Well This is Untitled thus far, and is a small short story, if people here think I'm a half decent story-writer then I'll write something else.
Remember this is purely fictional, even though is does bear resemblance to the actual Korean war (even though I hadn't done that in history when I wrote it)

July 2010: North Korea declares War on South Korea, breaking their peace Agreement, South Korea appeals to NATO for help. NATO begins to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
August 2010: North Korea takes the capital of South Korea, South Korean troops hide in the Jungles and defend the Airport in the south.
September 2010: British troops land at the Airport and begin to push the North Korean troops back.
October 2010: Most NATO Troops are committed in South Korea, China sends troops to defend North Korea.
December 2010: NATO and South Korean Troops push the last of the Northern Troops out of South Korea, Generals debate on whether to push into North Korea or not.
January 2011: China sends more troops to The Border, the first movements into North Korea are made in some areas.
March 2011: Full scale assault on North Korea, 200 Chinese troops ambushed and massacred. Questions in Britain about Morality of the War.
April 2011: Chinese army driven out, North Korean troops attempt to hold the capital city but are forced out and retreat to the Jungles.
May 2011: NATO Troops begin to sweep the Jungles for North Korean Patrol Bases.

They’ve Done it. They’d finished. They’d Earned it. The coveted Green Beret. They were Royal Marine Commandos…

They left Lympstone in high spirits, but with the nagging feeling in the back of their minds that in one days time they would be fighting for their lives in the Korean Jungle, fighting against a fanatical enemy. They entered the Pub and ordered a lager each; they quickly finished these and went searching for everybody else. They saw that the rest of 264 troop had congregated around a pool table, and they went to meet them. As soon as they were in amognst their fellow Marines they immediately had drinks thrust into their hands. David searched for Haley, his fiancé, while Alex just searched for any good-looking girl to flirt with. This was their first chance to relax after 34 weeks of hard intense training. David couldn’t see his other half, as she was creeping up behind him, and as he began to sulk into his drink she jumped on his back, forcing the Liquid out of his mouth and onto the floor. Haley started laughing, hugging David as she did so. Alex found a pretty girl by the bar and moved over to her.

An hour and several slaps later Alex returned to the pool table and interrupted David and Haleys kissing session for a chat. “Hello Haley!” he said cheerfully, Haley greeted him but David scowled at him, he hadn’t seen Haley in ages and he’d seen Alex everyday, nonetheless the three of them began a nice conversation about nothing inparticular. Alex and David’s wallets gradually became emptier and they steadily grew drunker, and it wasn’t long before the whole of 264 troop were singing their favourite songs, not together or even the same song at some points, but to them it sounded amazing. Alex began to flirt with Haley, which neither her or David liked very much, and the further he tried to go with her the angrier David got, before Alex had begun to lean forward for a kiss David didn’t say anything, but this action lead to David pushing Alex away from his beloved, cursing and roaring insults as he did so. A group of other Commandos held him back while yet more held the younger and smaller Alex back. About half an hour later Alex had stopped flirting and David was uncouncious and broke. Alex dragged him back to their Barracks.

The next morning brought with it head aches and a total loss of memory of the night before, yet as they prepared to fly to Korea the memories came back to them slowly one by one, and the traffic cone and police mans helmet eventually explained themselves. To the horror of those involved. The men packed their treasured belongings, wrote letters home and indeed their own wills as they prepared to move to the trucks to be flown away thousands of miles into
North Korea. David decided to interrogate Alex about his actions the previous night. “Ok I’ll admit it!” Alex finaly conceded, “I like Haley and I have done for some time!”
“but shes my fiance!”
“I know I didn’t mean to do anything about it!”
“Well why did you?”
“Did you not notice how steaming I was?”
“Well yes but still!” exclaimed David
“Look, I’m sorry mate!” Apologized Alex
“It’s ok, just, don’t do it again ok?”
“Ok” And that was that.
As they landed at the half destroyed Northern Airport, 264 Troop finally realised the War they would be fighting. They saw an American jet on the other side of the runway. It was being filled with coffins draped in American Flags. Fear began to sink in. They got into Bedford trucks, nicknamed, “four toners” and were driven along potholed roads to FOB Greenspace. This would be their home for the following 5 months. They drove past destroyed tanks and destroyed homes. Graves lined the road. This war was like none other; the British had taken in total 64 fatalities. NATO and South Korean Troops had taken over 500. Some of 264 Troop would never return; and they knew it.

