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Thread: Untitled Book

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    Untitled Book

    Ive started a Fantasy/Comedy/Adventure book. Its untitled so if you think of a good name please tell me. Im not too far into it but Id like to see what some people think of it (Be honest, this is for my benefit!)

    Lord Zalrok was sitting in his study. It was a dark, damp night, about 2 or 3 in the morning. Zalrok reached for a book, he was on the trail of something huge! Something that would make him known for generations to come. As he read, the words pierced his heart like a dagger. 'Is it true?' he thought to himself, 'It cant be'.
    He heard a slam in the main hallway. Into the study came a man, dressed in a cloak black as night. The man stood in the doorway and promptly removed his hood. He had long, crimson red hair and green eyes. There was a scar on his face that was about 3 or 4 inches long.
    "What do you want with me?" Zalrok said in fear. The man smirked.
    "You have come across my brotherhoods ancient secret. A man as smart as you must know why I am here."
    "Please, dont kill me" said Zalrok "I wont tell anybody, not even my wife!" Zalrok quivered in fear as the man stepped forwards.
    "We wont have to worry about her anymore" the man stated as Zalrok noticed the blood on the mans hands. "My name is Xeros, a pleasure to meet you." the man said, extending a bloody hand.
    "I will not cooperate," Zalrok said with sudden courage, "The world must know!"
    "I am afraid I have been sent to prevent that from happening" said Xeros, "I am here to kill you." Xeros lunged for Zalrok with a steel dagger. Zalrok dodged it and started to run. He ran into a room at the end of the hallway and locked the door. He grabbed some blank parchment and a spare quill. He began to write. On the outside of the door, Xeros could be heard yelling.
    "Your family is dead, Zalrok! There is nobody who can hear me kill you!" Xeros yelled with rage, "There is no way out!"
    The door was pounding. All too quickly the dagger came through the door. Zalrok scambled to finish the letter. The dagger came through a second time. Zalroks heart was pounding much faster than usual. The third time the dagger came through the whole door came crashing down. Xeros slashed at Zalroks face and ultimately ended up stabbing him. Zalrok lay motionless on the ground. Zalrok was dead. Several hours later, Zalroks pet owl, Wigget, picked up Zalroks unfinished letter. Wigget flew out the window and headed for its destination. He knew just who to deliver it to.
    Chapter 1
    Hawkins woke up. He could hear the sound of crying downstairs. Wondering, he headed down the stairs. When he got there, he found his mother crying. She was a single mother, abandoned by Hawkins' father at when she found out she was pregnant with Hawkins.
    "Mom?" Hawkins asked, "Whats wrong?"
    "Hawkins, its Uncle Zalrok" she said with a frown, "Hes dead."
    Those words nearly stopped his heart. Hawkins was very close to his Uncle Zalrok, even from an early age. Zalrok never really had a specified job. Some sort or historian/mad scientist. He was always going on about some conspiracy theory or something stupid like that. Hawkins liked him none the less.
    "What happened?" Hawkins said, with tears forming in his eyes.
    "Murder," his mother said tearfully, " Stabbed 5 times in the chest"
    "Who would want to do something like this, mom? Why?" Hawkins said, more tears were coming now.
    "I dont know, Hawkins. All I know is-" she was cut off.
    "Post man!" a shout came from the door. " Post man!" Mom answered the door. "Post delivery for Hawkins Rallkswalk"
    Hawkins took the post out of the post mans hand. "What is it?" He looked at the return adress and gasped. It was from his Uncle Zalrok. Hawkins ran to his room and locked the door. He grabbed his letter opener off of his desk and cut open the envelope.
    The letter read: "Dear Reader, I am writing this letter to tell you the truth of what is going on in the Kingdom. I am about to be killed by an assassin from the Phoenix Blood Clan. They are planning to open the door to the new world by harnessing the power of black magic. This is the same world that King Trainor of Necroth opened. The man who is about to kill me is named Xeros, and will stop at nothing to hide the secret ties between The Clan and King Trainor. Please, expose the sec-
    The letter ended there. Well, it basically ended. There were a few scribble marks and then blood stains. Big blood stains. Just by looking at it, Hawkins could tell that the murder was a brutal product of rage. Hot rage. Hawkins cried.
