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    The curious tale of Taskforce Aethos 7

    **after being inspired by so many of you I thought I'd try my hand at some fiction. let me know if you think this is worth continuing I think made every mistake listed in the stickies lol.

    “Sir” The captain said from the view screen.
    Admiral Jacoby startled from his thoughts. He chided himself for looking like a jumpy cadet still cold on the neck. He recalled the excitement that had welled up within him when his uncle told him he was to be promoted and assigned command of a task force. Now standing on the parade deck of the Warhawk seeing the scorch marked and battle pocked hulks before him all he could think is he was the victim of a cruel joke.
    “Sorry captain, he replied “I was just admiring the view.” He brought his gaze away from the small assembly of ships that represented his task force. He looked at the captain.
    “I understand, the captain replied the grey and crimson of our fleet seems to strike many new personnel.”
    “It is unusual, but not what struck me. Permission to come aboard captain? The admiral asked.
    “granted.” The captain said.
    “So what am I taking control of? “ Jacoby asked.
    “Task force Aethos zero seven is a picket screening the landing on Pella Primaris. We have thirteen ships, the four Decca class light cruiser interdiction carriers, three sword class frigates, three fire storm class frigates, two cobras and one falchion escort. Currently the Warhawk, Vortex, Gripon and the Righteous Fear have stood down all flights until further notice, the escorts are conducting a sensor picket and the crews are off combat status. With the route of battle fleet Legios and our main fleet closing in on the remains of the enemy carrier fleet the naval campaign is considered over by admiral Numara. The task force ships are all veterans of the campaign the crews are in good moral but tired, we have three new captains but they are also veterans themselves transferred around due to promotions and losses. The ships are battle worn and held together by the blessings of the magos.” The captain gave a crisp report it was the kind of report that stood on its own and saluted. Jacoby smiled and noticed the captain was sitting in his chair attached to the bridge via a network of cables and wires. Like many other captains he chose to be wired into his ship for greater control.
    “Consider notice given” Jacoby said “I want starharks conducting a perimeter scan daily”. The captain started to interject but the admiral waved his hand. “I want drills at least twice a day.”
    The captain felt a course of hot blood run up his spine. How dare this green back world’er show up here after the naval campaign was done and start barking?
    “These are veteran personnel sir and they need a rest.” The captain said
    Jacoby Listened sighed and reminded himself that as a captain he made the same mistake of loving his ship and crew a little too much. “The landing occurring on Pella has over 20 million of the emperors finest soldiers in the delicate process of transferred from orbit to the ground. Admiral Numara, while wise as he is, has seen the chance to obliterate a potential threat, by chasing rather than waiting he has left the prize vulnerable guarded by a thin picket line of patchwork ships.” Jacoby saw a look of realization cross the eyes of the captain; it brought back memories hard learned. “You would be remiss in your duty if you neglected to properly protect the landing force captain the dark gods dance in idle hands, sir. I know the crew is tired captain and need have rest. You can leave the crews off combat status for now but drills, two times a day for the entire task force if you please captain.”
    With the power drained from his batteries, the captain proceeded to carry out his orders.

    Pilot Lieutenant Halcyone sat in the dark tactical hanger amidst the crowed of annoyed pilots and co-pilots. Servitors bustled back and for with data and working on space craft commanded by techpreists, a low hum of prayers to the machine spirits echo’ed in the hall. He understood the pilot’s frustration just an hour earlier they had been on stand down with the enemy fleet in shambles and the end of a long campaign just in reach. Every one had been busy making plans for leave when we reached the first available port. None had been more distressed that his copilot ensign Aegle when the new admirals orders came down. The Squadron Assignment Commander was going over the mission brief. The personnel where feigning attention or whispering discontentment, Aegle was no exception.
    “Were going to be running sensor patrols” announced the SAC.
    “I’d rather stick my head out an airlock.” ensign Aegle whispered to his pilot. “I was two up in a game of mad dog and rolling triple fours.”
    “Something your co-pilot would like to share with us Lieutenant Halcyone?” the SAC boomed a voice that echoed annoyance through out the bulkhead.
    Lieutenant Halcyone snapped to attention and riposted
    “Ensign Aegles just excited to have another opportunity to serve the emperor SAC!” A few snickers as the onlookers waited for the next strike in the duel of authority.
    “Excellent your flight will be the first up on patrol since ensign Aegles so exited.” The SAC replied with mock enthusiasm. A concert of groans rose up from ensign Aegles row. Aegle resisted the urge to role his eyes.
    “Any other pilots or co-pilots wish to get enthusiastic.” Feigning curiosity he looked around. “I thought not. Halcyone get your crate down the jettison tube. Funs over people stay frigid out there and Ector stay awake for thrones sake!” he said to a thunder of laughter, jeers and tawdry remarks.

    Captain Abraham stood on the command deck of the Dog of War. His eyes glancing over the readouts all along a green silhouette of the Cobra class torpedo destroyer. His arm ached, a trophy from an engagement three months ago where his old command had been lost. Rage began to well up again as he remember the ambush unfold. He released his fists took a deep breath. He began perusing the reports of the day’s drills. He noted a marked improvement in the last twenty four hours.
    “Here you go Commissar Yates. This should put a little spring in your step. You’ve seemed a little distressed by the inactivity.”
    The Commissar looked up his face scarred to a permanent scowl.
    “You have not got me figured out yet? Yates retorted. “I’m a simple man captain. The only thing that puts a spring in my step is taking a chain sword to the enemies of the Throne. Every throne last one of them!’
    Captain Abraham smiled as he spoke.
    “Well we share something in common then; I just prefer torpedoes they do more damage.” Abraham smiled wryly.

    “We’ve been at this for a day now! When’s this stupid admiral going to realize this campaign is over?” Aegle had been complaining nonstop since the new orders had come down.
    “Would you shut up!” one of the gunners had had enough. Halcyone grinned. The star hawk bomber bulk glided through space like a greased ogryn. Halcyone enjoyed piloting in space he felt free away from the bulk of the carrier and its dismal crowded bulkheads.
    “Really Aegle, Dole has a point, you have been complaining for the better half of twenty eight hours.” Halcyone chided. “Just go and get killed where you’re told to. Is life worth so many questions?”
    “All I’m saying” Aegle said acting some what hurt. “This is a waste of man power and equipment. There’s nothing out here, we can sweep this area a million times and we won’t even catch a cold!”
    “BEEP!” the sensor screen in protest.

    “Talk to me Aegle!” Halcyone announced. “I’m cutting power to reduce our signature and buy us some time. I need a. . . ”

    “Report is coming through now Admiral. The co-pilot seems a bit shaken up” the captain informed Jacoby.

    “This is Halbard 116, I’ve got three destroyer sized vessels two cruisers and one battleship! Strike that two battle ships and a . . .” Aegle was turning white as he spoke. “Holy!“

    “Throne!” The other gunner corpral Addison shouted up “that’s a big helping of foot in your mouth Aegle.” The tech priest and ensign Lee laughed.
    Aegle was getting angry and shouted back “Addison you’re an!”

