I'm looking for an artist, with Photoshop or a similar program experience. I am looking for someone to make me two different userbars, though they will be similar in design.

If you're curious, these are for winners for a votewar I hosted not too long ago, I used to have access to Photoshop, but finished my digital art class and then my computer was stolen, which had a copy of Photoshop on it, and I've not got my install disc anymore.

I apologize to the mods if this is in the wrong place but I couldn't think of a better spot for it, since it wasn't really a contest so much. If I get more than one taker on this, I'll probably just give each person one userbar to work on. If you've got some time, I'll go ahead and post the details here, but please don't post them here, just post your interest and then send me a PM once you've finished and have the final product.

1.) Good quality, please don't make this look cheap, I'd like this to be polished and professional, that means clean looking pics and text, as well as a faint overlaid white faded blip on top, this makes it look 3D and is common in userbars.
2.) The base picture should be of the Imperial Guard, use any picture you like, as long as it's nice looking and is clearly IG
3.) If possible, I'd like a Gold Army Medal of some kind on the winner userbar, and a silver medal on the runner up's
4.) The winner's should say "VOTEWAR: PROVING GROUND WINNER" and the runner up's should say "VOTEWAR: PROVING GROUND RUNNER UP"

I am sorry, but there's nothing I can do as a reward for this save for giving you positive rep, and that's not meant as an incentive, just as a thanks for whoever spent the time on the project.

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.