    Chapter 2
    People were scrambling around the streets of Fotaxx. It was about 30 in the afternoon the same day Hawkins got the letter. He had finally mustered up the courage to leave the house. He was wishing that he didnt. A dragon was rampaging around the city. Not neccicarily a big dragon, but big enough to strike fear into the hearts of civilians. Another thing was the colour, it wasnt the colour of a common dragon. This dragon was a deep orange. It had horns, big horns. Horns that curled around twice before coming to a point. Sharp horns.
    The NWP(New Wizard Protectors) were blasting at the dragon. They were using powerfull spells, spells that Hawkins had only dreamed of seeing. Hawkins knew alot about magic. His Uncle Zalrok taught him about magic all his life. Hawkins knew the difference between normal magic and dark or black magic. He also knew the legends about wizards who used white magic. But those were only legends, white magic was too powerful to be real.
    Hawkins hid behind a newspaper box and watched the NWP thwart the dragon. All of the sudden, the NWP were losing. The dragon became black and its eyes glowed red. It grew taller until it was about the three times the size of a typical 4 floor government building. The dragon killed all 8 or 9 of the NWP mages. Hawkins felt strangely attracted to the area where the dragon was. He walked calmly. The dragon roared and Hawkins casually bent over and picked up one of the dead mages wand. 2 words suddenly came to his mind. He didnt know how they got there, but he knew what he had to do with them. Hawkins pointed the wand at the dragon and said the words.
    "Urasic Komarity!"
    Chapter 3
    A blinding white light sprang from the end of the wand. It came between Hawkins and the dragon. The ball of light opened and before anyone knew what was happening a portal was created. The dragon was sucked into the portal. The ball of light flew around for about a minute and promptly flung itself into the sky above. There was silence. Everyone started clapping and cheering for Hawkins. Hawkins stood there in awe. The NWP chief arrived in a unicorn pulled cab.
    "You saved our precious city" said the chief, "You should be given a medal!"
    "I dont think what I just did deserves a medal" stated Hawkins, "I think I deserve to be chained up"
    "Nonsense my child, What would give you that strange idea?" the chief replied. Hawkins shook his head.
    "That spell, I think it was white magic." said Hawkins, hesitatingly,"I never thought that existed!" The police chief wandered back to his cab. From the cab he shouted,
    "It does in fact exist. It is very rare to find it in anybody, not to mention a young child. How old are you, my boy?"
    "I am 16, sir" Hawkins said.
    "Marvelous!" shouted the NWP chief, " You have a gift, use it." The cab was pulled away. Hawkins walked, with the wand still in his hand. He couldnt even start to imagine how he knew the spell. The words just kind of popped into his head. He didnt even remember what he said, nonetheless how it happened. It all seemed like a blur.
    Hawkins walked the streets, the streets covered in dead bodies. Civilians and NWP Mages were scattered across the ground, dead. Dead like his Uncle Zalrok, he thought. Whoever did this must pay, Hawkins thought. Then it came to him. The people who did this may have been the same people who killed his Uncle. The Phoenix Blood Clan. The clan was known for its sick sacrafices and their major criminal activity, but everyone was too scared of what would happen if they confronted them. So instead they just pretened not to notice. Hawkins came to another interesting realization. The Phoenix Blood Clan was planning to use black magic to re-open the new world. Hawkins understood that whatever he had just done could be used against the Phoenix Blood. He decided it was about time the Clan was taken down once and for all.
    He started to run home to practice his magic.
    Chapter 4
    As Hawkins was running home, someone shouted his name. He turned around to see 2 of his oldest friends standing there.
    " Mathias, Roark? What are you guys doing here?" Hawkins shouted back. He ran to them as fast as he could and gave them a big hug.
    "Woah, Hawkins, your different." said Roark, jokingly. He gave Hawkins a gentle punch to the stomach.
    "Well, I guess thats whats moving away from the two of you has done for me!" Hawkins laughed. About 2 years ago, Hawkins had to leave the small village of Loaker to move to the city of Daevel. His mom got a job as a secretary for one of the biggest politicians, a job she couldnt say no to. So, Hawkins was forced to move away from his friends.
    "Really, why are you guys here?" Hawkins said. The mood saddened.
    "We came here to tell you something, something bad" Mathias said, "We have a bit of a problem"
    "The Phoenix Blood Clan is coming this way. They pillaged Loaker!" Roark stated, worryingly, "We've got to get you out of here before there troops get here!"
    "Wait, what about my family?" worried Hawkins, "We've got to tell my mom!"
    "No time, man!" heavily stated Roark, "Your moms a smart person, she'll be okay!" Just as Roark finished, they heard a crash. They knew what it was. When Hawkins looked to the east, he saw the Phoenix troops moving closer every second. Without saying a word, Hawkins started to run. Roark and Mathias followed.
