Breaking Dawn

Bella lay in her bed trying to sleep, but it was difficult, and it did not come easy to her, as she lay reflecting on everything that had happened in the day. Just as her eyes were about to close she felt a cold strong hand on her shoulder, rousing her from that half-sleep.
She lay up, seeing Edward sitting on the edge of her bed, watching her carefully.
“Bella, I’m…” he trailed off.
“You’re what? Sorry?” Bella asked impatiently as she folded her arms.
“Yes, I’m sorry about earlier. About Jacob.” Edward responded looking down at the sheets covered in shadow.
“What is it with you two? Why can’t you just get over yourselves?” She asked desperately.
“He doesn’t approve of the two of us being together Bella. You know that.” Edward retorted, his temper rising as his gold eyes flashed at her quickly before looking away again.
“Well I’m not asking for permission, now am I?” Bella replied, her tone softening.
“I know, I just.” He paused a moment speaking quietly now, “I almost lost you once Bella, I don’t want to lose you again.” He was staring at her now, his eyes smoldering. Inside she started to melt, and she reached up to touch his face, as he started to wrap his arms around her. But as they were about to embrace, Bella was suddenly thrown to the floor by Edwards’s strong hands with blinding speed.
At that instant a bang, like a clap of thunder, rang in her ears, as the door to her room exploded into shards of splintered wood. A great bladed halberd protruded from Edwards back as he stood facing his assailant: a colossal figure plated in a grayish metal power armor, with ornate golden etchings of holy scripture scrawled into its surface. The Grey Knight held Edward aloft with the Nemesis Force Weapon that crackled with psychic power, burning the coagulated blood off of its purified surface. Edward writhed and the servos of the power armor whirred as the Astartes aimed his blessed Storm Bolter at Edward and a clap of thunder silenced the night. The Grey Knight turned to leave and the smoking carcass caught fire from the cleansing flames of the Emperors holy light.
Bella screamed in horror at what she had just witnessed. She yelled to the magnificent Astartes:
“You bastard! How could you! He was a kind and caring vampire!” But the Astartes coolly responded as he walked away:
“Death comes to the hated enemies that dwell in the Warp. It cares not for their comportment or countenance, and neither do I.”

Good Hunting ,