I decided to finally write a story about my character leading my chaos army on how he came to power. This is my first story i writing in proberly 6 years since i left school but i hope everyone likes it.

I tryed to keep it short but proved to hard and Just kept writing so here you, Enjoy

The Tale of Grandfather Vorang the Bloated One

Born in the empire city of Averheim in the State of Averland. Having grown up there for thirty six years. Tyrell Kilhiem had served as a captain in the Army of Averland for many years. While on duty the forces of chaos launched an assault and destroyed his hometown in which lost his wife and son cause of the attack.

During one winter’s morning on patrol on the borders of Averland. The snow was heavy and all around the area was full of heavy fog each man moved carefully on guard expecting and Movement ahead of them. There was a strange and nauseating smell in the air making Tyrell and His men dizzy and sick. The further they progressed in the misty forest the pungent smell became worst; suddenly loud and long howls came from all around Tyrell and His army of men.

Private Silyer shouted what the hell was that. Tyrell replied its just wolves keep on your guard; I feel were not alone in this forsaken place. Sounds of crunching from the frozen snow came from up ahead of there position. Tyrell warned the men of movement up ahead and again warned his men to be on guard.
Tyrell sniffed the stench was almost inhuman in its extensity,
He couldn’t make out what exactly what it was.

Suddenly and without warning a flock of scared and startled birds came flying from out the Forest, Sweat was running from there terrified faces.

Tyrell had a foreboding in his uneasy feeling in the pit of his gut. A few moments later barking and growling had gotten loud and several packs chaos hounds came running thought the trees. Tyrell roared “For the emperor!” with is heavy sword and shield charging at the rabid hounds with his men closely following him, shouting and screaming rejuvenated there courage, Tyrell was chared bye three hounds, One was deflecked off his shield with a crying yelp from the hound was left unconscious in the snow. Striking the second hound with his blade in a downwards slash through its neck and claw with ease. The third hound ponuced on tyrell, He was able to draw his repeater pistol in time shooting 2 rounds.

One hit the stomach and The other hit the hounds jaw blowing off its lower jaw sending the body of the hound flying in to a tree, blood splattered all over two of his fellow soliders fending off a hound each. Tyrell watched as one of the soliders was rushed from behind as the hound bit his shoulder. He grabbed a dagger from his belt and Stabbed the hound in the face. The hound let go trying to claw the dagger from its wound, The chaos wolves started to flee the the fight having lost a good few of there numbers. They were able only to kill 2 soldiers having them been septrated from there units and Overunned.

There was a huge thundering noises and Followed bye a big roar, several trees of the forest were toppled over as the chaos giant smashed though the forest heading right for Tyrell and his men. Over 30 ft tall and having a spiky head, carrying a long tree with a cow hanging from his belt still mooing in disorder. Some of the men started to look trebling with fear on there cold blue faces. Tyrell shout at the men to light there handgun fuses. The huge beast racing at them at ah alarming rate. Behind the huge giant they noticed a large chaos Warband of warriors and marauders heading towards them with mix of knights and Marauders raiders on there flanks

Tyrell had braced himself for the coming onslaught. For which that he almost couldn’t contain his anger to take the fight to the enemy having found out that it was these band of chaos marauders that pillaged his village and murdered his family. The vowed he would track down and Get revenge on them now that time has come. Tyrell whistled over a Fredrick and Handed him a messaged to take back to the Elector count and Commander of the averland’s armies they warn them on the chaos hordes they were about to face. Tyrell mentioned to the Fredrick not to look back and ride hard as he can, He was only a young kid of 18 having only knowing him for a few months. Tyrell watched the Fredrick gallop away from him, disappearing further and further in to the mist, He prayed to sigmar for Fredrick’s safely arrives to with his orders and Messages for reinforcements.

Tyrell turned and faced the enemy army having stopped about 50 feet away from his patrol force. He watched the chaos champion roaring orders at his minions in an unknown language. Tyrell ordered his men to prepare for the attack and Shouted at the marksmen to check there weapons. Suddenly several horns blasted horrid sounds from the army with thundering movement off the chaos army marching towards him. Tyrell gave a shout for the artillery and Handgunners, Bowmen to open fire.

A roar of cannons and Mortars unleashed there heavy payloads upon the ranks of the chaos raiders with deadly accuracy killing. Havoc was running riot over the chaos army but they were still able to continue marching even most disciplined armies would have fled against such bombardment. Tyrell gave the order to let the handgunners and Crossbowmen to fire at 35 yards, even though the was only a small groups of ranged weapon soldiers they would still be able to cause death and panic. Hoping to somehow rout them and Save his men from certain death.

Tyrell waits a few moments to allow his men to pick there targets. With a signal of his head to his 2nd in command Hendrix Von Berlorus, Which has served under his wing for 10 years both were very young men when they entered service in the Averhiem army. It was such a desperate time for the state as they were taking on anyone who applied. They the best good friends for many years and Skilled fencers in there town both were great rivals.

Hendrix gave the order to fire lots of loud echo’s came form the rear ranks of the army peppering the front rank of chaos warriors having seen the damage the artillery done only a few warriors fell most shots just deflected of there shields and Armour the rest just reformed and Continued marching forward towards there battle line, They were getting closer bye the second so Tyrell ordered his battle line of swordsmen to attack the chaos warriors a regiment of halberdiers and Unit of knights from the order of the broken swords guarding there left flank and On his right flank marched the regiment Averland greatswords and A small band of flagellants were walking with them looking to destroy any form of chaos they came across.