    “Ask him to clarify.” Jacoby commanded. “Two battle ships and a.”

    “What is going on!” halcyone shouted. “Dole put your pants back on! Aegle let go corpral Addison we will need all our gunners! Ensign Lee put the laz pistol away and tech priest consider this an official navy request to remove your vice from ensign Aegle.” He looked at where the vice grip had grabbed Aegle and winced. “Now some one please tell the Admiral, what’s about to waltz through his fleet is the throne damned!”

    “Legios sir!” Aegles voice came back across the com clear but was higher pitched and out of breath. “This appears to be battle fleet Legios sir. Nineteen ships we have located, two battleships including the Legios, three grand cruisers, four cruisers, ten destroyer size escorts. No carriers. They are currently three hours outside the taskforces sensor range.” Aegle switched of the comm. Turned to Halcyone “Well, shall we head back?” Halcyone looked perplexed.
    “What makes you say that?” he queried.
    “Because our ships carrying a sensor boom and a single anti-ship mine! You know our flight will be ordered to land and reload. The Legios is slow and hammering for the landing site so our fleet will flank them, watch and see, I should be the admiral!” Aegle was beaming
    “I wouldn’t let you admiral the suction flush!” corporal Addison blurted leading too much snickering.
    “Just wait and see our fleet will be coming to us shortly we might even miss the action.” Aegle retorted.

    After collecting the transmitted sensor data Jacoby distributed it amongst the ship captains and the fleet commissar and called a conference. He stood before the green hue of the battle map on the command deck with the other captains in smaller view screens squabbling over their next actions.
    “The Legios alone contains more tonnage than our entire taskforce!” one captain barked.
    “She has a double row of battle cannons and can sit out of our range and plug holes in us.” said another.
    “The landing force is defenseless we have to stand here to buy time for the main fleet.” A third captain said.
    “The main fleet is three days away this engagement will be over in three hours” Captain Ambrose added dryly.
    “We could focus every thing on the two biggest ships if we can hurt them enough the other pickets might be able to polish them down.” Captain Abraham said.
    “We would do best to withdraw” Ambrose said.
    “Are you suggesting we retreat in the face of the enemy and leave the imperium troops and this campaign to doom Captain Ambrose?” The taskforces senior commissar Kilskin asked.
    Ambrose looked taken a back “My record speaks for it self commissar I’m not a coward, suicide has its place but I think tactics here could serve the emperor best.” Ambrose said.
    “No one here is suggesting cowardice commissar.” Admiral Jacoby stepped in. “The good captain is suggesting that we have a narrow window to do a fighting withdrawal to buy time. The Legios Achilles heel is her speed. She’s slow so are the two repulsive class grand cruisers. If they chase us we can split them up. Captain how long before the enemy fleet reaches ranging distance on the landing?”
    The captain perused a few screens then said “seven hours.”
    “What are you proposing?” Kilskin asked.
    “In two and a half hours they will be in sensor range.” Jacoby said “in three hours we will start to be in range of their lances. If we start running now even as slow as the carriers are we will gain two hours. We will be in range of allied bomber support in three hours. That gives them an hour to pound on us at maximum range we can start using our flights to harass them immediately possibly slow them down and narrow that hour. If they give chase we will split them up make some easier to pick off. When we reach here the seven hour mark we have no choice but to turn and brawl. But they will still be two hours away and our closest pickets will also be two hours away so they can pick up where we finished off. Every one ok with this?” he queried. The captains all nodded acknowledgement. “Then gentlemen lets make it happen.”

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    As the time whittled away the conversation, insults and hypotheses aboard Halberd 116 buzzed. Ensign Lee had been happy at her job. She counted, rank, pens, paper clips and torpedoes. She sat in the belly of one of the largest ships in the imperia. She liked her job she evaluated her jobs based on her private rule she called the three S’s. Safe, satisfying and steady, the job had all three. She loved the dark cavernous supply racks, the drone of her own private servitor. Needless to say she was not happy to find out due to battle losses she was being transferred to a front line Starhawk squadron to replace a dead logistics officer. She was especially unhappy to find the crew of her new assignment was roughneck and weary. This was her second flight and Aegle and Addison where brawling and she had seen more of Dole than she had ever cared. Here she was thirty minutes away from the enemy’s second fleet awaiting orders for the last thirty minutes while Aegle droned on about his knowledge of starship tactics. She actually had begun to enjoy Addison and Doles’ quips. Engineseer Lok seemed to be ok but a bit loose in the head as far as Magos go. Lt. Halcyone seemed to be the only one in his right mind, maybe it was just because he kept to himself more.
    “Mark my words, apologies will be needed all around.” Aegle said. “The fleet is going to break this way shortly.” Aegle leaned back in his chair.
    Halcyone was the first to see it.
    “I wouldn’t relax too much admiral suction flush” he said pointing towards the fleet.
    “Impossible!” Aegle yelled. The look on his face even drew a laugh from Ensign Lee. It was the first emotion besides anxiety halcyone has seen out of her since they where introduced last week.
    “You forgot to attend the meeting admiral!” Addison shouted to general laughter as they watched the fleet make full thrust away. Enginseer Lok began chanting as his servitor gave him a system check. Halcyone began doing system checks of his own along with Dole and Addison.
    “we don’t know they are going to order us to attack” Aegle said. Judging from Aegles track record Ensign Lee went pale.
    “It will be ok Lee.” Halcyone added calmly. “We’re professionals.”
    “Didn’t your last logistics officer die?” she asked.
    “No he was promoted.” Halcyone replied. “Our gunner died, speaking of which were short one gunner you’ll be sitting in his seat.” Lee looked like she was about to pass out. “Trust me it will be fine, we have no munitions so let me show you the gunnery controls.”
    “I actually loaded a stock of ten missiles.” Lee said.
    Halcyone looked vexed.
    “How? We’re fully loaded with the sensor array.” He said.
    “No, I calculated it out, your carrying a mark II sensor pod it’s the older type the weights are not listed in the loading specs it’s actually twenty tons lighter.” She said.
    “How did you get the loading servitor to do it?” has asked
    All the changes have happened so fast they haven’t down graded my clearance so I used it to secure ten type six missiles since they weight two tons each. Was that ok?”
    realization sinked over Halcyone
    “Yes, yes, yes!” He said “I’ll take it, what type?”
    “Heavy krak” she said. “Lieutenant before you show me how to shoot you should know I can’t shoot. I switched targets with the cadet next to me during qualifications.”
    Halcyone grinned
    “your gonna fit in just fine here, these targets are going to be big, impossible to miss” his eyes growing wide to emphasize big. “Any other secret scandals or ammunition stores I should know about?”
    “What do I do if the ship gets hit.” She asked timidly.
    “Well if your not killed in the blast, just wait ten minutes.” He grinned “it will be all ok.”
    Lee seemed to relax missing the joke, the crew suppressed some laughs. Halcyone continued to show her the weapon controls. Then the vox cracked on.
    “Halberd flight you are ordered to engage immediately the enemy with direct emphasis on slowing down the faster ships and prevent ranging fire on the carriers!”
    “A tergo!” Aegle shouted and started prepping the engines to cycle up.
    “Halberd flight this is flight leader Kondyl. You heard the order form up on me if you become separated lost or halberd 115 and 114 are destroyed continue until orders rescinded. Do anything you can do to buy the fleet time!”
    The eight spacecraft began to assemble to begin their attack.