They entered the Forward Operating Base (FO and the first thing they encountered was the Hospital. A man lay bleeding and screams filled the air. They were given accommodation and surprisingly comfortable beds, they unpacked their things, and after 2 days of preparation they were ready for their first patrol.

Back in Britain, Haley watched the news, there was another death in North Korea; a British patrol had been ambushed. There were more debates about the morality of the War. Haley decided that she didn’t care, as long as her David came back all right! She switched off the TV and went to the shop. She met a friend there, one of the wives of another man in 264 troop, they both shared their concerns about their loved ones, and managed to reassure each other that everything was going to be alright.

A sudden movement made David’s head snap to his right and he peered into the undergrowth, rifle raised. Just a bird, David thought. A quick and slightly panicky hand signal was passed down the line, David’s trained brain interpreted this quickly as, “Get down, enemy sighted left.” He was on one knee and scanned the undergrowth. There was a gunshot, bark flew upwards, the marines quickly threw themselves flat on their stomachs and returned fire, and David got his first glimpse of the Enemy. There was a figure, roughly human shaped, but covered in leaves, it was kneeling down with an AK raised. It got up and began to run towards a much closer bush. David aimed his rifle, and squeezed the trigger, the thing fell. After a few more rounds were exchanged the shooting ground to a halt, and the patrol continued. They walked for miles, in a wide circle, until they were back at FOB Greenspace. David collapsed onto his bed, Alex opposite him followed suit, they were exhausted, but began to clean their weapons all the same. They drank a little water and lit stoves outside to cook their horrible ration packs with, high-energy food, which lasted a lifetime.

It wasn’t long before a new crisis developed, this time a German patrol had run into difficulties and was asking for reinforcements, a British patrol was sent out to rescue them made up of half of 264 troop, the rest listened intently in the ops room. The first contact report filtered through,
“Around five enemy fighters concealed in the jungle, one RPG, Wait out.”
The dull thuds of distant gunfire were just audible. After a while they almost died out, with only the sounds of the distant German firefight were left,
“Six enemy killed, no casualties, Over.”
A synchronised sigh was let out from the gathered Commandos. After another twenty minutes the patrol reported that it was at the German patrols position, and together they began to fight through the amassed enemy guerrilla fighters. There were a few unclear messages of casualties.
“Say again, Over.”
“The German patrol has taken 4 casualties, I say again 4 casualties, one of them is dead, we have taken one, he-” There was a sudden and sharp whitewash noise, “-alright, we are returning to base.”
The sounds of gunfire slowly got louder, until there was a definite location of the enemy sent through, and artillery pounded part of the Jungle, huge flames erupting over the trees. The two patrols came through the gate and medics rushed to the aid of the wounded men. Another of the Germans had died of blood loss on the way back. The British casualty was on the edge of death. A bullet had ripped open his leg and cut the artery, blood was flowing everywhere.

Five Medics battled for his life, a TV Camera crew were recording what was happening. More blood squirted into the air and David leapt forward to hold the wound. After two hours of battling, eventually, the battle was lost; the medics couldn’t stop the bleeding. The 50 Calibre round had decimated his leg. The medics gave him one final injection of morphine and put him to sleep. He never woke up.

Haley watched the news again, more questions of the morality of the War. Then some “Shocking footage” from the frontline. There were a group of men huddled around a table, blood squirted upwards and a man was screaming, the camera managed to get a glimpse of what was happening, six or seven men were holding down the man, more blood squirted over a metre into the air. Then Haley gasped. She saw David. He dived into the mess and placed both hands over the wound. He got covered in blood, but it was luckily someone else’s. For the moment neither Haley nor David had realised who the injured man was, his face being almost completely obscured by blood. David suddenly looked up at the mans face, and began to shout,
“You’re not going to die! Alex you’re not going to die!”
The footage stopped. Haley was crying.
“The man died after two hours of medical attention.”
She wailed, she didn’t stop for a whole day; and that was only because the tears didn’t come anymore. Alex had been a good friend, and now he was gone.

David sat on his bed, staring opposite. The space that should have been filled with Alex was empty. The room was quiet, no one talked. Alex had only gone on the patrol because one of the other men had broken his leg. It wasn’t fair. It was the first death in the troop. It certainly wasn’t the last.
Three months later an American patrol was sent into the Jungle. After an hour or so, the usual dull thuds of gunfire drifted out of the trees. There was no contact report.
“A12 this is 0, radio check over.”
No Reply.
“I say again A12 this is 0! Radio check! Over!”
No reply. Something was wrong. More gunfire pounded out of the trees. Eventually the OC of FOB Greenspace decided that 264 troop were going to go in to find the American patrol and give aid if possible. There was a uniform sense of doom. This was it. This would be their final patrol.

