Space marine Vetrain sergeant Archamond knelt down at the alter of the half destroyed temple,him and his finest warriors were told to defend the area until reinforcmants arrive. It had been 4 days since him and his men had been in any contact with anyone apart from each other,in thoughs four days the tyranids had attacked 10 times,and in thoughs 4 days 15 of his men lay dead,all that was left now was him, brother Visual the sniper of the group,brother pration the traker of the group and brother black the heavy weapons expert.

Pration raised to his feet picked up his bolter and dagger and said 'they are coming' as if i didnt matter that they might die.
With one mighty below Archamond told his men to get into position, viusal i want you up in whats left of the bell tower,black i want you at the front wall,put dowm as much fire as you can and Pration i wan u back at the demo charges watchinglour back ,if anything goes rong blow this place straight to the warp. And with that Archamond picked up his axe and bolt rife.

The fist signs of movment came from the west 20 yards away from the temple,then another both maved so fast i was hard to find out what it was. The thought never really occured to Archamond that in the 4 days he had been here he hadnt seen a single citazen or a single human corpse until he stood atop the alter waiting for the tyranid horde to attack,but his question was about to be ansewred.
'Sir there are civilans in the streen sir,thousands of them' came the voice of brother Visual from above.
'What are they doing' replied Archamon
'They are advancing on us,they dont seem natural they are very pale and scruffy,they are also moving unhumanly fast'
Archamond swore loudly.'Open fire,they have been infected by the hive mind'.
And with that the squad opend fire mowing down hundreds of them,but the sheeer number of them managed to help them reach the temple but the attack was in vane they had no weapons that could injure the massive space marines and by the end of the attack thousnads of dead civilians literd the streets and the temple.
'Sir i wouldnt put down your bolter yet the reall attack is about to begin' came the voice of brother black.
Archamond looked back out of the temple to see hundreds of tyranids advansing on their position.
Right lads i dont think we will survive this one so all im going to ask of you is to fight to the best of your ability,remeber you are space marines you are the Emperors finest,now open fire'

The end

I cant remeber where i got the name archamond plz if anyone knows post it in.
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