    As they made their first attack run ensign Lee was sure this crate was going to rip apart. She couldn’t hear the detonations but the ship shook brutally. As they swooped passed the lead escort ship, the ship filled her view Addison had been taunting her to shoot. How could she miss, She slung the heavy harness up and grabbed the trigger handles. She jerked the controls wildly at the last moment. The harness shook as the blasts sailed wildly narrowly missing the starhawk that had cut through her line of fire.
    “She did it! She missed the entire starship!” Addison announced. Her face went red and the Vox squawked angrily to life.
    “116 check fire! Check fire! The vox yelled. “Tell that bastard Dole he shoots like a scared girl!” There was muffled laughter amongst the crew, except Dole who was announcing a protest.
    “Lee, I forgot to mention try not to shoot our ships.” Halcyone said. She could here his throne eating grin. “They like to get in your way but for some reason they get really upset when you shoot them.” Lee was fuming.
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    Well, you're certainly on a roll with this one!

    I have to ask... Is it inspired by Battlestar Galactica at all? Just some of the names seem familiar...
    Rabbit; Our Tau community has the talent of figuring out how to turn a feather into a timebomb. Macgyver would be jealous.
    8people; Honey, why is my fluffwars story your shopping list?

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    Thanks dead star. No not battlestar galactica, the theme is just my amature understanding of the 40k world and how things would work. the story it's self is taken from a historical battle of which I will not mention for fear of making a spoiler. I hope every ones liking it any posative advice or suggestions about writing, 40k fluff I might not understand or comments in general are very much welcome.


    Klaxons blared as the fleet was ordered to alert. Crews where riding carts to their ships along the darkened cathedral like corridors, as troops and crew ran to their duty stations and collected weapons and body armor. Airtight doors between connecting bulkheads began to seal. The captain finished directing the crew and looked back at Jacoby.
    “Admiral.” He said “Due to your timely changes a fighter squadron and bomber squadron on each ship were already on ready alert, so they will be launching momentarily they should engage in about twenty minutes. The second and third waves will take substantially longer. To get the entire wing jettisoned we’re looking between one to two hours.”
    Jacoby recoiled.
    “Why?” he asked.
    The captain’s puffy pale face reddened.
    “They have no loaded ordinance.” He said. “We were as you pointed out before a little too lax. This problem is with the entire wing, all four carriers.”
    Jacoby was not happy. He looked at the captain he was young but this was a severe lapse in protocol.
    “We will talk about this fleets lack of judgment later.” He said; the captain winced. “What options have you brought me?”
    “I contacted our munitions storage commandant and our senior logistics officer” He began. “We have figured out we can cut the time in half if we forgo loading the fighters with missiles, load out the bombers with half loads and cycle back the squadron’s one or two at a time to reload. We can further cut the time if we have the munitions drawn and waiting when the craft arrive”.
    “And have my decks flooded with munitions”! Jacoby said and relaxed saying a quick prayer to the emperor for patience and mercy. "If we did that a stray shot or crash landing could completely destroy the ship. No, I won’t allow this. The munitions will remain in the armored compartments. But put the rest of your plan into effect.” The captain returned to his console. Jacoby watched the battle screen showing the enemy fleet moving into a pincer formation. Two groups of faster escorts took up position of dorsal and ventral horns. The main fleet including a battleship, a grand cruiser and four cruisers took position in the middle. The Legios and two slower repulsive class grand cruisers in the rear. He watched the tactical view and Halbard flight began engaging the ventral horns lead escort ship.

    Captain Abraham cursed. He was not happy with this plan.
    “I understand captain.” Commissar Yates chimed in. causing the captain to break his fury.
    “I won’t loose another ship with the torpedoes in the tubes Commissar”. Abraham retorted.
    “I don’t blame you but before you go off and get rash just remember you are required to operate within imperial mandate, which I will council you as necessary. “The Commissar said.
    “Yes, I’m well aware” Abraham droned. “That is why we are turning our dangerous side away from the enemy and letting them take pop shots at our good side.” Yates grinned Abraham really was a torpedo ship captain at heart he thought to himself.

    As they circled around the nose of the beast Halcyone couldn’t help but notice the jagged teeth like structure of the prow and the raised masts made it look like the ship was grinning at him. He was flying them close so the deck guns only had a few seconds at a time to track them.
    “I just saw one of them wave at me from a view port Hal!” Dole yelled. “Can you get any damn closer?”
    “Why did that last one look like your mother” Aegle blurted to a roar of laughter.
    “No, he looked like yours only more lady like” Dole blurted back to more laughter.
    The Vox cracked
    “This is halberd 121 where hit bad . . . we’re going to try to get . . .“ Static cut the line and a flash filled ensign Lee’s view port. She felt her stomach wretch as she saw the flash and the ship rupture. She swore she saw the gunner in her position flung into space but dismissed it as paranoia.
    “This is Flight leader Kondyl, 121 is gone. Concentrate all fire on the engines and the tower structure. Anything that looks soft!”
    “Like anything soft enough to hit with our pea shooters!” Addison chimed. “What about you Lee you manage to hit the ship yet!” Her guns where hammering away her face as red as the tracers. Suddenly her rounds impacted near a small gun mount which exploded with a quick flare of flame and flying parts. It was quickly followed by two more. Oxygen and coolant were leaking out into space. She smiled a big throne eating smile. Dole shouted with excitement.
    “Shove that down your protein hole, Addison!” She shouted down to him.
    “She’s going to fit in just fine here Hal.” Addison said with a grin. The vox crackled to life.
    “Good shooting 116!” an anonymous voiced said.
    The vox squawked again.
    “This is 115, I’m the only one alive here, oxygen fire. . . Homes not an option, I’ve armed the mine in the bay. Oh no fuel fire"! Screaming filled the line for a few seconds. As they swept past the horns of the beast, Lee looked back and saw 115 trailing a fire flare from burning oxygen and fuel. It passed through the coolant cloud she had created and the cloud immediately erupted in a flare and traveled into the ship. One of the main deck guns shuddered then the area around it bulged before spewing a quick stream of flame and debris into space. The still flaring 115 careened into the main mast of the ship erupting in a quick flash and a cloud of debris. Lee felt the shock wave. The beast began spiraling on its axis descending ventrally out of its formation. Lee wanted to cheer, but realized the same fate probably awaited her. It just didn’t seem like something to celebrate. She realized the line was quiet and no one was cheering. She wasn’t the only one. She suddenly realized how alone they where and she was the last to know.
    “Another wave coming in from the fleet looks like they will begin engaging in about twenty minutes.” Aegle announced casually. Lee still felt very much alone and like a bird under a cats paw.