    "We'll never make it in time!" said Hawkins. Another spell came into his mind. "Stand back!" Roark and Mathias stepped back. Hawkins pulled his wand and pointed it at them. "Dont move!" he said.
    "Woah, man! Dont hurt us, please!" yelled Roark.
    "Dont be stupid, Im getting us out of here!" calmly said Hawkins. "Ulmos Rocsutar!" The scenery changed.
    "Where are we!" shouted Mathias.
    They seemed to be in a valley. A valley with green rolling hills. On one side of them was the horizon. It was nearing dusk, so there was a beautiful sunset in the sky. A mixture of purple, pink and orange stained the horizon. On the other side of them was a forest. A forest with gnarled trees that had barely any leaves. The horizon seemed to scream life. On the other hand, the woods seemed to spell certain death. They headed for the woods.
    Chapter 5
    As they walked through the forest, Hawkins, Roark and Mathias were all feeling the same way. The forest had a strange feeling about it. A strange feeling as if someone was watching them. This is a good feeling to have because there was, in fact, someone watching them. A small tree nymph named Sophia followed the group, watching their every move.
    "Wait," Hawkins whispered, "There is someone among us, I can sense it" Hawkins turned around just to see the tree Nymph scurry behind a tree. He ran to the tree and secretly grabbed the nymph. "Ah Ha!" Hawkins shouted, with a sense of pride. The nymph was small. No bigger than an average writing quill. The nymph had light green skin that seemed to have moss growing on it. It also had wings. Small wings. Wings like a fly, that you could rip off with the greatest of ease. But Hawkins did not want to do that.
    "Please, let me go!" squirmed the tree nymph.
    "Who are you and why are you following us?" repied Hawkins quickly.
    "I am Sophia, the Nymph of this forest, I am the one who once kept the forest green, until the wretched Noctorus came and polluted the air." That was what Hawkins was. A wretched Noctorus. They looked normal, like each and every singe subject of the kingdom. But here was the catch. When the first Noctorus migrated to the kingdom a couple hundred years ago, they brought a horrible disease. It was a disease that killed plants and small animals. It was only in one of two areas and was contained after it had done its damage.
    "I can sense it, you are a Noctorus, arent you?" asked Sophia with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, seeing she already knew the answer. Nymphs could do that. They had powers and magic beyond compare. When Hawkins was asked this, he gave a silent shrug, probably meaning, 'Yes, yes I am." Sophia could tell that much. "So then, you shall help me restore the beauty to this forest."
    "Woah, Just because his ancestors did something bad, doesnt make him responsibe for it!" snapped Roark. She simply handed Hawkins a scroll, gave a 'You just watch him' smirk, and disappeared into the air. Roark and Mathias stood in jaw dropping awe. Hawkins wasnt overly impressed. It wasnt that he didnt appreciate it, but he had seen alot of that kind of stuff, being with Uncle Zalrok and all. That gave Hawkins another thought. This was the thought. 'Hes gone, gone forever. Hes never coming back.' Mathias' voice snapped Hawkins out of his daydream.
    "You dont have to do what she says, man. C'mon, we have to get going!" Mathias said with attitude.
    "I cant just leave her. I feel , somehow, obligated to complete her quest." Hawkins replied, in nearly a trance. He opened up the scroll. It read: 'Dear Wretched Noctorus, I have chosen you to complete my quest. It is a quest only a person with a solid body can undertake. Go to the Elven village of Mosquak, located 4 miles north of the forest. Once you arrive, meet with the Elven mayor, Aeb, and ask him to show you his prized library. When you are in there you must DISCREETLY steal the 21st spellbook of Aeb. stress the word discreetly because if you are not discreet he will send his guards for you. And, as any subjuect of the Kingdom should know, Elven guards are brutal, heartless soldiers. Once you have the book, take it back to the forest and read the third spell on the 2619th page. Thankyou, Sophie.'
    "Well, sounds deadly enough." said Mathias. "Are you really going to do it?"
    "Of course, sure it sounds dangerous, but I have a duty! A duty to restore my peoples image!" stated Hawkins as if he was giving an epic political speech. Roark wandered over. "Were doing it! Come on!" he said as he grabbed his 2 friends by the ears..
    Hawkins and his friends headed North.
