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Thread: First Blood

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    Okay...before I begin...


    Got it? In the grand scale of the campaign planned, this is the equivalent of a small skirmish.

    In short: This is intended for my enjoyment, your enjoyment, and to give you all a nice little tid-bit without revealing too much about the story here.

    There will be updates by the way. It's not done after this first part at all. Criticism welcome by the way


    “Five minutes to deployment,? Said a metallic voice. The large figure looked at the speaker, then returned to checking his own gear. His right hand was easily the size of his own chest, his shoulders guarded by large domed guards, and he wore a helmet that had a large grate at the mouth, and a skull on the forehead. With a blink, the Space Marine’s eyes turned on, glowing an eery green. Lights within the Thunderhawk blinked red, signalling that they were on final approach. Through the red light, you could see the Marine’s armor was a very dark blue, with an almost sky blue to highlight it. On the right shoulder pad, a silver Falcon was painted against a blue moon. The emblem of the Night Falcons.
    The marine seemed satysfied with his massive Power Fist, and checked the oversized pistol he carried. To a normal human, the weapon would’ve seemed impractical. To the six and a half feet tall Space Marines, it could’ve been better. Adorning the armor of the marine was a giant Jump Pack, and tossed over his torso (Which was emblazoned with a great cold silver eagle) was a red rope, that ended in a cross-like golden icon.
    Mikale Azran, as was the marine’s name, surveyed his squad. That was what it appeared to be. In actuality, he was scanning the status of his entire army. Mikale was not a mere Battle-Brother. He was the Lord Commander of the Second Company of the Night Falcons chapter.
    “Three minutes to deployment,? Pinged the metallic voice again. Inside of his helmet, Mikale mentally adjusted his displays to show individual members instead of squads. More than half of his force was composed of Assault Squads, with at least a quarter being Veterans of such squads. Within that, only one quarter remained as Actual infantry. The majority of those were divided into six-man squads within Razorback APC’s. Amongst those Tactical Marines, he had three 10-man Devestator squads to support him, and one more Force Commander under his command. The Force Commander in question was Andiros, and he was housed with a Land Raider along with his squad. Inside his helmet, Mikale smirked as he surveyed individuals.
    His Company was weary from their intense battles on Cadia, but joyous at being granted the Emperor’s Forgiveness. Now, they were being called to the fringe Yidran system, which was happily using it’s great resources to refill Cadia. Even better, they were on a fringe WORLD, and there was little known about what was happening. Following that, the Inquisition had been sketchy at best of what they were to do. All they’d been told was to, “Expect heavy Heretic. Kill whomever you must to drive attackers from Yidran, then leave it to Inquisitorial authority just as fast.?
    “One minute to deployment,? Piped in the metallic voice once again, shaking Mikale from his revery. Unconsciously, he’d started praying along with his squad. The only other squad on the Thunderhawk was that of Akalien, which unnerved Mikale somewhat. Amongst the entire chapter, Akalien was singly the most conniving and spiteful individual, but he knew where authority lay. Mikale knew he could count on him.
    Solemnly, he yanked the chamber back on his Bolt Pistol, loading it. Over his vox, he said, “Brothers, are your spirits as dead as the night sky??
    The reply echoed through all the ships, regardless of where they were. “YES!?
    Mikale added the second part of the Chapter’s slogan, “Will we now strike like the Falcon chasing it’s prey!??
    The metallic voice pinged, “Deployment.?
    Mikale released his restraints and jumped out of the Thunderhawk, still a good mile or two in the air. This didn’t unnerve Mikale in the slightest bit. All around him, fellow Marines leapt from their Thunderhawks and enterered free-fall. At about 20 seconds to impact, he mentally activated his Jump Pack. There was a sudden whoosh that ripped through his auto-senses, and he fell the whiplash effect snap his body taut. But then his descent slowed considerably, and he got a good look at the situation.
    Primarily, he was going to be facing cultists. Almost randomly, he did see Traitors, but he dismissed their numbers. Two whole Companies of Space Marines would be far more than enough to deal with them. Inside trenches and battle lines the Cadian 738th desperately tried to hold their positions. Mikale admired their courage and fervency, and silently vowed that he would do his best to ensure their survival.
    With 17 meters left to hit, he inverted his body and used his Jet Pack to actually accelerate his descent. Around him, his squad levelled their bolters and bolt pistols to cover his landing. Among the whole chapter, Mikale was probably the only one who could attempt such a maneuver. Mere mili-seconds before his face joined the ground, he flipped again, rapidly decellerating, and raising his Power Fist. When he landed, his fist did too. It landed right on the head of the nearest cultist, instantly crushing the man to the approximate size and shape of a food can. Rising from his crouch, Mikale spun and unleashed a vicious backhand that cleared all around him, ripping those foes to bloody shreds. Then his squad landed.
    Bolter fired roared into existance around him, and the two Meltaguns he’d attached to his squad roared into existance. The foes nearest them either exploded into mush, or they were instantly vaporized. Mikale activated a tactical readout of the landing, and saw the landing had featured a total of two casualties. He could live with that. A small timer activated as well, and he turned to the trenches, and saw the beleaguered Guardsmen staring at him in awe.
    The helmet distorting his voice into an unfeeling metallic ding, he said, “You might want to get down.?
    They hit the dirt.
    The Drop Pods landed.
