Well, lately I been busy with work and now moving into a new dorm and on top of that I have been having artist block for a while. So what Im saying is I need your guys/gals help. Im about to write up some fluff and a new codex for my Imperial Guard army called the Marrinian Guard and I would like to have a picture of a battle scene to go along with that. I do have a design for the uniform in mind.

I would like the great coat on figure number 4 but to be a dark blue and to have a red sash around the waist. Also if you do hair or show the eyes in color please make all their eyes a bright electric blue color (not glowing though like in Dunes) and white hair. And for the headgear the Nazi forage cap in dark blue would be great.

Now as I said before I would perfer a picture of a battle scene and I dont care if you show who they are fight or not. I want to also say thank you to anyone that takes up my challenge and request. Although I doubt anyone will.