    Chapter 6
    The Kingdom was huge. Bigger than most kingdoms in the whole world. Thats quite a bit, considering nobody knows how long the world goes for. For all we know, the world goes on forever, we just havent made it that far. One nameless philosipher(often refered to as "Dingbat") had the idea that the world is a sphere. He was immediatley shunned by the world(well not the entire world, which we havent explored yet). Scientists have calculated that if the world were a sphere, the people on the bottom would fall off, into the yonder.
    Hawkins expected they were somewhere in Khar-Wzakm. Khar-Wzakm is widely refered to as "The Elven Section". This is because the area is full of elven towns and villages. The landscape is basically rolling hills and grassy meadows, almost paradise. Hawkins found it odd that there was a forest in the middle of Khar-Wzakm, not to mention a dead one. Nonetheless, Hawkins stuck with his theory.
    Elves are some of the most usefull beings alive. I use the word alive because dead elves arent very useful, all they are good for is scaring door-to-door bards off of your doorstep. But thats not the point. The point is, elves are skillful at many things. Elves make most of the kingdoms weapons used in wars with other kingdoms. Also, the quantity and quality of elven warriors make great soldiers. The only problem with elves is their temperment. It only takes a few mistakes to make and elf suicidal. The errors of others also irritate elves. This is why elves dont much appreciate outsiders. They enchant most of their belongings to prevent them from being stolen.
    Hawkins knowledge of elves told his that this so called "heist" wasnt going to be easy. On the otherhand, his courage told him that it was do-able. Hawkins, Roark and Mathias had been walking for about 3 miles when they saw the village. It had buildings made of complete diamond. That was another thing elves were known for.
    About 100 years ago, the elves made a deal with the dwarves. The dwarves were the leading race in mining. When there was a rare rock reported found, you could bet your last 2 coins that it was a dwarf that found it. The elves posed the idea that if the dwarves supplied them with a limited supply of diamond(a common rock), that they would allow the dwarves to reside with them in Khar-Wzakm. This sent the price of diamond(again, a really cheap rock) skyrocketing, making it hard to get your hands on, even if you were a wealthy person.
    When the 3 friends finally made it to the village gates they were stunned. The crowd was humungus! It was basically all elves but a few dwarves could be seen if a person looked hard enough. Hawkins walked slightly ahead of the other 2 boys, eager to get the book. He kept walking faster, and faster, and faster until he was nearly running. Not nearly running, he was running, sprinting even. Roark and Mathias tried to keep up but ultimately failed. Hawkins didnt know where the mayors palace was, but he was pretty darn sure. He was pretty darn sure it was the one made out of pure diamond with golden trim and stain glass windows. 'It could be a church' he thought to himself.
    There was a wide selection of religions in the kingdom. Some, more strange than others, worshiped items. The Applonians, for instance, worshiped apples in any way, shape or form. Some religions were imported from other kingdoms. The people who followed this type of religion were hunted down by the king and put to death for treason. Usually hanging would do the trick, but for some, like the Nkereiks, who have no necks, this was hard.
    Hawkins sprinted into the front doors of the building, making a near complete idiot out of himself. Nonetheless, he skipped over to the elvish lady working at the front desk.
    "Hi, Id like to arrange a meeting with the mayor" said Hawkins, winded from running nearly the span of the village.
    "I am sorry, young sir. Your appointment will have to wait, the mayor is busy at the moment. But I can pencil you in for.....hmmm, let me see. Does the friday 4 weeks from now work for you?"
    "Im sure you will reconsider," said Hawkins, deviously as he drew his wand from his pocket. "Where is the mayor?". The elvish lady, terrified, took hold of her crystal ball and made a call.
    "Mr. Mayor? Yes, I have a visitor for you........Yes I know you are busy with the dwarven war general but this is far, far more important........... He'll be right in." Hawkins nodded politely, trying to rebuild any bridsges he had burned with her. As he was following the signs to the mayors office he passed a stubby dwarf, who looked none to happy. Hawkins thought it was, in all reality, a stupid idea to have signs that led to the mayors office. If some idiot was stupid enough to commit a crime involving the mayor, they must be off their rocker. Then Hawkins realised that is what he was, off his rocker. ' I am in too deep now,' he thought to himself, 'If I quit now Ill never get the book'. Hawkins came to a huge door with the word "MAYOR" arching over it. Hawkins figured the door was too big to open, and then he realised that there was a small door inside the big door. He thoght it was probably just for dramatic effect. He opened the door.
