Well, first in the series of fluff pieces I should have on the DeadWulf gangs in general. Hopefully I can turn it into some sort of Lad army out of it somehow… oh well… without further ado…

The sky continued to shimmer in a faint red haze, smoky orange clouds swirling slowly above the ruins of the city. No-one knew its name, anymore, not after so long in the Eye, but the DeadWulf gang had made it their home, and by tradition, the place was named after the gang occupying it.
Lector watched as the remainders of the patrol trudged through the rusty coloured desert, carrying dead and wounded with them. It was mildly infuriating to see members of his own beaten down so badly, and expected a good reason for such lack of success hunting.
Slowly, the group drew closer, and the city gates opened up to let them in. Lector waited for them on the other side, large and imposing as he was. Those who saw the person beyond the gate saw pure malevolence waiting on the other side.
The prayer gang’s shaman had led the party, claiming a vision had told him to accompany the expedition for food. His name was Gilgamesh. And it was he that spoke to Lector on behalf of the group of hunters that were sent out this morning.
“Gilgamesh, tell me why I should spare your group for such an obvious display of failure?? Lector spoke in a deep bass voice, with a resonance that was otherworld.
“Forgive us, sir, but our Dark Gods have guided me, and we found a mutant war band on the march for this city. They intend to take it as their own.?
Mutant war bands rarely moved unless there was something killing them off quickly. He couldn’t think of any gang that had that kind of power, and the Black Legion outpost guards didn’t disturb anything. They certainly came to you when they met with anyone at all.
“How large is this war band??
“It stretched from horizon to horizon. We are going to be hard-pressed to defend the city indeed.?
“The dark gods evidently do not shine on us this day...?
Lector stared at the corpses of the foraging party.
“At least you brought food with you.?

The DeadWulf senior members sat in the antechamber, discussing the best way to defend from this attack. Mutant war bands were dangerous even in small groups, and if reports be believed, this was the largest one on-planet.
“We can’t hold the walls. The moment they get a breach, we will never get out the city.? The speaker was Gillian, the DeadWulf mutant leader. For a prayer gang living in the eye, they had relatively few mutations, and Gillian kept control of the ones that resided with the DeadWulf.
“But it would be suicide to attack them outside the walls. They are too large to fight out in the oxide deserts.? Gilgamesh spoke his piece.
“But if we can’t fight them out in the open, we would have the best chance fighting there, would we not??
“Pay attention, you ugly son of a…?
Lector had listened to their petty bickering, and decided he had had enough.
“Quiet, the pair of you! Before I tear out your eyes and serve them to the hounds!?
Both quietened, knowing the threat was not idle.
“We will fight them out on the desert. We would benefit the most there, I believe. Gillian, Hako, I want you to round up everyone in the city. I want everyone able to fight out in on the field of battle.?
“And those that are not able enough for fighting??
“You will take them to the city centre; we will… need to keep an eye on them while we are fighting.?
A chorus of aye, sirs told of confirmation of the plan. Hako, a grizzled man who had been with Lector the whole time in the migration, was utterly loyal. He would ensure his orders were carried out.
“Gilgamesh. I need to speak with you. Wait here.?
Gilgamesh looked slightly worried, for he feared the big man more than death itself. It was this that kept him loyal.
“I expect you to be with the useless creatures in the courtyard. Then we shall see if you are truly blessed by the dark gods…?