Close both armies approached each other while been under fire from empire artillery which ceased without question, Tyrell turned around and seen marauder horsemen attacking the rearguard soldiers and Artillery “Tyrell grunted to himself cursing those pistoliers he sent to guard there flanks form attacks been to reckless getting them killed”.

Tyrell knew this battle was going bad since it started and now being outflanked without artillery support they would be overrun in a massacre. Tyrell seen the champion of chaos giving the orders out to attack so Tyrell decided if he is going die, he will take as many of the chaos scum out as possible. He looked around the ranks of the men seeing the faces of fear and Panic giving out a small speech that there demise was at hand but with there faith in sigmar they could cause enough damage to hold of the attack and Hopefully reinforces would arrive in time but Tyrell know if any were to come it would be hours or even days till they arrived.

Suddenly the crazed flagellants launched themselves without order to enemies front ranks smashing in the chaos warriors with there flails some successfully killing and Others been killed from skilled warriors able to deflect there blows before they had landed. Tyrell gave the order to take the fight to the enemy before the flagellants were overrun keeping the chaos forces at bay for few moments. He requested that knights to stay in reserve and to go deal with the new problem of the marauder raiders at there rear flank. Commander of the knights nodded at Tyrell and Turned his steed, wishing them good luck in there fight, pursing his unit of knights towards to marauder raiders. Tyrell turned and continue to quickly march with the swordsmen regiment, as the empire army started to charge at the same time the parts of the chaos army that wasn’t caught in the fighting charged to intercept.

Both forces clashed in a thunder of crashing, But Tyrell was able to defecting the blow quickly killed the chaos marauder lunging for neck slash with his sword killing the marauder with such speed and Moving on to the next targets. The battle was so quick he was being to lose track off were he was and trying to assist any of his fronts but he heard crying and screaming all around him. Taking out several more marauders and Chaos warriors but them proving to be far tougher to deal with them than a single blow. Tyrell noticed him shield was taking a beating it was shattered form the all the attacks he blocked.

The battle wasn’t going in the empire armies favour losing to many troops casualties and Since morale was melting away from the troops as more and more men started to flee for there life’s but being cut down in the process. Tyrell seen the chaos champion slaughtering the averland greatswords bye the dozens with each mighty swing blood and gore was flying all over the place, He was a monster of a man at least 7ft man but the speed he was moving at was unheard of and Also the size of the mans body it was so large and It was masses of fat and He moved so freely striking with his plague axe. Tyrell started to move towards the man killing any marauders he came across hoping that if he was dead the army would break in a panic and Flee. While on his way he drops his old shield and Picked up another he had found attaching it to his arm. They finally reached the chaos champion who said “I’m Alribos plague champion of nurgle and have come to destroy your petty empire”.

Tyrell replied you will die bye my sword today chaos scum, pointing his sword at Alribos in a mocking fashion. Having had enough of talking to the man he launched himself at Alribos, lifting his axe to block each blow unflinching, Alribos laughed at Tyrell’s attacks thinking it would be just as easy to kill there captain but Tyrell had a few tricks up sleeve hit Alribos with his shield busy blocking his sword attacks, Stunned only for a second he felt a small pain in his ribcage but laughed again and Hitting Tyrell with the end of weapon even though he was able to block with his shield he still stumbled a small distance away. Getting back up was met with ah axe swing to his neck would have taking his head clean off but manage to move out the way in time and Grabbing his weapon. Putting himself in a guard position blocked another attack but was wasn’t able to stop the attack it broke right through his weapon which shattered in to lots of pieces bits hit Tyrell’s face but most was deflected from his armour, He shouted in pain scaring his face and Feeling a large piece of metal landed in his right eye. His face began to bleed and he could not see much. Following the really sharp pain calm from his abdomen, He looked down and saw the axe embedded in to his lower ribcage.

Tyrell feel unconscious collasping to the ground several hours later, Tyrell awoke feeling agonsing pain from his face and body and Feeling he could’nt move he looked up surrounded by several chaos warriors and Weapons draw he said to himself “Oh poo-poo”. But they warriors were ordered to back away from a unknown voice, He saw a shadow of the warrior he was fighting trying to reach his weapon but it wasn’t to be found. Bodies of his soilders were all around the battlefield, Tyrell said “even while you lingire here more of us are coming they will come for me”. This was met with a laugh from Alribos,Why are you laughing?, Shouts tyrell.

Alribos explains to Tyrell that the reinforcements will never come as we managed to intercept the scout you sent to them.
“Alribos holds up a small leather bag and throws the notes they had sent in to a fire and Then points to a tree”.
“Tyrell looks with a grim but angry face and Turns to the tree seeing the rider’s body had been crucified on a dead oak tree”.

Alribos spoke some more with Tyrell and Tyrell begun to heal but he began to hate the empire for abandoning him and Letting his family get killed. He was also told that he had been infected with several diseases from the wound Alribos done to him to join his warband and offered him a chance to get revenge upon the empire bye praying and Doing deeds for papa nurgle he would become strong and immune to all diseases he had and could get or Leave him to die a fool.

Tyrell eventually agreed and worked his way up the ranks to even be marked bye the god of nurgle. Alribos was killed in an assault against the city Nordland that had failed miserably and was killed by a hero of the empire called Augustus Kilhiem. Took over warband of his nurgle followers. He decided no longer would anyone know him as Tyrell Kilhiem but now Grandfather Vorang the Bloated One.

Any tips on errors or just comments would be a great help for me to immprove my writing.