    Chapter 7
    "Yes, what is it? My secretary says you have something important for me." said the elvish mayor. Hawkins, out of sheer terror, stood perfectly still and did not say a word. "Well?" the mayor repeated, angrily. The mayor was not neccicarily a big man, Hawkins probably would beat him in a toe-to-ear brawl, but that was not the point. The mayor was a fairly tall, skinny man. He had long, black hair and pointy ears(like most elves do). He was an intimidating man and spoke with an unexpected power.
    "Um, sir.....Can you show, um....me.....uh," Hawkins stammered. The mayor came out from behind his desk and walked over to Hawkins.
    "I know, you want me to show you my library. You want the spell book, I know, every so often that annoying nymph, uh, Sally or Sophie or something, uh..."
    "He, Sophia, sir" Hawkins replied, shamefully because he knew he had been caught.
    "Yes, if I had a silver piece for every time shes sent a Noctorus into my office in attempt to steal the book, Id be richer than I already am! Go on, take the book, I am not going to stop you. If you can get out of here alive, Its yours!"
    "Well, thankyou....I guess..." Hawkins saw an elvish girl peering into the room through a crack in the door. She looked to be about 17, with long black hair and beautiful eyes. Hawkins found an instant connection to her when he saw her, but when she knew that she had been seen, she scurried away.
    "My library is just down the hall, you cant miss it. There is a big door that has a little door inside of it and..." the mayor was cut off.
    "I know, I know. Big letters that say "LIBRARY" arching over the entrance"
    "Good, the book is on the 358th bookshelf, it is the only blue book on that shelf." The mayor said and extended his hand to Hawkins and Hawkins shook it. "Good luck!"
    "Thankyou, sir," Hawkins said as he was halfway out the door. He walked down the hallway. 'This will be easy!' he told himself, knowing that it wouldnt. When he reached the library doors he was breathing heavy, excited and terrified at the same time. He opened the small door and entered. What he saw was magnificent. There was a majestic library, topped with chandeliers and floored with royal carpets. 'Even a village mayor couldnt aford this!' he thought, knowing that they must, or else he wouldnt be seeing what he was seeing. There were thousands of bookshelves, filled with books and scrolls. Hawkins wondered how a person could come across so many books. Hawkins counted the shelves, he counted over and over again, but every time he did, he found a different 358th shelf, and couldnt come across any blue books. Hawkins heard something behind him. When he turned around he saw someone moving in the shadows.
    "Hey, whos there?" he yelled, half scared. The person came forward out of the shadows. It was the girl. She was carrying a blue book.
    "Im sorry. This is the book you have been looking for. Im Gwen, the mayors daughter." she said. She was, truly beautiful. She was wearing a white button up shit and slacks with carpenters shoes. There was a quiver on her back and a bow at her side. 'Must be an archer' Hawkins thought.
    "Im Hawkins, and thanks!". Hawkins heard footsteps. More than one set of footsteps, hundreds. When he looked towards the main entrance the big door was open and elvish troops were flowing through it. Hawkins and Gwen instincively started to run.
    "After them!" yelled the elven commander. Hawkins and Gwen fled through to the other end of the library. When they got there, both exits were blocked by elven troopes. Hawkins nearly gave up. He put his hands behind his head and kneeled onto the ground. Gwen on the other hand was thinking outside of the box. She grabbed Hawkins' hand.
    "Come on! Jump!" she said as she and Hawkins jumped out of the giant stained glass window. They hit the ground with a thud.
    "Gwen, are you alright?" Hawkins questioned. Gwen was unconcious. Her body was covered in cuts and bruises. Hawkins grabbed the book laying beside her. It was a truly mavelous book, but it had so many pages that it was too hard to carry. Hawkins decided he had to choose between the girl or the book. He cradeled Gwen in his arms and started to run, just as the elven troops aproached.
    "Hes kidnapping the mayors daughter!" they yelled as they chased him. Hawkins had never ran this fast in his life. He didnt know if it was the fear of possibly losing a girl he met mere minutes ago, or the fact that he was being chased by elves. He decided it was probably the latter.
    After several minutes of running, Hawkins came to a river leading to a waterfall. The elven troops were approaching faster every second, so he had to think fast. He stood on the edge of the waterfall. When the Elven troops caught up they were puzzled.
    "Unhand the mayors daughter, hoodlum!". Hawkins merely stared and calmly tipped himself over the cliff.
    Chapter 8
    "Theyre likely dead, sir" said a nameless soldier. The commander walked to the edge of the waterfall and picked up a golden necklace with a diamond charm on the end. A tear formed in his eye.
