I am not a professional writer, but here is my attempt at a sectionned story about a Dark Angels scout squad…

Sgt Kreaden was looking forward to start the reconnaissance mission; he had been recalled from the Eye of Terror campaign after it was heard that some of the traitorous fallen had taken refuge on the second planet of the Binary Tryphus system. His orders were simple. Take a lot of 4 new scout recruits in the thick of the jungle and confirm the presence of these traitors to the chapter then his secondary objective was to signal via a teleporter homer so the chaplain and his terminators could teleport in and hand the traitors over to the interrogators. This was to be an engage only if necessary mission. Looking at what he had to work with, the hardened veteran new this was a mission he could not afford to fail. Armed with his cunning tactics and years of experience he was going to prove his worth by helping to bring swift penance to the once loyal troops. Strapped in a drop pod, Sgt Kreaden knew that in a few minutes, they would be hitting the ground and he would have only these 4 recruits to rely on. Kreaden let out a cry for attention and said: “We go into this mission blind as to what is coming, I expect all of you to be willing to die for the cause as I am, we will bring honour to our names and our restitution shall be knowing that we brought traitors to justice!? then in what could be called a collective response, the 4 scouts yelled back “Yes Sir!?

Looking at the velocity indicator, Kreaden knew that soon the pod would land and his destiny awaited him, then in a thunderous crash, the pod hit the ground, the doors opened and the seats unlocked. The Sergeant grabbed his bolt pistol, chain sword and teleporter homer and screamed: “Move out?. Even though they had been extensively trained this would be the first time the recruits would use their weapons in the heat of battle, so they grabbed their gear and followed. Armed with bolt pistols and chain swords no one truly knew what awaited them.

To be continued in Infiltration at Tryphus part 2

So tell me what you think and tell me if I caught your attention, in other words will you read the continuation?