Some short story i wrote, enjoy
Sister Canoness Helena felt the Thunderhawk she was sitting in lurch as another explosion rocked the outside of the transport ship. Glancing to her left she could make out Captain Valisky of the Ultramarines standing alongside was squad of tactical squad of space marines, their blue amour glowing in the dim lighting. To her right was a squad of her fellow sisters, clad in their black amour with their blue capes resting along their bodies. Helena felt her stomach swirl as she remembered his was her first combat situation as a canoness, these sisters next to her and the others in the other Thunderhawk’s were her responsibility. Every mistake she makes would result in them paying the price.

Suddenly the intercom blared to life "ETA at hot zone in three minutes" spoke the staticy voice of the pilot before returning to the sounds of distant bolter fire and explosions. Standing up she cleared her throat, "Prepare for combat sisters" she ordered before checking the clip in her bolter, she then turned grabbing her helmet and pulled it over her head. The bitter sweet air from the recycler invaded her lungs, changing her nerves into anticipation of the battle to come. As she sat down Captain Valisky approached her "I have never heard of the Adepta Sororitas and space marines fighting alongside each other before, the situation must be dire", his voice calm showing no sign of worry. Turning to him she said "the heretic guardsmen of the 702 infantry have turned to chaos and are attempting to summon the blood god Khorne, we are too few in numbers to deal with them". Nodding Captain Valisky turned and walked back to his space when the intercom blazed to life again "coming in hot prepare for immediate combat in 10 seconds". Helena turned to her fellow sisters "it begins" she whispered as the Thunderhawk lurched announcing its contact with the ground.

The landing platform lowered to the ground revealing a city torn apart by constant war, rubble crossing the ground like a colony of ants, the few buildings still standing were teetering on the verge of collapse, the background was lit up by explosions as they rocked the ground. In front of them were 7 squads of imperial guardsmen, their karki green uniforms stained with the blood of the civilians they had just slaughtered. The guardsmen were standing still, the shock off three Thunderhawk’s appearing memorized them, suddenly the heavy bolter's mounted on the Thunderhawk’s opened fire cutting down several of the guardsmen before the rest scattered searching for cover.

Helena’s nerves were now replaced by a thirst to slaughter all the traitorous scum, "for the emperor" she screamed as she started running down the platform, her bolter firing from her hip, three more guardsmen fell gashing holes covering their bodies. She could hear the crunch of the dirt each step she took, her empty cartridges hitting the ground before bouncing, her fellow sisters screaming behind her, their bolter's blazing as well. As she charged forward the ground on her left flank shook catching her off guard, out of instinct she hurled herself behind some rubble, her breaths coming in short gasps. Peering over the rubble she could make out Brother Galman in his dreadnaught amour charging forward from the drop pod that carried him to the front line.

His heavy bolter was blazing tossing cartridges meters into the air as the bolts slammed into the hapless guardsmen ripping limbs off their bodies. After a few seconds his heavy flamer burst into life sending searing flames across the battlefield, incinerating all that got in its path. One unfortunate guardsmen caught in the flames ran screaming only to be ripped apart by the heavy bolter. As she crouched behind the rubble another shock wave came from her right, peering over she could she the distinct shape of the penitent engine with the heretic Quasmin chained to it. Behind the holy machine laid the body of the priest that accompanied it into combat, his body covered in burn marks from where the guardsmen lasguns had hit him, the ground underneath him was a puddle of blood as it drained from his body. "Those fools, running into combat in nothing but robes and a powerblade no wonder none of them survive their first battle" Helena thought to herself.

As she leapt over the rubble squeezing off another burst into the guardsmen ranks felling another when a Leman Russ burst into view, its main cannon firing. The shell slammed into the legs off the penitent engine, an explosion rocking the battlefield as shrapnel flew off in every direction. An unfortunate Scout fell to the ground; a chunk of metal straight threw his abdomen, his blood spraying over his fellow brothers as they threw themselves to the ground. The stricken war machine lacking support collapsed onto the ground, a buzz saw attached to its left arm impaled into its chest. The enemy tank surged forward its turrent turned to a tactical squad caught in the open, as they scattered its twin linked bolter's opened fire. Several marines fell lifeless to the ground multiple wounds covering their body. As the tank rolled past the collapsed machine the penitent engine raised its right arm firing its heavy flamer engulfing the tank in flames. The flames crept in through gaps and openings in the tanks amour incinerating the crew before igniting the shells engulfing the penitent engine and the tank in a ball of flames.

Cursing at the loss of the engine Helena peered forward; Captain Valisky was standing at the top of a pile of rubble, his sword pointed at a squad of guardsmen cowering in a building, lasguns fire bouncing off his amour. "For the emperor" he screamed before charging the building, his bolter firing causing the already weak building to shudder as each bolt slammed into it. Two squads of tactical marines joined his charge emptying their bolter's into the building. Realizing the building was going to collapse on them the guardsmen charged at the marines firing their lasguns in futile attempts as their blasts bounced off the marine’s amour. Within seconds the two forces reached each other, Captain Valisky cut down a guardsman, before blasting another two with his bolter, realizing their defeat the guardsmen turned and fled towards the city center.

Yelling to her fellow sisters Helena charged forward, her bolter blazing as more of the traitorous guardsmen fell, her fellow sisters following her. As they reached the marines sister Zela opened fire with her heavy flamer, the flames rushed across the battlefield catching the fleeing guardsmen incinerating them. "crush the heretics" screamed Helena charging towards the center, searching for more traitors, while passing a building a squad of Berserker's leaped out roaring before leaping towards the sisters. Crouching, Helena turned o the berserker's and fired, two fell before a third reached her slamming its arm into hers. As it connected Helena felt a searing pain through her arm and heard a sickening crack as she dropped her bolter. Screaming she swung her powerblade connecting with the crazed berserker's shoulder, pressing downwards she slid it through its stomach, the berserker screamed in agony as its blood sprayed over Helena before collapsing to the ground as its organs slid out through the gashing wound.

Turning to another berserker she leaped through the air slamming her powerblade into its throat severing its head, blood spurting from its neck the marine stumbled around flailing its arms before collapsing to the ground. Hearing a scream Helena turned seeing a berserker's holding a sisters lifeless body, blood pouring out of the stumps where her arms used to exist, enraged Helena sprinted at the berserker dropping her powerblade and grabbing a bolter, upon reaching the berserker she raised the bolter to its head and opened fire. Bits of the berserker's skull and brain matter flew off as bolt after bolt slammed into its head, within seconds nothing was left and it collapsed dropping the sister it was holing.

Looking around all the berserker's laid dead on the ground accompanied by two fellow sisters, breathing heavily she looked at he arm, the amour sat their buckled from the blow, She tried to move her arm but all she felt was fresh spasms off pain. Sighing she realized that her arm was broken from the blow, looking up she caught sight off another Leman Russ rolling towards her. "Take cover" she yelled to her fellow sisters before diving towards a pile of rubble, the tank catching sight of the sisters in the open opened fire with its bolter. The remainder of the squad was cut down as they tried to escape, a stray bolt slammed into Helena's abdomen as she landed dropping her bolter, a few feet short of cover. Her blood spurted out of the gaping hole, every move filled her body with pain as she dragged herself behind the rubble, cursing she grabbed the wound with her good arm in a futile attempt to stop the blood.

As she watched the tank started to roll towards the rest of the battle force when a krak missile slammed into the front of it, chunks off twisted metal was hurled as the missile exploded destroying the front end of the tank. Staggering to her feet sent fresh spasms off pain through Helena's body causing her to collapse to the ground again.