    The bridge crew shouted a cheer when the escort ship showed a massive rupture to port. It began dropping out of formation spinning on her axis. Jacoby didn’t even flinch. Commissar Kilskin slapped him on the back
    “We’ve spilt the first blood crack a smile.” Kilskin said. Jacoby looked at the round blackberry of a man. He was not what Jacoby had expected. His career spoke of a lean battle hardened veteran. The man before him did not resemble his past. He looked like he celebrated far too often.
    “I never celebrate the beginning of a fight it can turn to quickly” Jacoby replied. “This one began in the enemies favor and this little success only masks the fact their ships are faster than we anticipated.”
    “True enough” Kilskin replied. “However see the boy over there on the vox. Today may be his last day alive, His faith, dedication and naivety will lead him to follow you to into the eye of terror it’s self. But they need to know every step of the way they did good. Small victories mean a lot to small people. Cheer, lets them know your human, they like that. That separates us from them.” He said, pointing his finger towards the icons of enemy vessels.
    “I thought you commissars like your people scared” Jacoby smiled wryly.
    Kilskin grinned back.
    “A little fear always healthy for faith, but a frightened kid is useless in my experience.” Kilskin said. Jacoby smiled.
    “Ok.” he said. Clapping his hands he joined the momentary revelries. He watched the boards as the first wave of spacecraft began joining halberd flight. He whispered an order to the captain to begin when the third wave of spacecraft began their attacks.
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    Ensign Lee winced the arrival of the new squadrons seemed to be explosive, they swooped in on a raider with a giant skull on the front of it's prow. Their first strike was crippling, the beast was spouting flares and debris. It was still alive but quickly falling behind. The first strike was also costly she counted at least six star hawks careening lifelessly out of control and two that just ceased to exist. The sky was alive with weapons fire and streaking missiles. The spinning and twisting even in the zero gravity environment was beginning to make her nauseated. Flight leader Kondyl came across the flight channel with a crack.
    “Flight leader to halberd flight.” He said. “119 just blew up, I’ve been hit, Lost partial controls. It’s been a pleasure.” Kondyl armed the mine in his bay. “Good fortune ship hunters!” he screamed as he careened into another escort ship aft section. They saw the impact just above the raiders engines. It rocked in a explosion flinging debris and large amounts of red fluid that looked like blood. Its engines went dead.
    “Look”! Aegle yelled pointing at the escort ship that had been hit by the first attack wave. Its ruptures in the hull where spouting tentacles which began to swat and crush near by bombers. The ships near her began breaking off to get away.
    “This is not going well” Halcyone said.

    “Order coming through from the Warhawk sir”! The vox operator announced. Captain Abraham took the document and examined it. He slammed it down.
    “What’s the matter?” asked Yates.
    “All vessels are to screen the carriers with counter measures after the third flights engaged.” Abraham said.
    “Why so?” said Yates.
    “He knows we will start coming into range of some of the ships prow lances here shortly. He wants us to drop counter measures to throw off their targeting and to give them the screening vessels to shoot at instead of the carriers.”

    “Captain, give me a status report.” Jacoby requested.
    The captain compiled the data and began reading
    “Squadrons from the Warhawk include one from the 41st bomber wing the Halberds and one from the 109th fighter squadron the Black Bats. Both squadrons are at fifty percent effectiveness. Two squadrons from the Vortex are from the 691st bomber wing and 11th fighter wing. The fighter squadron the Faithful is at seventy five percent. The bomber squadron has been wiped out.” Jacoby interjected
    “Just summarize our aircraft losses, please.” Jacoby said.
    “Over all we have lost forty five percent. The enemy had five ships, two infidel class raiders, two idolater class raiders and one of those insidious class boarding vessels. One Infidel has been severely damaged and appears to be out of action. The insidious is moving at half thrust and seems to be in bad shape, but it has spouted tentacles which has caused the squadrons to move towards other targets to avoid taking severe losses. One more ship has been crippled, an idolater. Seems a mine strike has cost her power to the main drives for the moment. She’s not severely damaged just immobile for the time being. One of the cruisers a carnage class appears to be breaking free of the main body and moving towards the fight on the ventral horn. Well be launching the second wave in ten minutes. Third wave will be launched in thirty minutes and engaged in approximately fifty minutes. The near by task forces are launching their bomber wings for support. They are having the same difficulty as us mobilizing their squadrons.” Jacoby rolled his eyes. “We can expect as many as three wings coming in piecemeal about fifteen minutes after the third wave attacks. Five task forces are making full thrust to the rendezvous point. About that same time some of the lances will be within ranging distance. The escorts have acknowledged screening orders.”
    “Send the second and third waves at the dorsal horn before it collapses into us.” He said as he examined the screens. Now we wait.” Jacoby said with a sigh. “Good work every one.” He added mindfully.
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    Halcyone quickly swung the ship around with heavy laz cannon fire hot on their heel. He rolled as he crossed over the ships axis and swooped down under the vessels dorsal firing line.
    “The Warhawks advising us that they will cycle us back in approximately one hour for reload.” Aegle said.
    “This will be over in another couple of minutes.” Halcyone snapped. “Lok can you do something with that mine? Can you adapt it so we can drop it while moving?”
    “Manipulation of munitions is not beyond my skills. However modifying the equipment is sacrilegious to the machine spirit and is more than frowned upon.” Lok said.
    “We cannot keep such large ordnance in the bay one hit and we are vacuum clutter. We need to drop it while in motion, preferably armed and into a target. You will to help!” Halcyone snapped again. The stress of the maneuvers was beginning to get to him.
    “The imperial navy has no authority over the adeptus mechanicus, sirrah!” Lok steamed. “Do not command me pilot.” Halcyone maneuvered the bird flawlessly avoiding an incoming blast and arced closely past. Lok caught himself so he did not fall. He admired Halcyone and his abilities with the machine; he maneuvered as if the spirit extended through him. But he would not be talked down to by a mere ignorant pilot.
    Halcyone relaxed. Lok had been with the crew a while. He usually had been drunk even on duty. He had tried to over power Lok thinking he was just a simple drunkard. His opinion was obviously a poor assumption. He sighed.
    “My apologies, tech-priest, and your correct I was out of line. The situation seems to have gotten the better of me.” Halcyone said as he swung the beast into a roll and dived below a ships battery. Lok gluttonous face filled with a blubbery grin. “So this is where it leaves us. If you would please find away to do what I asked, I have a bottle of cognac under the medical table.” Lok’s eyes glistened as Halcyone talked.
    “Why should I lower myself to accept a bribe?” Lok asked licking his lips. “After all, your all to busy to stop me I could simply confiscate your contraband.”
    “True, But you forget one small detail.” Halcyone said.
    “What’s that sir.” Replied Lok.
    “I’ve already decided that if I’m going to die that mine is getting shoved up something big. If you refuse to help me, or I think you’re breaking this deal I’ll plow this ship, that mine and that bottle into the closest target before you get a sniff.” Halcyone said without even looking away from the controls. The entire crew listened to the conversation, being jostled slightly with the maneuvers.
    “You’re not that brave.” Lok muttered his mechanical eye narrowing in on Halcyone. He was surprised and pulled backwards as Halcyone turned the bomber on a collision course with an enemy vessel. Halcyone began arming the mine. The collision alarm began to sound. “Wait!” he yelled. “I demand you stop!”
    “Magi have no authority over imperial navy” Halcyone retorted with a grin. He had a very peaceful look that unnerved Lok and several other crew members. Lee decided she was right. Just because he kept to himself, it did not make him sane. The enemy vessel filled the view port.
    “Ok, Halcyone, you have a deal!” Lok finally announced. Halcyone quickly aborted the arming procedure and began pulling the bomber out of the dive. The craft nearly hit the ship as they pulled away. A collective sigh released. “How much longer would you have waited to pull out Hal?” Lok asked.
    “I wasn’t planning to.” he replied calmly. Lok gave a yellow toothed grin and nodded approval.
    “Well let me see what our options are.” He headed back towards the loading bay. Lee wasn’t sure why she almost died but she was certain it wasn’t worth it.
    “Men.” She muttered to herself
    “Second waves been launched their ordered to attack the group over there.” Aegle announced pointing to a cluster of ships over head. “Looks like no more back up then.”
    Halcyone quickly pointed out things were getting worse.
    “Look over there, looks like a cruiser is coming to break up this fight.” He said. Halcyone rolled quickly to avoid a damaged fury careening out of control.