    "This was Gwens," the commander said, tearfully, "The mayor gave this to her on her 4th birthday. We better inform him that is daughter is dead." The commander turned and walked away. "Were going back, troops. Move out!". The elvish troops retreated. Little did they know, the mayors daughter and her supposed kidnapper were hanging by a limb of wood, halfway down the waterfall. Hawkins attempted to pull himself up. He could feel his arms were about to give out. He had the idea to drop, but then realized at the bottom was a formation of rocks he liked to call "Spiky Death". Then he thought of climbing up the fall, and realized that it was too far and couldnt manage to lift his(and Gwen's) weight. He was so angry he kicked the hard rock wall and nearly lost his balance. After he regained it he realized that the wall of a waterfall shouldnt be rocky.
    He had heard about when the Elvish first came into the Kingdom to inhabit this place, it was already occupied. So, they build secret bases behind the waterfalls and slowly picked off the inhabitants. Once the natives were scared away, the elvish built rock walls over the entrances to the secret bases so that nobody would find out about their "Dirty Little Secret". That failed, due to the fact that a the blabbermouth elven king at that time bragged about his strategies.
    Hawkins kicked a second time. He could feel the wall start to give. He gave it another really hard kick and the wall came crashing down. Hawkins sloppily pushed Gwen into the base and then hoisted himself in. He sat , thinking about how they could get the book again and save the forest.
    A few hours later Gwen awoke. She looked confused.
    "Where am I? Last thing I remember is that we were falling, and then, thud." Gwen said. Hawkins sniggered.
    "Yeah, thats about how it goes." Hawkins explained everything she missed to her and then asked her about getting out of the perilous cavern. She thought for a moment.
    "Hmm, do you have any string?" she asked. Hawkins paused. He did have some, in case of emergency. He grabbed it out of his bag.
    "Yeah, right here, why?" Gwen took the string from him, took an arrow out of her quiver. She then tied one end to the arrow and attatched the other end to a hole in the wall. Then she drew her bow, pulled back, and fired! The arrow was sent whizzing through the air and stuck firmly into a tree.
    "There, a zipline" she said as she rode down on her bow. She then through the bow up to Hawkins and he slid down.
    "Well then, What now?" wondered Hawkins. All of the sudden they heard a voice coming through a thick fog.
    "MARCO!!" the voice shouted, as if someone was to reply, "POLO!". At first Hawkins was confused, but after 2 or 3 calls, Hawkins knew who it was. He started sprinting through the fog towards the voice. Gwen followed. When he got close enough, a clear view of Roark and Mathias was achieved. They seemed to be holding something, a very big something. It was the book!
    "Hey, there he is! And hes got a girl with him!" shouted Roark. They ran together and met in the middle. "We got the book, lets go!" They started running, following the river back to the village. When he and Hawkins were isolated, Mathias asked,
    "So, whos the girl?"
    "Her names Gwen."
    "Do you like her?"
    "Ye..No... I dont know...I guess"
    "Its cool man, I wont tell anyone". Hawkins and Mathias got back with the group. They could see the village through the fog. They started running faster. When they got to the village, they tried to blend with the crowd. They were achiving inconspicuicy just as Roark tripped Mathias. Mathias got up and punched Roark.
    "Stop it, you two!" Hawkins shouted, blowing thier cover. An elven officer saw him and shouted,
    "Its the kidnapper! Hes back from the dead!". The commander got the troops. A chase ensued. Hawkins and his friends were running as fast as they could. They were followed by elves on horses.
    When they were about half way to the forest, Mathias stopped suddenly and turned around. In a deep, dark voice that nobody hadrecognised he said,
    "Go on ahead, I feel something. Something...Evil!" he said as he turned around. His eyes were glowing red and his teeth sharpened. The group did not question and went on ahead. When the elven troops arrived, Mathias said,
    "Souls of the lost! Come to me!" as soon as he said that, souls came from the sky and earth. The souls feasted on the army of elves. Mathias smiled maniacly and in his hand spawned a spear. Engraved on the side of the spear was the name "Lucifer". He walked up to the commander and held him by the throat.
    "Listen here, buddy. My friends are just trying to save the forest."
    "Please, dont hurt me."
    "I dont hurt people, I kill them!!" Mathias laughed an evil laugh and speared the commander through the stomach.

    Chapter 9
    Hawkins set the book down on a tree stump. He furiously flipped through the pages to find the 2619th page. When he found it he looked for the third spell. The only problem was that there was no third spell. Just a recipe on how to cook a dragon tongue(which is actually a lost art but that was not the point).
