The fog was thick, the Marines couldn't see any other section from their skirmish line, the two of them stared around, then one fired and the other reloaded, musket balls flew through the fog, making pretty twirling patterns of death, and were the only signs of the skirmish around the marines. One of them suddenly jerked backwards, his white cross-belt splattered with blood. The surviving marine fired his musket and ran forward, hoping to find cover. He couldn't even see fifteen feet infront of him. Suddenly a building hove into view. A farm by the looks of things. The marine quickly drew his long seventeen inch bayonet, and locked it on the end of his gun, then reloaded his musket. He went along the wall, looking for a door. Finding one, he slowly opened it and dashed inside, expecting a volley of musket fire. Silence. He looked around the room. Nothing moved. He heard footsteps coming from the ceiling, and slowly moved towards the stair case, trying to move silently, but his heavy boots thumbed on the stone flagged floor. The person upstairs stopped moving, and the marine heard a French voice. More than one, he thought. Reaching the top he spun round, again expecting to hear the crack of a musket. There were three other rooms. The marine swallowed, and opened one of the doors. Nothing. He opened another. Nothing. Shaking, the marine edged towards the last door. There was no lock or handle, and the marine pressed on it gently with his bayonet, summoning his courage. He suddenly threw the door open, trying to scare the Frenchmen into firing. Nothing. Still shaking, he ran into the room. A gun fired.

Well that's all I'm writing, I'd like some feedback, and if it's mostly positive I'll write a story.

I'll explain the title incase it Confused anyone:
The Royal Marines were soldiers that fought on board ship or on amphibious operations. They were split into two "groups", the Royal marines Light Infantry (RMLI) and the Royal Marines Artillery (RMA). They were nick Named the Web Foots by the Regular Army, hence the Web Foots part, and Muskets because they used Muskets.