bed. A sudden wave of tiredness overwhelmed me. Dizzy, I collasped onto my pillow and fell asleep...

    I woke up in the middle of the night. At first I thought it was a car outside that I was hearing, but as I pushed my covers down and opened my eyes a little more, a strange green glow met them. They widened in surprise.

    A large green glowing funnel was spinning on the wall of my bedroom. Fascinated, I drew closer to it. A wierd feeling washed over me as I slowly came closer and closer....

    My hand drew forward. My pointer finger outstretched, it went closer and closer. It touched the green surface, making weird purple ripples. I couldn't control my self. With one last huge heaping breath, I collected my strength and plunged into the funnel.


    should I go on??

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    Sounds Like this could become something really good. Keep it up.
    Back from a long adventure.

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