I am trying to find a place to really place some criticism on the authors of the Black Library, where would be the best place to achieve this? I thought of starting here as you have a section dedicated to the Literary arts of the game itself which is so impressive I constantly get sucked into the books just to understand all the finer details of the history and specific forces.

I guess I will start by saying Dan Abnett is obviously the best author they have to offer. The others are weaker in the way they portray their characters as less serious and the amount of repetition used in the novels themselves.

Specifically, the Grey Knights novel of 3 stories was extremely entertaining. But, entire paragraphs could be skipped without losing stride in the story. A pretty glaring weakness for a professional writer. It really takes away from the novels when people with respect for literature notice these mistakes, I was curious if anyone felt the same way and where I could discuss stuff like this as it seems they pump out so many novels but I can not find a place to criticize some of the works, which I enjoy doing.