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    No Title As of Yet :/

    We’d walked for hours. Away from that crappy town. The roads were empty. It wasn’t a long walk down the road following the coast, until Paul veered off and hopped over the barrier, sliding swiftly down the dirt slope into the forest below, before calling quickly for me to follow. I haphazardly stumbled over the barrier, and followed him, uncertain of what I’d face below. I readjusted my backpack, and with a smack on my back, we set off walking again.
    “How much further is it?” I asked, as I glanced up and saw the sun shining a brilliant orange hue through the patchy forest canopy overhead.
    “Not far now.” He said with a chuckle. “Don’t be so nervous. This place is a nature reserve. Virgin forests. And besides, I’ve been before, remember?”
    “I suppose you’re right…” My thoughts trailed off as we came to a small beach.
    It must’ve only been about 200 foot around, but it was perfect. An idyllic place, Surrounded on three sides by bright orange Aspens. The sun had finally set, the sand was a soft off white, and the sea… words can’t describe. It was a pitch black, with glints of a ghostly white, reflecting the full moon engulfing the sky above.
    Paul and I pitched up our tents for the night, and then lay outside on the sand. Talking about everything and nothing. Before I knew it, we’d managed to talk for hours. It must’ve been past midnight. It was bliss. For the past 4 hours it was silent, with only our murmuring voices, and the gentle lapping of the sea to listen to.
    “I’m so glad to finally be somewhere quiet” Paul sighed.
    “I know what you mean mate. I needed this. Just a break from the family, just for a night-”
    “Shush… do you hear that?” Paul interrupted.
    There was a faint sound of an engine coming from behind us.
    “I guess these forests aren’t as virgin as you said, hmm?’I remarked to him with a smirk.
    “I guess not” Paul replied with a cheerless tone. “I was really hoping we’d be able to rough it on our own this weekend… Still… I suppose a little companies not too bad, right?”
    The engine got louder, until we saw the lights began to shine eerily through the trees. The light got brighter and brighter, until a truck suddenly burst through the trees, snapping the thin trunks in the process. It flew onto the beach, before spinning in a u-turn, and coming to a halt about 25 feet away from us. It appeared to be an army truck. The kind they used to move troops around, with the canvas coverings.
    The lights turned off, and a tall man in what appeared to be a black suit stepped out.
    “Come join us! You fancy a beer?” Paul shouted to him, holding a bottle in the air.
    He didn’t even look at us. He didn’t seem to stop to think. He went to the back of the truck, and pulled back the canvas. Out of the truck came… children… for lack of a better word. One after the other. Until there were about 20 of them, standing on the beach. Each the same height, same build. Short and thin, with rather round, and what appeared to be bald, heads. They all wore small white robes, which covered them from their necks to their ankles, revealing bare feet. The man said something indistinguishable to them, and the formed a circle around him. They began to dance slowly around him, moving in a circle.
    Paul made an uneasy sigh as he turned to me. We both sat there, lost for words. Staring between each other and the strange dance. Suddenly a dull tone began to emanate from the group. They began to move faster, as they began chanting, their voices warping from a high-pitch to the low bass.
    “Nice dance! What’re you doing?” Paul shouted without thinking.
    I glared at him, and he looked back, with a sense of regret in his eye at what he just did. We looked back, as the chanting stopped. They all stared at us. Still keeping the circle, they all slowly opened their mouths as wide as if they were dislocating. And from the pure darkness within, let out an unnatural high shriek. Paul and I jumped to our feet in shock. And after a quick glance to each other, we turned and went for our things, in case we needed to run. And at that point, I wish we did. But as the shrieking suddenly cut out, some perverse curiosity caused us to look back. The man lay dead in the sand. And the ‘children’ had broken the circle. And instead formed a line between us and the man. Their eyes began glow. An eerie shade of green. Faint at first. We were locked in eye contact with them. We couldn’t move.
    A low hum began in our ears, and it got louder, higher, painful, as the ‘children’ approached. We ran. We grabbed out bags and we ran. For 10 straight minutes, the humming still in our ears. But when we finally worked up the courage to turn around, no one had followed us. But the humming stayed. The low, constant humming. Enough to drive a man to madness. And those eyes, I still see them in the shadows at night. We promised to never tell the story. For fear of being labelled insane, but I couldn’t keep it in any longer. The humming… I can’t make it go. I still see the ‘children’. The man. What were they doing? Where were they from? I guess we’ll never know. There’s nothing I can do now. Except warn you. If you ever hear a hum, or a ringing in your ears, you know why it’s there…

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    Although the start confused me. They're walking in the sun, and then they're at the beach and it's night. I didn't get a sense that much time had passed between the two events.

    But that's basically it. Interesting idea!
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    Must agree with Deadstar, brilliantly written though.
    more pretty pretty please.

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    Yup need more!
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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