    “The third wave has been completely launched admiral.” The captain announced.
    Jacoby looked across the screens with a furrowed brow.
    Suddenly the battle monitor showed incoming fire. The battleship was beginning to range in her lances on the main fleet. The three murder class cruisers would soon follow.
    “Tell the escorts to begin their runs. We need a screen to block their accuracy. That should buy us some extra time.” Jacoby said.

    “The words been given to start the screening runs captain. The Dog of War and the Faithful are to make the first pass.” Yates informed Abraham.
    “Very well, Lets show them our happy fun loving side.” Abraham said coolly as he watched the lance fire begin to streak in.” The cobra class destroyer circled around dangerously exposed to lance fire while laying visual and sensory countermeasures.

    The Faithful another cobra was crossing in the opposite direction. Captain Ectorious was over seeing the ships operations from the command bridge when suddenly the vessel was rocked by a glancing blow from a lance battery. he grimaced from the pain. It felt like a punch in the gut fed directly to his brain through his various connections directly into the ship. It was an extension of his soul and it was hurting.
    “Damage reports feeding in now sir.” A helmsman reported.
    The captain examined the damage displays feeding onto the verious pict screens before him. The hit had made everything go blank as the sensory information was feed through cables and wires into his body he felt the agony of the ship. He could see the damage now the prow was glanced causing the port and port ventral maneuvering thrusters to be destroyed they where firing out of control, the starboard side controls where non functional. The ship was quickly moving into a large circular path directly for the evading Dog of War.

    Abraham saw the hit it looked fierce he feared the Faithful had been destroyed. She was not but she began to scream right towards the Dog of War.
    “Evasive!” He yelled. Not taking another breath till the faithful swung underneath. “I have had enough of this. Helm control steer her towards the heart of the enemy fleet. Veer towards explosions and flashes. Take the dog of the leash were going to go raise havoc.”
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    Jacoby watched the display as the blast hit and watched the Dog of War swerve towards the enemy fleet. He listened as the control operator tried to verify the Dog of Wars situation. He only got back static on the vox and a garbled message advising their communications array had been damaged.
    The captain blurted
    “What’s he …”

    “Playing at Commissar Yates?” Abraham replied “I’m taking. . .”

    “The fight towards the enemy” Jacoby answered. “I only wonder. . .”

    “How you plan to do that and keep within your orders so I don’t need to intervene captain”. Yates said to the captain privately.
    “I’m operating well within commander’s intent as is my privilege”. He responded. “The fleet is to buy time to allow for support to make a big strike. They are gaining too quickly we’re going to try to slow them down.”
    “You got brass rocks captain.” Yates said. “That’s why I like you and I’ve been itching to have a go at the bastards myself, but realize if you don’t turn this crate around in ten seconds, you have one choice. Come back a hero or I’ll give you the emperor’s peace.”
    Abraham laughed and replied.
    “Oh I see it as I have two options destroy three times my tonnage or. . .”

    “If he fails they probably won’t live long enough to give the commissar the chance”. Kilskin laughed. “Besides knowing Yates, he’s probably encouraging him.” The commissar grinned. “Why does he seem to be moving towards the enemy fire?”
    “It’s an old navy trick. Gunners calculate firing solutions to try to predict where you’re going to be. So after each shot they adjust slightly before re-firing. They rarely leave it consistent between two shots. It’s a trick that might work well here as the servants of the dark gods are very consistent about being inconsistent. I’m sure the gun decks practically chaos.”
    “What happens if they figure it out?” Kilskin replied.
    “Sometimes you get a near hit to tell you to try something different. Mostly you’re throne out of luck.”

    “Commissar Yates, would you be so good as to get the teams ready to repel boarders and lead them as necessary.” Abraham asked.
    Yates grinned from ear to ear. He checked and loaded his custom bolt pistol.
    “I’d love to. Just do me a favor and if you see any of those lovely boarding torpedoes they have been using; drive into a couple” he said. Abraham laughed.

    “Sir, Third wave began the attack on the dorsal horn about twenty minutes ago. Initial reports show better success than wave two because they where more heavily armed. Two Iconoclast raiders are taking a severe pounding. One looks like it may be out of action.” The captain reported. “Also two flights of bombers are arriving from one of the back up fleets.
    “Send them to the ventral horn after they attack pull back the ships from halberd squadrons attacking the ventral horn to rearm.” Jacoby ordered. “Make sure all returning craft have unloaded all ordinance I don’t want munitions laded ships crash landing. Isn’t the hundred flight loaded with anti-ship mines?”
    “Yes Sir.” The captain said.
    “Tell them to wave off I don’t want anything that big sitting in my hangar.”

    “Orders coming over, you’re going to love this.” Aegle announced. “Our squadrons been ordered to rearm, except the four remaining members of our flight.”
    “’How thoughtful” Halcyone responded. “Did they say why?”
    “Something about the captain, didn’t want our mines rolling around his deck. For the good news there are a couple of new flights coming in to help us.” Aegle replied.
    “Look at that crazy son of a bitch.” Addison said. Halcyone winged over to see a lone cobra class destroyer weaving his way towards the center of the enemy fleet.
    “This cruiser is killing us. Why don’t we give him a hand and let the new meat hit this grinder?” Halcyone asked. Aegle vox’ed the question to the other four craft in the flight.
    “They say yes” he said. The vox cracked.
    Halberd one one six this is bat two three niner, I heard your plan what’s left of the black bats is going to join you as well lets help that mad man do some damage. Everyone grinned except Lee, she looked nauseated.

