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    Decypher. Book1 - Intelligence. [40k]

    Hey, 1st try at 40k, looking for good crit.


    A man walks from the dark room. His silver hand shining in the low light. His heavy greatcoat sways as he walks heavily hanging his head low underneath his hood. He walked up to the huge heavy door. Holding his hand over a data panel that held the opening codes for all doors. He smiled as he looked up and the door opened slowly, the steam from the hydraulics enveloping him slowly. He walked through the small gap in the parting blast doors.

    "Hey, you stop right there!" A guards voice echoes down the hall at him. His pace quickens, turning into a light jog. His greatcoat is thrown from his arms.

    "I swear it won't hurt too much." The minute electrofier embeds itself into the guard’s neck and racks his body with high voltage death.

    "W..... Why?" The guard gurgles slowly as the man pulls the device free, it slowly forms back into his mechanical arm.

    "For the Emperor." The guard dies in the killers arms. The man has no fear of him being discovered, nor does he need to have any.

    He begins to walk down the hall again, slipping through the shadows like some ghostly creature. He opens a smaller side door, slowly peering in. Only finding a sleeping guardswomen he slips another of his arms devices into her neck, quickly he finds what he needs. Information. He looks through her thoughts, what he needed was there somewhere, everything else was crap. Why would he need to know who the last soldier she had humped was?

    There. He got it. Lovely information.

    He quickly mind shredded the girl. She was pretty and well made, but he couldn't afford to be compromised at all.

    A creek, a door opens. He swung around, finding a young man staring at him in horror and confusion. The man went to scream but found his throat open to the air.

    The man ran through the room and back into the hall, leaving the two dead bodies where they had last drew breath. His hood was sagging; he pulled it around his thin lined face again. His breathing was well regulated; he had learned to control his breathing.

    He detected a sudden change in the atmosphere of the hall. He looked around, he couldn’t see anything. He quickly changed his psyk-vision to heat. He picked up two large guards walking his way, they turned a corner. He went back to normal vision and followed slowly.

    They both were armed; one had a vox-caster. He walked up behind them, using his limited psyker powers to tell them to turn around. They did as he said. He stunned one with a mind blast before electrocuting the over in a mere touch. He leaned down to the stunned one, using the mind tap device to search for more information. Escape information.

    “Get away scum,” The now un-stunned man said, looking at the device embedded in his flesh.

    “Don’t worry you won’t see me again.” He gave the man a bad death, telling his brain to stop telling the heart to pump blood. The man screamed as the device was extracted.

    “Ha, they know your here now,” The dying man gurgled.

    “I didn’t want to have to kill the whole base,” His killer told him as his eyes rolled back in his deeply sunken sockets. He could detect a rise in temperature, morning was coming.

    He had what he needed, dying was not on his ‘to do’ list. He sprinted down the hall. A guard raised his gun seeing the dark figure running at a crazy rate towards him. That was all he seen of the man before his eyes were fried by two mechanical finger hidden devices.

    The man ran further down, leaving the screaming guard to whatever he could do without his eyes. He picked up his discarded greatcoat, no evidence could be left. He tapped his wrist, a holo projector showing what he had found in an earlier guards brain, his escape route.

    He had to follow the hall for another ten minutes then turn right, then left and he was out. He was suspicious, it seemed too simple. He moved on, slowly this time, he regulated his breathing so he wouldn’t be heard breathing. He used his mechanical eye to show him the way in the dark. He walked faster, keeping his footfalls light and quiet.

    A man came into view, some sort of higher ranking individual. He held a bolt pistol and a power sword; he was looking straight at him. The man smiled, he could take out this guy easily.

    “Welcome assailant, show yourself,” The guy said, two men flanked him, hellguns held at their sides, but they were ready all the same. Frag, they knew he was there.

    He used his mechanical eye to zoom in on the power sword; it was not activated, nor was the bolt pistol off the safety catch. A fatal mistake. He slithered forward, leaping from he shadows quickly.

    “Big mistake scum!” The high ranker shouted raising his bolt pistol. He pulled the trigger, but yet nothing happened. He stumbled back as the guard to his left fell with some form of adantium dart in his chest. His armour was useless against such a metal.

    “Try again, release the safety.” The leader went to release the safety; his hand fell along with his weapon. Blood squirted from the clean cut stump of his arm.
    The other guard had only then reacted shooting wildly, missing also. He went to fire again but found his gun jammed, he followed a strange mechanical snake line thing, he was horrified when he seen it was coming form the attackers mechanical arm. It came out of the barrel quickly and flew into him, lacerating his heart and snapping his spine like a twig. All that happened with 5 seconds of the man actually shooting.

    The leader recoiled, finding him was grabbed into the iron grip of the attackers arm. He was hoisted from the ground and his throat was squeezed slowly. The snake like device came up in front of him and scanned him with a green laser scanner.

    “Please, I can tell you want you want,” He gurgled. The hooded man smiled.

    “That will not be necessary.”

    The snake like thing coiled around the leaders head and began to drill in through his cranium, it released a pulse and the man screamed as his knowledge was sucked from him.

    “Really is it that sore?”

    “Ye... y.... y.......” The leader forgot how to speak as his knowledge of language was extracted before being completely killed as his brain was wiped of everything he had ever seen, or known.

    The killer walked down the hall, turned right, then left and then disappeared from the base.

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