David thought of Haley as he prepared for the Operation. He thought of how much he missed her. He thought of the fact that he might be killed. He thought of the first day that he’d met her. He thought of there upcoming wedding, Haley had been excited, Alex was going to be the best man. Alex.
“Stupid f*cking war” thought David. He slammed his magazine into his beloved rifle. He’d named his Haley. It was common practice for soldiers to name their rifle, always a girl’s name – because they had to sleep with them. There was a small compartment inside the pistol grip, David opened it and took out the contents, one round and a picture of Haley. The round had his name on it, all the men of 264 troop had one, taken from the fourth series of Blackadder, and David chuckled. Ten minutes later David was patrolling out of the gate on his final patrol.

They crept through the wood. Just over thirty out of the original fifty. David looked up and down the line. He saw his friends faces concealed by Cam-cream, hiding their personal thoughts. David decided that he was scared. The sounds of gunfire drew closer. There were a few hisses and someone screamed “CONTACT RIGHT!”
David leapt down and crawled to a tree trunk, splinters and bark flew all around them. There were gun flashes coming out of the gloom of the Jungle. David saw two figures, again dressed in leaves making them impossible to see to the untrained eye. They both fired off around four rounds each then they tried to move, David got one in his sights and fired again and again until he dropped, he got the second as he tried to get into a small bunker. An RPG flew overhead and destroyed a couple of trees – splinters flew into the air, another RPG exploded in front of David destroying his cover and making his ears ring. He rolled into a bush and fired at a tree that he thought he could see movement behind, more bark and splinters flew and another figure fell. About six more got up and began to run away, the Marines slotted them in their backs. The enemy was in complete disarray as a pair of commandos charged forward bayonets fixed, throwing grenades as they went. The guerrilla fighters all got up and ran. The Royal Marines stopped firing and continued with their patrol.

After another contact, the Patrol saw the first dead American body, it was at the opening of a clearing, as David passed by it an RPG struck out of the trees and blew up near him, knocking him to the floor, he heard a few shots fired and saw a trio North Koreans running. He looked up. What he saw was a scene of complete devastation, about twelve Americans were killed, and there were over twenty dead Koreans. The British Patrol ran in to see what they could do.
“What happened to your radio?”
“It ran out of battery!”
“Didn’t you check it before you left you idiot?”
“Hey don’t you call me an idiot!”
“Shut up and tell me what’s happening”
The situation was not a good one. They couldn’t move because they would be decimated, the British Patrol were lucky to get in. If lucky was the word. The British soldiers made an all round defence ready to take on anything that came, making crude bunkers with a few logs. Two men ran into the woods and came back with a large log to finish off the main bunker, as they were returning the first sharp barks of gunfire were heard, one of the men fell and the other dived behind the log, trying desperately to pull his comrade into the cover with him. An RPG shot towards him and destroyed his cover and him. The commandos saw glimpses of the North Korean fighters through the trees and opened fire. Bullets flew around the clearing like lead wasps. An American was blown off his feet. David aimed into the trees and saw gun flashes, he aimed at them and fired off a few rounds, a bullet landed near him and it threw twigs into the air. David fired more rounds, more bullets flew back. The radio operator was sending a contact report back to the Operations Room.

“American Patrol has taken heavy casualties we ha-“ Whitewash. “-we need support now! We’re one click or so North of the old Enemy patrol base!”
The background noise of gunfire was terrifying. The OC listened intently. He decided that this would take the entire battle group to solve. He sent them into the Jungle.

More bullets flew past David’s head, three or so figures stood up and ran towards the broken circle of Soldiers. They threw a grenade, one of the marines jumped on it, his name was Jack Smith. The shrapnel ripped through his clothes and skin, and rattled around inside his ribs. He was killed instantly, but this brave act had saved many of his friends. The fighting continued for what seemed like an age.

“Breaking news from the frontline, 300 or more soldiers involved in operation to save stranded comrades, men from 264 troop are trapped along with an American platoon and both are taking heavy casualties, more from our correspondent in North Korea.” Haley had been slowly drifting off, but the mention of 264 troop brought her back to life and sitting bolt upright. Her bright-blue eyes were wide open and she was scared, she was scared because her boyfriend, her Groom-to-be was stranded and being shot at from all directions. She continued to watch the correspondent explain what was happening. It appeared that 264 troop had gone to the aid of an American patrol that had lost contact with the base and had come under attack. Haley began to cry again.

