Hello everyone,

WARNING: Before I begin, I need to say that this is for DUTCH members only (or for members who can read/speak dutch). Other people are ofcourse free to read it, but will not be able to participate.

About a year or 2 ago I stepped into the world of writing. After many short stories and half baked ideas, I have finally managed to write my own fantasy novel. A few weeks ago I stepped to a publisher. The publisher has agreed to publish the story, IF...and this is the big if, I can gather enough support for the book. Think of it as a signature gathering action. Here is how it works:

If you like reading (dutch) fantasy books, and you like to support a new one, you can send a email to chroniclesofalvarion@gmail.com

The email needs to contain the following information:

Your email

Your first name (surname not required)

If you support this project, the following will happen:

On your email account, you will get 2 emails. After that, there will be no following mails (no spam, commercials, etc.) as the publisher will delete you from the system and the list that was gathered will be destroyed.

The first mail (which you will receive from chroniclesofalvarion@gmail.com, in other words, me) will contain a standardised email in which you officially pledge your support for the project.

The second email you will receive (from the publisher, Boekscout), will, as far as I know, contain a sample page (not sure) and other promotional material for the book (it isnt set in stone yet what this will be)

And thats it. Note that if you do give your email, you are NOT pledged to anything. You are NOT required to buy the book nor anything else related to it. It is purely to show support and interest for the project (which the publisher hopes will turn into actual costumers but again, this is not required).

Thanks in advance for helping a fledgeling Fantasy author

Kind regards,