    The lance blasts where getting dangerously close the halberds returning as orders where landing as long range lance fire was streaking in. Landing was becoming increasingly difficult as the ship was doing some evasive maneuvering. All the ships landed without incident when suddenly the ship rocked and reeled from a direct hit. The piece of bulkhead that crushed the captain had pinned jacoby’s arm. Jacoby was amazed to see the pudgy commissar lift this piece of plasteel with strength that seemed unsuitable for a man of his stature. He had misjudged him.
    “Continue evasive maneuvering”! He yelled. “Some one get me a report.” The control officer now that the admiral was free was looking over the control teams and servitors collecting data.
    “It appears we took a glancing hit two decks down and direct hit to the port side landing bay. The landing bay is unusable, fire teams are rescuing the only survivors and they are going to vac it to extinguish the fire.” He said then took a sharp breath. “We lost them sir, two thirds of the remaining halberd squadron had just landed, they.” he paused. “They’re gone.”
    “Sub Lieutenant Levi, you here?” jacoby asked.
    “Yes sir” he replied as he directed some crew to remove and disconnect the captain’s body.
    ‘Take command and keep us moving, get the ships in the other hanger rearmed quickly. And keep the escort screen going!”
    “Sir Lance fire has stopped”! The control officer shouted.

    “Captain, the battleship and three cruisers are turning to give us their broadsides.” The control officer reported. Abraham watched them.
    “Look at that I’ve already bought our admiral a few minutes to clean up the mess they just made of his ship.” He said to general laughter. “Fire a volley at the trailing cruiser.”
    He watched the torpedoes trail away straight on target. The cruiser swatted them away like flies with its point defenses but the ship had swerved to avoid them and the helm had over corrected, taking the Dog of War out of its firing arc for at least a couple of minutes. “They’re a little jumpy it seems” Abraham laughed, the crew around him laughed nervously. “Continue to drive towards flashes and explosions. Get us in close”.
    “Sir, some of our fighters are calling us.” The vox operator announced. “They are going to screen for us.” Sixteen fighters and four bombers pulled ahead of them.

    “Fire a spread at the lead two cruisers as we come around.” Captain Ectorious ordered. “Bracket them each time we come around. We can’t maneuver but we can still shoot.”

    The Dog of War swerved and swathed a path towards the main fleet. One of the bombers took a direct hit to the lower bay and ceased to exist.
    “One Two zero is gone.” Aegle announced apathetically. “I really didn’t like those guys any way.” He added.
    “Yeah, I can’t say what they where, there’s a lady present.” Addison added. A Fury just above Lee blew apart in a flash. She winced. She wanted to cry. She fought the feelings and rotated her gun forward so she was looking at the beasts and the flashes hurtling death at her.
    “So what are we doing exactly?” Lee asked.
    “We fly in front of the destroyer and the torpedoes, hoping the point defense shoots at us instead of the incoming torps.” Aegle replied.
    “Who the hell invented this flaming maneuver? It’s suicide”! She yelled.
    “It’s only suicide if you succeed in dying.” Addison quipped.

    The Dog of War continued to swim through the hail of fire.
    “Get us close!” Abraham yelled. “Hold the torpedoes.”
    Sweat beaded down his head. The volley from the Faithful cruised passed them towards the lead cruiser which slowed and dipped slightly to avoid them letting them race past. The ship still had the Dog of War in its firing arc but its speed loss caused the cruiser behind it to maneuver dorsally cutting the destroyer out of its arc. By the time the error was detected and it began to rotate on it’s axis to correct it was all over.

    “Fire! Get two volleys off then pull us up along side so close we can shake hands with the boarding party!” Abraham shouted. The torpedoes left the tubes right as they got in range of the point defense systems. The fury’s and star hawks began evading. The battleships defense systems tried to target all the incoming craft with reckless abandon. Sixteen furies and four star hawks had started the run. The remaining five furies and two star hawks began pulling away after the second volley past them. A total of five torpedoes impacted just behind the prow of the ship. They detonated to what seemed like little effect. Abraham slumped in his chair.
    “Bring us along side for the. . .” he started to say.
    The ship suddenly lurched and the following explosion was blinding and the battle ship lost power. The bridge was a roar with cheers and whoops.
    “Bring us alongside at bolter shot, tell the gun battery to have a blast!” Abraham yelled above the din. The destroyer pulled along so close the cruisers couldn’t see her. The gun battery let loose a hail of fire. The battleship was without the protection of her shields. The shots where small but tore through the ship mercilessly, blowing open view ports and ripping small holes all along side. The gun crew worked feverishly putting shells out as fast as possible. The enemy cruisers began changing direction to give chase. It was a good victory but it would be hard earned and a dangerous sprint home.

    As the bomber swung over the bow of the battle ship under a withering hail of fire they manage to pull through without a scrape. One one seven had lost power after a hit and careened out of control into the enemy vessel and was destroyed by a torpedo blast. They had just cleared the ventral side when the prow blew off the ship and the battleship went dark. The explosion rocked the bomber and shrapnel tore through her sending the vessel hurtling away without power.
    “Any one hurt?’ halcyone asked.
    “They got me boss.” Addison said.
    “Lee can you check on Addison. Aegle will be back there in a moment. Lok, how are we doing?”
    “The machine spirit is wounded.” Lok replied coolly. “And I’m half way to hammered”. Lee could hear his yellow toothed smile. Lee climbed out of her seat opened the metal hatch and climbed down to the hatch to Addison’s gun. She opened it to find him filling holes in the hull with expanding foam and plastisteel patch. His leg was soaked with blood and had a tourniquet. She helped him up and out of his hatch. She guided him to the med table as Loks servitor squeezed passed the narrow corridor to work on something. She could hear Lok praying to the machine spirit as he worked. Addison moaned in pain as Lee fumbled for an injector for the painkiller. She removed her tactical helmet as she tried to read the directions but Addison pulled it out of her hands and jabbed it into his thigh. He winced and then relaxed. She took off his helmet as he took a fresh gasp of air.
    “Oh a few minutes and it will be all better.” Addison said. She looked him over for injuries. He was lean short haired with a goatee he had a barb wire tattoo around his bicep and a Aquila above his left eye. He was rather handsome she thought. He caught her staring at his face and smiled back at her. “So why are you so stiff?” he asked.
    “I’m not stiff. I’m scared out of my throne damned mind.” She said as she bandaged his thigh. “How do you do this every day? Flying through explosions and bombs all of you laughing and joking like it’s all just a big game?”
    “You think where not scared?” Addison asked. “Throne! We’re just a bunch of kids trying to keep each other alive. You can’t do that without a sense of humor. I’ve been on thirty five sorties this campaign alone with a life expectancy of fifteen.” Lee sighed and tried to comfort him. Addison winced in pain. “I think this might be my last flight.” He moaned, leaned back looking exhausted and drained. Lee tried to comfort him. “You know I’m sorry I teased you earlier.”
    “It’s ok.” She shrugged. “At least you made me laugh. Like you said it does help.”
    “Every one loves a clown.” He smiled. “You have a lovely smile.” He winced in pain.
    “I bet you say that to all the ladies you are marooned in space with.” She answered spryly. “What’s your first name?”
    “Sean.” He said. “And yours?”
    “Sierra.” She said.
    “Sierra Lee” He tasted it. “That’s a very lovely name it suites you. I wish I would have had the time to know you better Sierra, but my times coming, I’m going to loose my senses soon.” She leaned forward and kissed him softly.

