This is a Warhammer 40K story i've been working on for some time and guessed you guys might wanna read it.

Here's the start:

Ancient Terra, home to the most beloved Emperor, once well defended from any attempts of attack, now it is under the most dire threat ever posed to the Imperium, one that could spell the end for all humanity.

"Sir! We're picking up strange warp disturbances in the Segmentum Solar."
"WHAT? I thought the Segmentum Solar was well defended against any form of attacks, especially from the warp!"
"It is sir but.........oh jesus!"
"What? What is it man?"
"Sir! The Segmentum Solar has just been isolated from the rest of the universe."
"How the hell?"
"Its been cut off by warp storms sir!"
"Oh crap!"

A large breach in the warp opened spewing forth Chaos ships, followed by two Blackstone Fortresses.
They appeared near Pluto and began to move towards their main target;Terra.

"My lord, Terra is within our grasp. Now we shall prove our might!"
A huge towering figure stepped forward from the shado