The crowd was silent as Tokar Mondes stepped into the arena he had fought often and hard for his master lately and had drawn much blood in the arena that was the blood pit of kalian, the eldar jested and jeered at him as the whyches stepped into the cage that was the pit. There was a sudden roar from the stands as archon bilious stepped towards his seat many calls of bravery and prioress came from the whyches them selves asking how they wanted Tokar to die. The beast masters undid his shackles and handed him a sword, the blade gave an odd gleam in the dim light as he clutched it in his grasp he knew that this may be his last fight for survival. In an instant a whych grew so impatient she lunged forth wielding her cruel and twisted blades wildly in the air as a drug enhanced rage consumed her mind and body only to find her vision to turn blank and fade from her she grasped wildly for her now invisible opponent to find her face on the cold and hard floor never to see any more than the darkness that was just beyond her grasp.

i need a little help to develop this idea any help?