    Dust, mud, dirt, bodies, blood, and fire all roared about, blowing the cultists back, and killing the few Guardsmen that had refused to drop. Inside his helmet, Mikale, smirked, and turned back to his squad. When he heard the first roaring barks of the Devestators, Mikale yelled at his squad to press forward. They all activated their Jump Packs, and shot like bullets straight at the enemy forces.
    They frantically sprayed Lasfire at them, but the mighty Power Armour absorbed, deflected, or ablated the puny bolts. Mikale’s Power Fist hit before the swords and chainswords of his squad. You could tell it did, because about seven Cultists almost instantly exploded or were ripped clean apart. Mikale spun and punched a Cultist head on, the shockwave of the blow killed another two, and Mikale’s Bolt Pistol sprayed death into the massed ranks of the Cultists.
    A hideous shriek filled the air, and a pair of Raptors rushed straight at Mikale. Mikale activated his Jump Pack and shot straight up. In unison, his squad turned their guns momentarily, and fired into one Raptor, vaporizing it’s head. Mikale let gravity drop him at the second, and his Power Fist crushed it’s backpack and spine before it hit the ground, at which time the cracking of ceramite echoed through the air.
    Accessing a line to the Fourth Company, Mikale radioed, “Waldran, did you have a successful touch down??
    The reply was a voice of a deep deep baritone, and Waldran replied, “The Terminator company is down due south of your position. Resistance is heavier over here, and we’re finding siege towers.?
    Mikale processed the information as he launched himself back into the battle, killing with wild abandon. Cultists all around him were crushed as he forced himself some space to breath. “Do you require back-up??
    Waldran’s voice came through again, “There’s a Havoc squads supporting some heavy artillery. It’s forcing us from advanding at full speed. Kill it, and we’ll reach your force within the hour.?
    Mikale nodded to no one, then said, “Squad on me,? before he activated his Jump Pack ,and flew into the air. Around him, a hastily assembled squad formed up. It consisted of one of his Meltagun troops, two Bolter armed Marines, Akalien, and one chainsword wielding marine. They streaked across the sky, seeing the oily black forces of Chaos being pincered between the dark blue terminator force and the combined Cadian/Night Falcon forces.
    Then, Mikale could see Waldran. He was easy to see due to three factors: 1) His armour was the jet-black of an Emperor’s Champion, a title Waldran held until he died, or stopped receiving visions, 2) In one hand he held a glittering blue sword, and the other held a sword that glowed a dark purple, and 3) It was the point that the enemy was dying the most. Then Mikale’s eyes fell on his target, and he voxed it to his squad. The two Bolters, and Akalien’s own Bolter, filled the air as they sprayed fire down on the foes.
    Akalien’s voice filled the line as he screamed, “DIE UNWORTHY SCUM! DIE FOR THE EMPEROR YOU BETRAYED!? Mikale shut that out as he prepared to land. He landed before his squad, with a lascannon shot barely missing him. The lascannon wielding Havoc turned to correct his aim, but Mikale grabbed the cannon with his Fist, crushed it, yanked it away, then shot the Havoc full in the face. Mikale punched the body with his Fist, throwing it backwards, and absorbing the Heavy Bolter rounds that would’ve hit him. As the body fell, Mikale bolted forward and throwing his Bolt Pistol to distract the traitor. It was out of ammo anyway, and let Mikale grabed the traitor by the shoulder, then punch him repeatedly in the face. The Melta-gun wielding Marine of his squad jumped ahead of him, and fired into the third of the five Havocs, killing him instantly. Mikale jumped over the fourth as a flurry of bolter fire killed it, and he descended on the fifth, smashing him wide open with his Power Fist.
    Not wasting time, the squad jumped to engage the Guardsmen. They sprayed their lasguns, taking down the chainsword and bolt pistol armed marine, and breaking through the leg of the remaining Bolter armed marine, slowing him down and halting his advance. But not his gun. Akalien landed first, viciously ripping his chainsword up in a rising diagonal sweep, clawing the man wide open from head to toe. With a grace that many would envy, he dropped and spun, cutting a man clean in half, then he stabbed straight forward, running two men through. Mikale arrived at his side, swatting two more Cultists out of his way, and taking aim at the last two. As he bolted forward, he saw that the last man didn’t have the standard iron blade, but instead his knife was composed of what appeared to be a combination of adamantium and monomecular technology. Enough to possibly break ceramite. But Akalien would kill the man, though before the man killed Mikale was uncertain.
    Not able to back out then, Mikale killed the second last man as the knife left the man’s hand and arced through the air at Mikale. He felt something touch his head, and heard a crunch. Everything went black…

    Akalien finished the man, then saw Mikale’s dead form. Finally! He thought, Finally that fool is out of the way, and I can take my rightful position! He was glad his helmet hid his smile, as he pointed at the marines who were kneeling in respect to their fallen leader. “Don’t waste time! All squads, Mikale is dead. I am assuming command. FULL ATTACK! I want everyone at my position in five minutes!?
    A familiar voice cut through the com, “Akalien, you self-serving peon. Cancel that order. Support the Guard, advance slowly, and make sure there is no escape.?
    Akalien turned to regard Mikale’s body, almost afraid as it stood up. The spare hand reached up and deactivated the helmet, then pulled the helmet off to reveal the white-skinned Mikale. A small scratch was seen on his forehead. Slowly, he said, “Andiros, you’re hereby promoted to second in command, and Waldran? Heavy weaponry down. Let loose.? Slowly, he switched off his vox and glared at Akalien.
    “Get the remains of your squad together. We need to end this fight.? No sooner had he said that then he activated his Jump Pack and jumped back to the front where he’d first landed…

    If a tree falls in the forest, and it lands on a mime, does anyone care?

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    Excellent my friend, Truely an amazing piece!

    Much Respect Blood God

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