The Stolen Sword
During the later years of the 39th millennium Tzeentch’s eye was drawn to a space marine commander possessing a sword. A mighty sword that he perceived could be used to slay many warriors of the daemonic legions. A sword mighty enough to destroy a hundred men with a single stroke. A sword powerful enough to defile a titan with a single strike.

Fortunately for Tzeentch, this commander had not yet discovered the full potential of this blade. Using his dark powers of manipulation Tzeentch managed to convince each of the other gods that he had gifted only them with the knowledge of this blade.
From the warp, Khorne sent a red tide of vicious Bloodletters forth into the unsuspecting White Lion’s home world to collect skulls for his mighty throne and to bring him back this mighty sword. Led by the Greater Daemon Bu’b’oth, a plague of revolting daemons were ordered to retrieve the sword for Nurgle to gift with his most foul of diseases and afflictions. From an astounding, multicoloured warp rift, Slaanesh sent a parade of Daemonettes and Fiends dancing through the Space Marines, killing hundreds.

Tzeentch watched as the three armies battled through the Space Marines. the three forces were getting closer and closer to the sword, and to each other. They finally collided after penetrating the walls of the capital city - Hyrillus. The thousands of daemons fought throughout the city looking for the sword. The armies of Khorne, Nurgle and Slaanesh battled for thirty days until each were reduced to only a few packs of daemons. It was at this moment the sky exploded in an almighty shower of pink and blue flames as one of Tzeentch’s most trusted Heralds, Dreamstealer, flew from the warp on a Screamer.

The Daemons looked up in anger. Bloodletters roared, Plaguebearers moaned and Daemonettes screamed. Dreamstealer swooped in through the doors of a grand temple and saw a silver clad warrior holding the large sword close to his chest.

Before he could look around Dreamstealer shot a bolt of immaterial energy at the commander, killing him. Dreamstealer took the sword from the White Lion’s dead body then flew, on his Screamer, back into the Realm of Chaos to return to his master.