    Aegle Clapped, he was standing in the door way.
    “Well done Addison.” He said. “You won the bet. I’d pay up but instead I just won’t tell your wife.” He grinned.
    “You’re a bastard Aegle.” Addison scolded.
    “You’re married!” Lee shouted. She heard chuckling across the ships vox and some mumbling about Addison’s big win. Lee Punched Addison’s wounded leg and he recoiled in pain. She grabbed her flight helmet and stormed past Aegle into the narrow passage.
    “Hey Sierra” Aegle called after her. “Courage isn’t the absence of fear it’s doing what’s necessary in the presence of fear. Have no shame of your fears. You have been courageous many times today.” She tried to smother her smile under her rage. She could hear Addison moaning in real pain this time.
    “How did you know he was married Aegle?” She asked.
    “He’s my brother-in-law, and my names Brent.’ He replied. As she headed towards the front.
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    Sorry for the delay. My sons just had surgery last week, he's doing well but still needs lots of attention. more to come in a week or so.

    **this was a bit hasty sorry for the spelling errors.
    *************************************************************************** *******************
    “Admiral, the Reliant is requesting permission to run to the aid of the Dog of War.” Now acting captain Levi reported. Jacoby went to the vox station.
    “What’s this I hear about you wanting to be a hero captain Ambrose? Didn’t you suggest we retreat” Jacoby asked with a laugh.
    “Not a hero sir, Abrahams a good man and he’s got a long way back. I just think he could use a hand.” Ambrose replied.
    “He’s already slapped the bull captain; you do understand what you’re asking.” Jacoby asked.
    “Yes sir, my crew is prepared and waiting for the word.
    “The emperor protects you and your courageous crew. You have permission sir, good luck.” Jacoby responded. He watched as the Falchion class escort pulled from the formation and circled hurtling itself towards the enemy fleet.
    “And to think I suggested he might be showing cowardice. . . I was obviously wrong.” Commissar Kilskin said.

    “Report!” Abraham yelled as the ship rocked and shuttered.
    “Rear armor is holding but won’t last much longer and can’t survive a direct hit.” A servitor announced.
    “We have a deck rupture against the upper hull but it did not breach the second wall, reinforcement teams are working on it now.” Another said as lance fire streaking passed the ship. “Two murder class cruisers appear to be pursuing but are falling behind. The third seems to be pulling along side the wreaked battleship.”
    “That’s strange behavior for these bastards. Must be something awfully important on there.” Yates said.
    “Who cares as long as it keeps that cruiser off us” Abraham replied. “Continue random evasive maneuvers. We’re still ok every one but we have a long run home.” The ship rattled from near misses and occasional glancing blows off the ships armor.

    “Admiral we have four squadrons of bombers and two squadrons of fighter’s half armed coming in from task force four, they are refusing the engagement order and requesting to land and complete arming.” Levi said slightly blushing in anticipation of the admiral’s glare.
    “Really?” Jacoby replied with a flat affect. “Did you tell them well have cookies waiting?” Muffled laughter broke out on the bridge. The vox crackled with a persistent but young voice.
    “This is squadron leader Esakai Jubal from the carrier Admiral Scheeric. We have orders to land and complete loading aboard the Warhawk. Please give us landing vectors so we can arm for the upcoming battle.” Esakai repeated.
    “Put him to main vox.” Jacoby ordered. “Squadron leader why don’t you swing around and land in the port side landing bay we have it ready for you.” He said as Commissar Kilskin laughed hard.
    “Affirmative sir.” Esakai replied. He began issuing orders to land. Some of the pilots started reporting battle traffic on an alternate channel. He became confused. They crossed over the flight path of the Warhawk and he was shocked the port side landing bay was smashed, mangled with gaping whole and trailing debris.
    “Uh… Warhawk this is Esakai Jubal. Confirm report that we are to land on the port side bay”. Laughter was his reply.
    “This is the admiral” Jacoby said. “Your orders son, are over four hours old, this has been an active engagement for almost four hours now. When that bay was hit there was a squadron in it that no longer exists. Do you really want to land or do you want to pull your head out of your throne side and join the fire fight already.
    “But sir we have only two thirds out munitions at best.” Esakai replied.
    “Then I’d aim well and pray you hit as good as our squadron which had less than half munitions. Now move towards the coordinates you’re receiving and engage the dorsal horn of this pincer movement.”
    “Yes sir!” He snapped as he started barking orders and maneuvering his squadron.
    “Admiral.” Levi said.
    “Yes captain?” He replied.
    “We are getting a report from the Dog of War.” Levi said.
    “So their coms do work” Grinned Kilskin.
    “They say that one of the cruisers is displaying strange behavior instead of pursuing it has stopped to render aid to the damaged battleship.” Levi said.
    “Now that is damned odd for these bastards.” Jacoby said. “What could they want from her? Salvage some special cargo or weapon?”
    “Perhaps a feared or respected leader” Kilskin added. Jacoby nodded.
    “Track that cruiser.” Jacoby said “I’m afraid we are not in the position to take advantage of this find but let’s keep our eye on it.” Kilskin and Levi nodded.
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    The ship shuddered again.
    “She’s taking a pounding sir” the ensign said. “We have had two good hits to the aft end just past the engines. We are trailing debris, smoke and oxygen. Commissar Yates reports the fire is under control after venting it to space. Amazingly enough we still have more that two thirds thrust from the engines.”
    “We’re doing better than I expected.” Abraham thought out loud.
    “Sir, Captain Ambrose is on the Vox.” The vox operations officer reported. “He says they will be coming past our starboard side in ten minutes.”
    “Tell him I’ll salute him as he goes by.” Abraham said.

    Aegle was staring at his scanner.
    “You want the good news or the bad news Hal?” Aegle said.
    “Brent we’re floating in a ship with almost no power hoping to conserve oxygen until our fleet which is about to be destroyed comes to get us, what’s worse than that?” Halcyone responded.
    “Well the torpedoes fired by one of the ships, I think the Faithful, made it out to the legios and have caused it and its escorts to deviate course and they seem to be holding this new course.” Aegle said.
    “Oh how lovely and I needed to know that because?” Halcyone asked.
    “Well judging from our current velocity and direction, it’s a collision course with us.” Aegle replied calmly.
    ‘Lok, how are the repairs going!” Halcyone yelled.

    Abraham was walking hurriedly down the corridor to get back to the bridge. He had run down to help supervise the extinguishing of a second fire from another hit. He looked out the viewing windows and watched as the Reliant rolled up over the Dogs of Wars bow. They passed so close he could see the ships crew through the view port looking at his ship in wonder. He snapped them a quick salute and continued towards the bridge.