A small very crude bunker was the centre of the defence, it had a few machine guns in it and they were spraying hot lead death outwards at the advancing hordes of guerrilla fighters. David heard their officer, Lieutenant Webster, shout out orders to the few tattered remains of 264 troop,
“Back! Everybody get into bunkers!”
David heard this and looked for the nearest bunker; it was the main one. He got up and ran in a zigzag towards it, the lead wasps were attracted to him and whipped past him, landing around him. One cracked his helmet open, another smashed into his body armour and he dropped to the ground. He got up again and continued to run towards the bunker, he got into the door as a PKM, the North Koreans machine gun, trained its sights on him. The doorway of the bunker exploded in a shower of splinters. David was inside and heard dull thuds as bullets smashed into the wooden logs. The floor was covered in empty shell cases.

David went up to one of the firing slots; he fired at yet more advancing North Korean militia, one of them fell. All the Americans and Marines were in the bunkers now. A North Korean appeared suddenly at the doorway, two of the Marines turned and blasted him so he fell back outwards. A grenade flew in, an American kicked it back out of the door but it exploded in the doorway; the shrapnel spraying into the face of another American and a Marine. Another fighter bashed his way into the bunker, bayonet fixed, snarling like a savage. David jumped at him bashing him against the side of the wall. The bayonet wielding savage beast smashed the butt of his rifle into David’s stomach. David grabbed hold of the rifle and used it to pin the mans body to the wall. He noticed that he didn’t have his bayonet fixed. He dropped his rifle and let is swing on its sling, and while holding his enemy with one hand started to take the bayonet of the North Korean soldier’s weapon with the other. This was the first time he’d come face to face with his enemy, he looked quite ordinary, small brown eyes and slightly tanned, he didn’t look like the evil Terrorist that David had been lead to believe. The North Korean tried to slide a hand up to stop David, but David bashed it with the rifle and managed to get the bayonet off. He brought it back and stabbed into the mans stomach. He stabbed and stabbed until the man collapsed, then he picked up his rifle again and blasted two of the men that came through the doorway. He attached his bayonet to his rifle and stabbed the next man to come through, yet more came through, David aimed and pulled the trigger. Click. His magazine was empty. He charged screaming at one of the attackers and his bayonet rammed deep into the man’s stomach, he twisted his rifle and pulled it back out, tearing apart organs.

An RPG blasted into the doorway, another Marine was shredded, and David was blasted off his feet. He quickly changed his magazine while on the floor. His last one. He got up and peered out side. He saw around ten more enemy charging towards him, he raised his rifle and prepared to fire at them, but they were all suddenly blasted sideways, body parts flying. A Jackal came pounding out of the woods, fifty calibre machine guns blazing. Reinforcements had arrived. The North Korean Soldiers saw the hundreds of troops pouring into the clearing from every angle, and ran away in complete confusion, men dying and falling every where. In a few minutes, it was all over. David looked at the scene – the clearing – it was covered in dead bodies, bodies of Marines, Americans, North Koreans, dead animals, and empty shell cases. Out of the 30 men of 264 troop that had started the patrol, only 6 were still standing. 4 more lay wounded inside the bunkers, the North Koreans killing all those survivors they found outside. A group of North Koreans came out of the Jungle, hands behind their heads. David was so angry that he picked up his rifle and killed them all. He just kept shooting. He wanted to kill them for killing his friends, for killing Alex. It was only when his magazine was empty that David realised what he was doing. He collapsed to the ground, in tears.

Two weeks later, David was on his way home, as were all NATO troops. After the Final Patrol into the Jungle, in which NATO had lost 56 men; 56 men killed, the questions about the morality of the War were answered. No, it was not a moral War. They should not of invaded North Korea, all those many long months ago. There were anti-war protests on the streets, and after one week the Cabinet had decided to bring all its troops home. The rest of the NATO forces followed suit.

David was welcomed home like a hero, along with the tattered survivors of 264 troop. He won the George cross for his actions in the doorway, and Jack Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross. David was back in time for his twenty-first birthday, and his wedding. He decided not to have a best man, to honour Alex’s memory. He left the Marines in January 2012, he’d had enough of fighting. He was allowed to keep the round he kept in his pistol grip as a souvenir.