okay I'm planning to start a story that has a Human teen trapped in the struggles of his life, but as a twist he is born on to a world taken by the tau and must learn to cope with this too. The major charactors are:

Edwin Hermann: A 15 year-old human whoes father died the day after he was born fighting the Tau. He is hot blooded, know for fighting everyone else, something Shas'la J'kaara finds a small bit desturbing.

Shas'la Ukos: Edwin's closes thing he has t a friend. Shas'la Ukos has not fought in any battles but is very good stratigic planner.

Shas'la J'kaara: Female Tau cares for Edwin but hides it behind Bullying.

Mal'caor: A short Kroot that has been hanging around with Edwin since they were three.