The fully assembled warriors of the Deadwulf prayer gang was a sight to see. Lector had spent many years collecting the weapons of his armoury, with which he equipped his troops. The city also had the remnants of its armoury, including several vehicles, so that the DeadWulf gang looked more an army than a prayer gang. While not the most disciplined troops, they were all veterans, having fought as a marauding tribe under Lector before they had claimed their city. They knew that his leadership would see them all through. But it was a baulking sight to see the huge mutant horde shamble ever closer. However, no one wanted to return to being nomads in the horrific wasteland the mutant war band had come from. They would not abandon it so easily.
Lector was a sight to see in his armour. It was more ornate than any other on the field, and carried the mark of chaos on its front. No-one had ever found out how he had got it, and why it seemed to twist and writhe on the chest plate. He also carried a large power fist, which he had taken from the corpse of the last person to rule the city. Combined with his large size, he was a truly formidable sight.
He picked up the comms link nearby to begin relaying orders. Like the rest of the army, it was not well maintained but functional. He spoke.
“Fire the main batteries.?
The Leman Russ that was still working began firing shells into the horde. The first blast caught a large group of many legged mutants, sending limbs flying everywhere. The mutants roared their defiance back, a great roar that was deafening. The Dead Ulf replied with a primal howl of their own, and the Leman Russ sent another blast into the horde, slaughtering yet more mutants. Finally, the insane charge of the mutants began, screaming and howling as they went.
Lector paid close attention to how far away they were. Finally he sent the next order.
“All heavy weapons, fire at will.?
Instantly, the sound of heavy stubbers, heavy bolters and autocannons opened up, and many mutants were cut down. Yet the horde seemed practically undiminished. They came ever closer, unrelenting, unyielding. The reports had been true; this was the largest mutant horde on planet. Lector silently prayed to the dark Gods, Hako standing stiffly in the background.
“All units, fire at will.?
The sound of the heavy weapons were drowned out by the small arms opening up, everything from the zip of lasguns to the bark of autoguns joined in. This caused a wave of death to the front lines of the mutant hordes. Yet it was obvious to Lector that they could not avoid close combat. At least it would be an honourable death to the DeadWulf if the plan failed. The hordes were so close the heat from them could be felt. He finally gave the order he was hoping to avoid. There was too much to lose at this point. The gods would not look upon those who failed.
As a single mass, the DeadWulf charged the mutant horde, and the killing began.

Gilgamesh finally snapped out of the prepared trance, and a dark light was in his eyes. It was unholy work. He turned to the massed crowd of degenerates that could barely live, let alone fight. He spoke, his voice taking on a new quality.
“Now is the time to prove your faith, creatures of chaos. You have no use to the DeadWulf cause, and no use to your gods. Except one. They demand sacrifice, you know this. It is demanded of all who tread our path.?
His voice rose and rose, and began to echo. Something primal was being evoked in the mob before Gilgamesh. They started to breathe deep, and their faces twitched in anger.
“Now is the time to redeem your weakness! Now is the time to prove to the gods that you are worthy to join their ranks of daemons! Now is the time!?
At last, someone in the crowd screamed, and they began to twitch and shuffle more, their anger boiling over, uncontrollably. Gilgamesh finished his spell.
“Offer yourself up to the Chaos Gods! Sacrifice yourselves!?
The crowd stormed. They slaughter, killed each other with bare hands, ripping out throats, tearing off appendages, anything to sate the fury of the spell.
Gilgamesh unthinkingly traced a rune in the air, and it burned there.

Lector smashed another mutant from its feet, and Hako gutted another beside him. All around, the DeadWulf hacked and stabbed, and slaughtered. They had killed many, but much of the horde still survived. The Deadwulf it seemed would not triumph. Uncaring, they continued to kill.
The clouds above swirled, and condensed. There was a terrible rending, screeching sound in a maelstrom’s eye above them. Beyond that, they was a portal of black light. A gateway, to the realm of chaos. Thousands of gargoyle daemons poured out, black as midnight. They hurtled out of the sky, diving into the melee below. The fighting and stayed intense while the midnight-daemons dropped into the crowd. They tore at the mutants, they slaughtered, and they ripped out throats and limbs with their beaks. The bloodshed drove the DeadWulf crazy. They joined the slaughter, until not a single opposing mutant was left.

Lector breathed heavily. He and the DeadWulf had fought for what seemed eternity. They were covered in dust and blood, both their own and the enemies. The mutant horde was no more. The daemon retreated back into the black heavens, and then the hole shut, leaving only the victorious DeadWulf. Lector stood up, and climbed on top of a rocky pillar. The remains of a long forgotten monument. Up there, he called to his men.
“Members of our sacred cause. I salute you!?
The gangers and cultists yelled their approval.
“We have had many things happen to us in our long hard struggle, and the Dark gods have rewarded us! We are the chosen of the Gods!?
The horde roared their approval again, ecstatic in victory.
“It is a sign! We are here to take this planet, and hold it in the name of our dark masters! We sacrifice not one life in their honour, but the life of a world!?
The horde cheered, whooped and stomped the ground. They had seen their future, and liked it…

Well, that’s the end of the it. Any comments/constructive critism would be very welcome.