Yeah, I read a hell of alot of books and enjoy writing, so I thought I'd give it a crack.
Heres chapter one of a short story I'm currently writing about an Imperial Guardsman, you're welcome to comment and leave constructive criticism

245 of the Year 556, M41.
Colonel Ivo Hontrue, retired.

What follows is, I suppose, the chronicles of my early career in the Imperial Guard. In my retirement I’ve come to remember in detail many of the battles I fought that made me what I am today; the most important quality being still alive, which is generally surprising seeing the amount of god forsaken horrors I’ve faced in my time as a guardsman.

To get the bigger picture, I guess I’ll have to start at my first warzone, on the barren desert world of Kornika, in the segmentum tempestus. My regiment, the Keffian 242nd, were fresh from founding, and for some reason I’d been singled out for leadership material and promoted to the rank of Corporal at the end of basic training. Why, I have no idea, as at that time I was a fresh faced boy of barely 19 standard years, and I would be in command of a small fire time of 5, including some troopers 20 years my senior. Of course, in time the instructor’s choice would be gratified as I rose in ranks and proved myself to be an able officer, but that’s another story.

The tactical briefing slate my Sergeant handed me confirmed the regiment’s fears: we were being deployed to a desert world. Keffia was a successful Agri-world with a mild climate, so we all dreaded the blistering heat and suffocating dryness of a world that is basically a gigantic dustbowl. The whole regiment was soon stuffed into a cargo hold in the troop carrier Emperors Sword whilst our commanding officer, a Major Tilentire, Made the official announcement of our deployment to Kornika, whilst our carrier descended into an orbit trajectory.

“What a load of Frak,” commented Timo Drask, a trooper under my command who I was quickly warming to, as our CEO made the announcement. Several other troopers nearby nodded in agreement.“Now we have to sweat it out for a couple of months down on that hellhole.” I laughed. “Come now Drask, we don’t even know what kind of enemy we’re fighting yet.” Drask snorted. “Iv, we’ve been doing street sweeping exercises for that last two months in warp travel. Whoever, or whatever we’re going to frak up will be in the hives near the poles, which means we’re probably fighting some kind of armed force. It’s gonna get real bloody if it turns out to be frakking hive warfare. ” I shrugged and went back to listening to Tilentire drone on. He was a thin man in his late fifties, and as he stood on the podium at the end of the hold the harsh light from the illuminators on the vaulted ceiling reflected off of his shining bald head. I pointed this out to Drask and we both erupted in a fit of silent snickering. This was quickly stifled when the Major announced who we’d be fighting.

“Men, we have been sent to this noble planet,” This caused several troopers to laugh, who were quickly silenced by officers in amongst the crowd. The Major coughed and continued,”to root out an infestation of Chaos in its population centres. These unholy beasts have risen up again the holy Emperor’s people in a mass uprising, and we, along with our sibling regiments the 243rd and 241st, have been chosen to smite them in His name. Oh glory be!” There was a cheer at this. As I’ve said before, we were a brand new regiment, some 2000 men with fresh uniforms and newly stamped lasrifles, and most of us were relishing the prospect of combat. For a first battle, I thought the routing of some warpspawned cultists couldn’t be too hard, so me and Drask grinned at eachother and wooped like a bunch of idiots along with everyone else. (If we’d known what else we’d find down there I’d surely be shitting myself in fear right now and be huddled up in a corner, but that’s beyond the point.)

Soon after, the regiment was dismissed and we went to collect our weapons and prep our kit, full of piss and vinegar, ready to frak with the enemies of the Imperium. Give or take a few hours we’d be on our way down onto the world where the 242nd would begin its glory ridden history as a regiment, and where many young boys would find only their deaths.