this is a bit of fluff on my chapter. cyprus is my librarian who i HEAVILY converted

Librarian Cyprus

Cyprus surveyed the plains around him. He was stationed at holy Terra doing some research work on Firagum, a terrible disease that has claimed countless lives, burning everyone from the inside. The lab had managed to capture a heretic scum and immediately began testing upon him. Cyprus watched, not at all concerned for he knew what would happen. The heretic screamed in agony for a moment then his flesh began to simmer and bubbles arose on his skin…melting… finally after many grueling moments he burst into flames. Cyprus smiled. Still heavy with his power armor he lumbered outside, wondering. He was replaying what had happened in his mind. He recounted of how the disease had come… he saw the khornate faces, the demon prince stationed atop a massive tower on the barren waste land of Taroth. He had challenged that demon personally on a one versus one battle. He remembered the twisting face, the pitiless eyes and the flaming sword. The sword! He had been wounded by the very sword and must have been infected. But… why wasn’t he dead? He realized that he was the one who had killed the countless innocents… he had spread the disease! It was then he realized what had happened. He sprinted back into the lab grabbing his mighty sword and shield. He came out and rushed to his army… he knew what he had to do. He was a librarian, very smart and trained with the knowledge of chemicals. The gene seeds of his 9th Hell marines would cause a reaction with the disease, turning them all into chaos. He wasn’t sure why nothing had happened to him but he was beyond caring at the moment. Cyprus finally made it to the grounds and saw fire… fire everywhere. He looked unto his marines, their eyes blood red and…burning. Their armor had been scorched and tainted with chaos. He looked upon the scene, watching as the marines that did not accompany him into battle attempted to slay the chaos marines… they were failing. He rushed into the middle of the fray, sword raised. He cut through a swath of chaos, making it to his still loyal men, seeing their bloodstained faces. He looked at the horde, feeling guilty; he had too much on his conscience. The countless innocents taken by the disease, slaying his own men… With a roar he charged into the marines, his men following. On the initial charge he killed two. He spun around, parrying a chainsword on his left and swinging the sword, opening his gut, innards spilling everywhere. He dodged as incoming bolter fire shot at him killing a friendly marine behind him. He gracefully cut him down. Keeping his momentum going hit a marine with his shoulder, knocking him off balance, and cutting him in half. His loyal marines shot down much chaos filth. Cyprus concentrated his mind… and with a mighty roar he killed 5 chaos with his psychic power alone. There was only a handful left now and his marines jumped into them. That was when he saw his Second in Command of the chapter. Rivanda, with his unstoppable terminator armor and power sword, killing Cyprus’ men. He jumped in the way of a blow that would have killed 3 marines and blocked it with his shield. Cyprus’ men had killed the rest of the marines and watched as Cyprus and Rivanda fought with unerring valor. After many moments Cyprus stood atop his enemy…and friend. He had about 200 marines left, the remains of his 1000 strong force. He looked down. His armor was slick with blood and hundreds of bodies were strewn on the ground. He knew that he must slaughter everyone within a kilometer radius and around here it would be about… 3000 people… he must do it…. Only to add to my body count of innocents, he thought. If he didn’t do it, he was sure they would become chaos too. So him and his remaining army walked on to slaughter countless more.

After many hours they were all dead…gone… his army stood there feeling no guilt but Cyprus was heavy with it. He looked up as a Thunderhawk Gunship dropped down and inquisitor Belonius walked out. He had his weapons drawn Cyprus noticed.
“come with me,? Belonius said in a monotonous tone.
Cyprus followed him into the ship. He was locked in a chamber with no way out.
“Do you know how many people you have slaughtered!?? shouted the inquisitor. “You bring Firagum into the land and infect everyone with it and then you kill them all when there could have been a cure?!?
“You do know what this means…Men, grab your flamers and kill him? he shouted to his storm troopers.
Cyprus looked up, a grin on his face.
“You fool?
5 blasts of superheated fire and promethium burst into his body sending him lurching back wards. Cyprus stood up and casually walked through the flame.
“I can’t feel it?
With his psychic energy he burst through his cage, quickly killed the troopers and grabbed his gear. With a maniacal grin on his face he killed everyone aboard. Still grinning, he walked out to his men.
“My followers! We have been banned from the Imperium for all eternity. Let us take this ship and be on our way.? He didn’t quite remember what had happened on the ship, but the seeping ooze of chaos was still finding its way into his mind. It had control of him for the time aboard the ship.