    "My dad must have switched the spell book with "3000 Ways to Cook A Dragon"." Gwen stated, worriedly. Just then they heard a battle cry. A siloutte of a man was visible, in his had was a torch.
    "You killed my daughter! You must pay!" the man stepped forwards, revealing that he was the village mayor. He through the torch against one of the trees. "Watch your precious forest burn!" he screamed as the forest started to burn. The man ran towards Hawkins and drew a sword. "You took my daughters life, you shall pay!" he said as he lunged at Hawkins with the sword. Hawkins dodged back and Gwen ran in between them.
    "Daddy, Its me! Im okay!"
    "No! Its all in my head, It has to be! You are dead!" he yelled. Hawkins eyes turned a glowing green. He stuck out his right arm and a sabre sword formed in his hand. It had the engraving 'Zalrok'. Hawkins recognized it as his uncles sword. When Hawkins was young, he remembered his uncle showing him this sword and telling him its story. 'I used it in the battle for our freedom,' his uncle used to say, 'For Noctorus' acceptance as subjects of the kindgom.'
    "Gwen, stand back!" Hawkins said in a deep voice, as if he was in a trance. Hawkins lunged with rage at the mayor. The mayor swiftly dodged the attack and countered with a slash to the face. Hawkins, although injured, continued to battle. Hawkins was blocking and parrying almost every attack the mayor threw at him, as if he was being possesed.
    They battled for about 12 minutes when Hawkins realized something was wrong. The fire was on nearly every inch of the forest, except one. The area that was not yet burning was a cabin, Hawkins expected it was an old army base, probably filled with explosives.
    "We cant let the fire reach that cabin," Hawkins yelled over that blaze, "Well both be blown to bits!". The mayor stopped for a few seconds at quickly lunged at the boy.
    "If I am going to die, Im taking you with me!" the mayor yelled as he backed Hawkins up to the cabin. They continued to swordfight. Hawkins lunged, the mayor parried. It seemed that every attack Hawkins tried, his opponent evaded it. Hawkins slashed, lunged, chopped and stabbed but couldnt seem to land an attack. The fire was nearing the cabin.
    "It doesnt have to end like this!" shouted Hawkins. The mayor layed his blade on Hawkins' throat.
    "Yes, my friend. It does!" the mayor stabbed Hawkins in the shoulder. Hawkins fell to the ground. With a sudden burst of strength Hawkins jumped to his feet and stabbed the mayor. "Ug...Hawk...i..gwen..." the mayor stammered. Hawkins withdrew his blade from the mayors stomach and epicly through him through the cabin window. Hawkins turned to walk away just as the others walked up.
    "We have to go! The cabins going to explode!" yelled Hawkins.
    "What about my father?" asked Gwen. Hawkins' face turned glum.
    "Hes dead, Gwen. He was insane." Just then the cabin exploded. Hawkins looked back and saw a figure in the window. It was the mayor. His hair was charred off and his skin was burning. The smell was awful, the burning flesh filled Hawkins nostrils. Hawkins could only see limited, but he swore that he saw the mayor mouth the words, 'My....Legacy'.
    "Dad!" yelled Gwen, sobbing. Hawkins took her by the hand and started to run. Roark followed. They had been running for about 2 minutes when they met up with Mathias. He had a spear in his hand.
    "I took care of the troops!" shouted Mathias, "Hawkins, get us out of here!" Hawkins let go of Gwens hand and drew his wand. He remembered the words that he said to bring them to this place. Something tapped him on the shoulder. It was Sophia.
    "You werent thinking of leaving me here, were you?"
    "Sophia, Im sorry. Is there anything I can do?"
    "I guess not. Ill just move onto another forest, maybe a greener one. Goodbye Hawkins, you have restored my faith in the Noctorus. Hopefully our paths will cross again some day." Sophia rambled. Hawkins gave her a silent smile and redrew his wand.
    "Ulmos Rocsutar!"
    Chapter 10
    They arrived back in Fotaxx, and what they saw was not pretty. The city had been pilaged. Buildings were broken and burned, dead bodies covered the streets, few were left alive.
    "Oh my god!" yelled Hawkins, "What happened? We have to find my mom!" Hawkins started running. Luckily his house was nearby. When they got there, there was bloodstreaks on the front steps.Hawkins eyes teared up as he climbed them. When he entered he saw his mom, laying on the kitchen floor. She looked bad, like she had been beaten. Hawkins then realized the bloody chain laying a few feet away from her.