    Fire control lieutenant Ichabod looked breathless sly as they passed the Dog of War. She was moving at half speed and had been trailing a flare but was billowing smoke and oxygen into space. For a second he saw Captain Abraham in a deck window, stopped and saluted them. Ichabod was snapped back to his work as direction fire orders started coming in.
    “Fire orders received” he replied on his vox. He began voxing target orders to the torpedo room as he was making his way there. His position was unique. I gave him a direct vox to the bridge so he could hear everything and it gave him a tactical view of the battlefield.
    Two enemy murder class cruisers where flying almost parallel in pursuit of the Dog of War. They where targeting the closest one. He began calculating closing speeds and maneuvering to get a firing solution. The loaders already had the torpedo in the tube. The heavy fire was still on the Dog of War.
    “What amazing luck that ships having I hope they can share some” he whispered to himself. Now he just sat back and waited to hear the command to fire.

    “Continue course.” Ambrose said as the lance fire began to shift from the Dog of War to the Reliant. “Roll us dorsally and bring us below there bow, most of the heavy guns are on the dorsal side.” Ambrose watched as the ship barreled around and came back to course below the horizontal beam of the enemy ships. “Interesting, they did not dive for us. Continue zigzag pattern rotating direction randomly.”

    Commissar Yates walked back onto the bridge his uniform singed and sooty.
    “Captain I’ve just noticed the ships of the ventral horn are making a run on the main carriers. The carnage in front followed by an Infidel and Idolater and it would appear the insidious class boarding ship is using a tentacle to tow it’s self.” An operations officer reported.
    “Send a report to the fleet.” Abraham said. “Look at that Commissar fate steps in again. There’s no one in position to intercept but us.”
    “Let’s put some torpedos in the traitorous bastards.” Yates Grinned.

    “Fire torpedoes.” Ambrose ordered.
    “Acknowledged.” replied Ichabod. “Depressurize tube.” He plugged in his firing solution as he heard the tube pressure change. “Arming . . . and release!” he shouted over the noise of the loaders and servitors already cranking the next bomb into the loading arm. He watched his display and repeated the process ten more times until the target was beyond his firing arc. He watched as each torpedo was swatted by the ships point defenses.
    “Pull the ship starboard. Bring me along side the bastard at bolter shot. Gunnery team fire at will” Ambrose ordered. “I’m up, he sees me, he targets.” He whispered. “Bring us below the horizontal plan now!” he yelled. The helm responded quickly as the ships weapons fire began to streak passed, the ship shuddered a little from some light weapons fire. Icahbod watched through his view scope screen as the two cruisers began firing at the escort mostly missing but he noticed that many stray rounds struck the cruiser they where flying passed including a lance hit. Some guns on the cruiser they where next to actually begun to return fire towards the other cruiser not to much effect but the confusion drew the fire off them and seemed to cause much confusion. The ships alignment gave him a clear side shot he fired the torpedo already pressurized it streaked out crashing through the side of the enemy cruiser and detonating ahead of the reliant. The damage was not serious but it sure looked pretty and added to the ensuing chaos.
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    “I don’t know if I can get the machine spirit or its metal healed before the collision.” Lok answered. Dole was about to protest but Halcyone held up his hand. “I think I might can get our course altered enough to avoid the collision while I’m trying to repair the main systems.”
    “I’ll take that.” Halcyone replied.
    “Better than getting prow hauled” Dole agreed.
    “Halcyone I have fixed something that will allow you to fire your mine. There’s only two catches. It has to be done manually in the bomb bay and it’s only as accurate at close range.” Lok said. Halcyone look said it all. Lok shrugged his arms “what did you expect I only have so much to work with and you want me to practically redesign the launch system.” Lok protested.
    “Lee, this is your project quartermaster.” Halcyone said. She didn’t look happy but Halcyone was surprised she didn’t pass out, or even protest.
    “I can go instead” Aegle said.
    “No it’s ok Brent I’ll knock it out its like Hal said, it’s my job.” Lee answered.
    “Besides Aegle I need you with me. Dole grab a plasma welder and give Lok a hand.” Halcyone said
    “Gotcha boss” dole said.
    “Addison do you think you can get off your butt yet or you still trying to milk another kiss” Halcyone said, Lee colored red.
    “I could get a wrench and break a few bolts.” Addison said as he emerged from the cavernous hallway.
    “Lok when you have a moment show me what to do in the bomb bay” Lee said. “Do we have a plan on where to drop this mine?”
    “If we have the chance well drop it on the first big ship we get close to.” Halcyone answered.

    It had been seventeen minutes since the engagement had begun; Captain Ambrose was using every trick he knew to stay one step ahead of the cruisers. He had caused them some damage but they where by no means crippled. The ship had just shuttered with a near miss.
    “Time to break off this engagement if we want any chance of escape” Captain Ambrose said. “Take us under the engines and back to the fleet.” Ichabod fired two torpedoes as they passed the engines. One detonated in the engine flare. The other hit just below the engines he couldn’t tell how much damage was done but he doubted it was any more than the other hits. The cruiser began role on it’s axis to bring the escort back in line to her main armaments.
    “Bring us into a thirty degree dorsal swing! Keep us on her belly!” Captain Ambrose shouted as small weapons fire pinged off the armor. “Don’t clear the bow straight on take it forty five degrees away from the other cruiser and away from the beasts belly.”
    “Release!” Ichabod yelled over the din. The second of two torpedoes speed away quickly impacting on the beast. They didn’t detonate until after the reliant had passed. They cleared the beast heading away from her belly roaring in a spiral trying to stay on her belly and avoid the fire from the other cruiser. Ichabod took a breath for a moment everything seemed peaceful again. Then in the view screen he saw the lance fire start up again. The ship was rocked by a blast that threw him out of his seat. He heard the engines begin to shut down. And eternity seemed to pass as they waited for what was to happen next. Then he heard it.
    “The captains given the call to abandon ship lets go go go!” he cried.
    He and the crew with him all ran for the hatch way. Another blast rocked the ship sending them flying. He got back on his feet just to be thrown down again he looked out the view port to see the aft end of the ship breaking away, the ship had been split in two. He got back on his feet yelling.
    “Run!” He ran into the entrance of a escape pod as another blast rocked the ship and a huge suction began to pull him. He looked be hind him to see the crew being sucked out into the cold vacuum of space. His friend Bosher the torpedo loader was ripped away, his face would forever haunt his dreams. Instinctively he reached out for the closest person and pulled them in as he, himself hung on for dear life. Several crewmen in the hall where clinging to the various rails and buttresses screaming for help and to wait. Their voices where sucked away as the atmosphere was sucked away leaving the vacuum of space. As the wave washed over them one by one like wall coming right at him. He tried to reach one more closely by but then he felt the coldness and the air beginning to leave his voice. He closed the door, choked back some vomit and quickly sat in a seat pulling the arm harnesses over his shoulders. The rockets fired them free of the ship. He saw the aft end explode in a blinding flash of light and debris, the shock wave creating ripples in the front half. The closest cruiser was shooting escape pods that veered to close. He looked over at the young sailor he has saved. She was a cook and petrified with fear.

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