    "Mom? Mom! Wake up! Please, wake up!" worried Hawkins. Had shook her, but she seemed to have no intention of waking up. Hawkins looked to the doorway to see his friends standing there in sorrow. His mom coughed, confiming that she was still alive.
    "Hawk...Ha..Hawkins" she tried to spit out.
    "Mom?" Hawkins replied, quietly.
    "Hawkins, you must not oppose the forces of the phoenix..blood..." his mother tried to finish. "They found your note, they will be...looking for you..." Hawkins started to cry, "Your fath...father...He was a..wizard...." she tried to tell him, "Died....killed....phoenix..." his mother stopped. Hawkins sobbed. "I love...-" Hawkins' mother stopped, lay down and peacefully died. Hawkins cradled her in his arms.
    "Mom! No!" he shouted, "How could you do this to her? I will single handedly hunt down every single member of the Phoenix Blood and kill them!" Hawkins was getting maniacal now, "You shall be avenged mother!" Roark walked up and put his hands on Hawkins shoulder.
    "Im sorry, Hawkins. Calm Down. Hawkins turned around angrily.
    "Calm Down? You calm down! My mother just died!" shouted Hawkins with rage. Outside they heard a man shouting, giving orders to an army.
    "Phoenix troops! Move out! If you find any survivors kill them!" the man shouted. Hawkins looked out the window, turned around, smiled at his friends and propelled himself from the window. Gwen ran to the window.
    "Hawkins! No!" she yelled. They were about 3 stories off the ground, so the fall may not kill Hawkins, but Gwen knew that he would be captured by the Phoenix Blood troops. Suprizingly, she was wrong. Hawkins grabbed ahold a clothesline and unsheathed his sword. He snapped the clothesline and swung down to ground level.
    "Hey!" he shouted. The troops turned around. "Bring it on!" he screamed. The troops started running towards him and yelling. In any normal battle, the army would win, but this was not a normal battle. Hawkins felt rage bubbling inside him, caused by the death of his mom. When the troops got to him he started to hack through the crowd of soldiers. He was intensly alert and fought with a new found agressiveness. Most of the soldiers were human, but some were other races as well. One, for instance, was a troll. Trolls are extremely strong and very nasty things to deal with. Sometimes, not even 3 battalions of soliers couldnt even take down a single troll. Hawkins merely stabbed him in the chest, causing the troll to vomit its own heart up. Hawkins was on a spree. He killed around 300 soldiers and hadnt gotten a single bruise when he heard a voice.
    "Soldiers, stand down!" the voice said. The soldiers immediately stepped down. The figure stepped through the crowd. He was wearing a black cloak. "Hello, Hawkins. We know much about you." said the man in the cloak.
    "You killed my mother! I am going to make you suffer!" yelled Hawkins, nearly crying. The man took down his hood. He was a tall man with short, spiky silver hair. He had earings dangling from each of his ears.
    "Now, now. Hawkins" the man said, "My name is October. I am the commander of these troops." the man said as he drew a double headed flail. "Now, what can I do for you" he said as a black dragon came to his side. Hawkins lunged at October with his sword. October dodged left and jumped onto his dragon. Hawkins ran towards the dragon just as it was taking off. He jumped and just barely caught the dragons foot. He hoisted himself up and continued his battle with October. The dragon kept speeding up. Hawkins managed to keep his balance and attacked October. October was caught off guard and suffered a non-fatal blow to the left arm. Seeing that October was in pain, the dragon started doing barrel rolls. Hawkins grabbed hold of one of the wings of the dragon. October nearly fell off but managed to stay on by plunging his sword into the dragons back. The dragon gave a shriek of pain and started to fly recklessly. Hawkins crawled across the dragons back to where October was hanging off of the dragons back.
    "This is the end, October!" yelled Hawkins as he pulled the sword from the dragons back. October plummeted from the sky. Hawkins gave him smile just before October was impaled on the steeple of an Applonian church. Hawkins held the Phoenix commanders sword in one hand and his won in the other. He climbed to the dragons neck and began to steer. He plunged Octobers sword into the dragons neck to turn right, his own to turn left, and both to go lower. He navigated back to Fotaxx, where he landed. He dismounted the dragon to see that all the Phoenix troops had fled. He returned to his mothers house to find Gwen and Roark, talking. Mathias was not present.
    "Where is Mathias?" Hawkins questioned. Gwen looked up and said,
    "The Phoenix troops took him!"

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